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Author: J.fayette


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It wasn't she expected to happen. She wasn't made for this, but what awaits for her could change everything about her. She has been sheltered all her life and wasn't aware of how the world could be cruel to anyone. She was lost and all alone, no one to run to. Before she could even realize that everyoneis turning their backs from she has been remolded but not something as different. She could not still forget her past that kept her awake in countless night.
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Chapter 1

Chapter One

The sun were about to set, yet still it managed to torture the town of San Sebastian with the scorching heat it emits. Whilst everyone is having a busy day, mang Mando, on the other hand, takes the opportunity to dry his sacks of palay that he just got from the last harvest. Sweat is profusely dripping down from his forehead while his clothes are starting to soak it. He hardly stops to rest and only does when he's about to faint from exhaustion. Tired he may be from the previous day's harvest, but his diligence were not shaken. Well, it may seem that he were about to, but don't be fooled. He can't stop now, after all, he had no one else to expect to. His wife's wages barely reaches the minimum that the government has set since it was just a part time job in doing laundry for their neighbors from time to time. As for his son, he wasn't set to order him around doing what is not connected to studying, because what he wanted for them was to finish their studies and succeed in their chosen fields, while his daughter was obviously way out of the question.

"Mando! You've been there for hours! Your death won't be just taking its time if you won't take care of yourself!"

"Let your children do the thing! They are old enough to do this."

"Why are you spoiling your children? They are supposed to help you or let you have your siesta now at your house."

"Children nowadays don't respect their parents."

It was indeed a small town, mang Mando thought smilingly.  The town folks seemed to feel so entitled in meddling with their family affairs by starting it with a statement such as "not to be rude, but I think you should…"

It's a total circus of chaos in this small town. But in spite of these, people turn out to admire him with his comical replies to every passerby that fail to mind their own business. 

"Don't you worry, I won't die soon. I might even witness the grandchildren of my grandchildren from my children. Won't you even wish me luck?" 

The people around them are openly showing their admiration with some favors. It could have been an offer for any political position, but mang Mando's aloofness toward this matter were beyond the money they would need if ever he decides to do so. He would often lightly brush it off with a mournful look stating that he really can't do something or even decide just for himself when his diabetic wife and young children are dependent on him, and ten years was long enough to forget it.

He could have been a good one.

He could have been better than those who are sitting on the position.

After he finished off his work with the palay, he immediately carried the sacks of palay by his shoulder and bring it to their storehouse. Fortunately, it did not rain, otherwise his harvest would just amount to nothing if ever the water had soaked in every sack. It was just a year ago when he lost all the money he invested after a storm in their town. If not because of the loan he got from the nearby rural bank, he would have not been able to catch up with his losses. It was a gamble for him, but he took the risk anyway for his family and for their future. 

It was when he just left briefly for some errand and as mang Mando went back, what was left was the few grains of palay scattered completely covered with dust that turned into mud after the rain's heavy pouring. Which made him much careful after that experience.

"Oh dear, you've already arrived! Then we'll have our dinner now, the food is served anyway. Your children have been waiting for you," his wife, Karen. She's always waiting by the window after she finishes cooking the family's dinner.

"Just wait dear, I'm just going to fix something in our storehouse. It won't take long. You can eat with the kids now." He quickly finished what he was doing and went up to their house right after.

"Children, your father is here. Go to your father and meet him," aling Karen ordered while sitting on their bamboo chair, mang Mando had brought from last year's downtown fiesta. 

Claire and Carlo enthusiastically went to their father and took his hand and put on their foreheads for respect.

"Bless, father!"

"Bless, father!"

Aling Karen cooked fried squid and boiled some vegetables for their dinner. Some of their food are often harvested from their backyard garden. It was the only heavy work she can do aside from some extra laundry works at their neighborhood.

"Finish your foods quickly and get ready for bed. You need to go to school tomorrow and the best you can do is not be late and get there sleepy," mang Mando reminded his children. Though they were not supposed to wake up early since its holiday the next day, they did not say anything.

"Father, we don't have a class tomorrow. Have you forgotten? It's the National Independence Day," Carlo tried to explain to his father.

"Oh really? Sorry, I was a bit lost with the dates nowadays. It feels like every day is just the same with what's in it the past year.I guess I am having Alzheimer's like my father after all. Hmmmm..forget about it. We can do something tomorrow together then?" No one had noticed the change of tone of mang Mando. It seems like something ticked him off. Or maybe the kids were too young and aling Karen was just too preoccupied at that time. She was thinking about something.

"We're going to do something for our finals."

"I'm busy with my college application."

The next morning, the youngest, Claire got up pretty late. The harsh nine o'clock sun glare straightly went on her face causing her to squint. She went straight to their kitchen and saw her father pouring hot water in his cup for his coffee.

"It seems like someone had a goodnight sleep. Coffee or milk?" Her father was trying to put out the tensed vibe between them, but both parties were too shy and awkward to admit.

"No need. Where's everyone?" Claire asked while looking at her feet to avoid eye contact.

"Umm.. they're at the market, they should be here by now. Why don't you wait there at our porch?" mang Mando offered a suggestion.

"Not really. Can I go to our neighbor's house? Tessa? My classmate…" when she saw the confusion from her father's expression she explained further.

"The one with short black hair with fre—" her father interrupted her.

"I know her, I am just confused why do you need to do it now?

"Can I go? I have to get my math notes from her. I really have to go" She asked with a begging tone not because of her math notes but because she wanted to escape from her father.


While she was strolling for a walk to her friend's house, she suddenly remembered what happened that rainy night of June last year. She wanted to erase it from her past, but it seems like it has been trying to occupy her present as well.

"TESSA! TESSA!?" She screamed calling out her friend's name as she noticed her walking towards the paddy fields. She should be in her schedule for looking after the palayan from the birds.