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The Forbidden Daffodil

The Forbidden Daffodil

Author: Irene Davison Esperanza


General Romance

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Description of book "The Forbidden Daffodil " "Is she his whore?" "No, She is his wife." He regretted passing the information when the facial expression of their Boss changed. The only link to reach the traitor would be her only. "Enjoy the meal boys and don't forget to cut down her every part before throwing her into the burning mansion." She thought the death as her escape but found herself in the clutch of another monster because of his husband's betrayal. What she didn't know, was the sin that would be committed by her too. Entangling herself in a forbidden love with another man even being married. An end of her torturous life opened another sinful path for her to take. The desire took its turn. Will she accept this life or make herself free from every possible shackles she had? Copyright © 2020-2021 by Irene Davison (Esperanza)
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

Brooklyn, United States

A girl was looking through the window while standing with a cup of coffee when she sensed some movements behind her. Following the footsteps around the room she stole a glance of the figure who was walking towards the washroom.

“Good morning.” She mumbled while sipping the coffee.

“Hmm…. “ The man replied and entered the washroom.

After some moments the girl entered the washroom where the man was taking  shower. Discarding the only fabric she had, her footsteps followed inside the shower stall. The man was standing under the water in his naked glory. Every droplet of the water that was trailing down, looked like some greedy particle who dared to touch his skin. He ignored the silent footsteps behind him and placed his hands on the wall to let the water wash his body. The brown silky hair soaked with water remained plastered on his scalp.

She looked at the man standing in front of her. Every muscle of his body was sculpted perfectly. The perfect v of his body was something any girl would want. She took a few steps to enter the same territory to feel the water passing through his body. Her arms wrapped around his torso while his eyes were still closed. Slowly her fingers trailed down to his lower abdomen, following the intimate part of the man. Once she almost reached his shaft he grabbed her hand immediately. In the very next moment she was pressed against the wall with her face on it. He moved his hands from her shoulder blade to her lower back. His long fingers drew some amazing patterns on her skin to earn one after another soft moans. Pressing his body hard on her frame he grabbed the back of her neck to whisper in her ears.

“How many times I have to tell you that don’t try to play with me.”

“I am not playing. I am just craving for your touch.” Her raspy voice made the ambience more seductive. She felt him getting hard already.

“So much of lust and sexual need you have.” He let out a light chuckle before pushing himself harshly in her core. She was still pressed against the wall when he was busy thrusting himself in and out with great force.

“I need you more.” He heard her right after the first round.

The water failed to pass through those tightly coupled naked bodies. As the restroom got filled with the sound of moans, thrust and many more dirty languages, two human beings submerged themselves into the primitive game of nature.

He was about to reach the climax when he drew himself out from her dripping core. She was still not satisfied with the sudden withdrawal. The groaning was the clear indication of her frustration. She turned her body to face him and he looked at her face while rubbing her lower lips With his thumb. She knew the meaning of this.

Kneeling in front of him, she took him in her mouth. Bobbing her head to and fro, she kept on following a rhythm to pleasure him. He grabbed her soaked hair to move himself more vigorously in her mouth. He needed the release badly. He moved faster this time to reach his climax and within a few more seconds he emptied his entire amount in her mouth. She kept on looking at his eyes throughout the situation. Swallowing every drop of it, she licked her lips in grave satisfaction.

He cleaned himself thoroughly and took a towel to dry his body. She kept on ogling at his features while rubbing herself with soap under the shower. Once he left the washroom she took a long shower to relax her muscles and came out of the washroom wearing a bathrobe. He was already getting ready inside the closet when she decided to comment.

“Afraid of having a child with me?” She knew every time they had sex, he used condom. Even if they didn’t use protection he would have never released his seeds in her core.

“No.” One firm and clear reply from his side didn’t create a strong point in front of her.

“We are engaged already. Then what’s the problem.” She spoke with frustration filled in her voice.

He took a sharp breath and moved towards her holding a sinister smile on his.

“Do you think I am answerable to you? If you, then you are highly mistaken. Enjoy what we have.” He pushed her to the nearby wall and licked the area of her neck seductively.

“Umm. I just enjoy being with you.”

“Then don’t ask much.” He pointed his fingers to the dress he selected for her before leaving the room. She got ready and came downstairs to have breakfast.

The breakfast table was as usual filled with plenty of food. She saw Marcus, the head of the security standing with a serious look.

“What’s wrong Marcus. Seems like we have got guests.”

“Of course Mam. Three imposters by the way.” Marcus replied with a devilish smile. She knew the meaning of the smile. Surely those importers would be tortured like hell before tasting their death.

“Hope your Boss would love those gifts.” She smiled back mentioning the name of the Boss.

“Seems like my day has started nice.” The voice was enough to tell the people inside, who had arrived.

“Carlos Joseph Marcello.”

He entered with his signature intimidating aura. Marcus bowed his head and gave a short detail of the matter. Settling himself on the chair he waited for his maid to serve him breakfast.

While having breakfast he discussed a few matters to take immediate actions. The growing issues in the business was creating a big fuss. No way he was willing to take some extra headache. One imposter was found in his office in New York City. They had taken care of that.

After finishing their breakfast he looked at his woman who was looking forward to hearing from him.

“What are you thinking now?” He asked her again.

“Wedding date.” She laughed but didn’t continue laughing when he gave her a hard glare.

“We have a serious issue here. I am flying to Detroit tonight. Enjoy your shopping.” He winked before leaving the breakfast table.

“Thank you.” She replied and walked towards the other direction.

He informed his security and made his way towards the basement of the mansion. Marcus took the lead and opened a cellar to let him in.

Those three men whom they caught red handed were kept in three different cells. One of them committed suicide, after the unbearable tortures they had done. Two of them were still alive and begging for death. They in no way wanted to survive after bearing their inhuman tortures.

“Did they say the name?” Carlos asked Marcus. In a reply he nodded his head to give a negative gesture.

“Then don’t dare to waste my time by calling me here. Get back to me when they open their dirty mouth.” Saying so he was about to leave the cellar when an ear piercing sound was heard.

“Surely Dexter had cut his finger.” Marcus replied casually.

“How could the third one commit suicide? You guys are good for nothing. I want them alive as long as they hold the information.” One clear indication was enough for Marcus to take his next steps. He immediately gathered his men to instruct them thoroughly.

“Let’s see the one who got the best treatment.” He winked when Marcus was done with his instructions. The best treatment meant that worst torture anyways. Marcus let him move towards another cellar where the half dead person was hanging from the ceiling. There was not a single centimeter left on his body, from where he was not bleeding. They were slapping the half dead from time to time to keep his consciousness enough to speak a few words.

Once he reached the room he saw the pool of blood and smirked like a maniac. Encircling the hanging body he looked at the man who seemed to be a piece of meat only.

“Name.” He growled, making everyone shiver.

There came no response from the man who was bleeding to death. He turned his face to the rest of his men who were standing there.

They immediately gave some more details about the person. The man who was hanging like a piece of meat was from Detroit. His name was Ron. He was working for Sylvester who was none but one of his sworn enemies. What he demanded at that time was a single lead to reach Sylvester. He was not sure of how this man sneaked in his heavily guarded area. But one thing he knew was that whoever had helped him would face the same consequences.

“I know you work for Sylvester. Tell me the name of my men who helped you.” It might be the biggest sentence that he had spoken till now. He was never a man of long sentences or large conversations. Sometimes his smirk or raised brow did enough justice to bring out the words from his captive’s mouth.

“Haven’t ……seen……. …. Face..” long pause “his face…”

Another long pause that irked him too much. Marcus looked at his Boss’s face to know more. He definitely had some plan for them.

“If he hadn’t seen the face who guided him, then he doesn’t need those eyes anymore.”

Marcus already knew the meaning of that sentence. Even though Ron was almost at the verge of passing out, those words poured like some hot lead into his ears. He started moving his hands abruptly in those restraints to break free. All of his attempts died immediately when a whip landed on his bare body again. The amount of blood that gathered on the ground was enough to make the floor slippery.

“Let me go.” Even though His faint voice didn’t fail to reach his ears, he didn’t bother to pay attention. How would a man even think of living after being tortured that much? So sad. He scoffed mentally before exiting the room. One after another loud cry made the basement shiver like anything. His eyes were plucked out one after another. Ron was dangling in between life and death. He was unable to feel anything and slowly they found his body getting stilled in those restraints.

Carlos reached his office after instructing his men to dump the body. But not before sending those eyeballs to Sylvester. He wanted to put a hard slap on his cheek to invade his territory. He wanted to prove his strength. He wanted to tell that the title King belongs to him only. The one and only Carlos.

He was frustrated with Sylvester for one year. That Irish Mafia was way too hungry to grab a hold on American Underworld. He did not understand the fact that it belonged to Carlos. Carlos is the superior and the leading Mafia in American Continent. Just to avoid the gang war at first place he was not attacking the entire troop of Sylvester. He was searching for Sylvester to rip his heart off. Carlos made his way up to this not by smoking weed. He killed brutally, tortured mercilessly and pulled out every throne out of his path to rule the world. He never denied joining hands for business. But he didn’t forget to cut down every finger that ever tried to raise to grab his power and position.