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Dote on My Reborn Lady

Dote on My Reborn Lady



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Janet Banks knew that fate had other plans for her. In her previous life, Janet Banks suffered betrayal from her biased parents, deceitful sister, and despicable ex-boyfriend. She was at the mercy of the devil and endured humiliation until her death. In her new life, she crosses paths with Edward Morris, who is known for his indifference towards women and his terrifying face. Determined to become stronger, Janet holds onto Edward tightly, relying on him for support. She vows to crush those who once bullied her, ensuring they never have the chance to change their fate. People mock her for choosing a man who is both ugly and crippled. However, she retorts, "Appearance is the least noteworthy aspect of him!" Until one day, everyone was shocked by his true face and his endless affection towards Janet ...
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Chapter 1

"How long are you planning to lie here?"

A deep voice echoed by Janet Banks' ears, and it startled her awake.

In front of her was an incredibly ugly face, but his gaze was inexplicably captivating!

She shivered all over.

Wasn't she sold off by her parents, sister, and boyfriend? Used and played with until she met her death?

How could she be here?

Could this be a rebirth?

Before she could sort out her thoughts, the man exerted force, forcefully lifting her off.


A piercing pain spread throughout her body.

The piercing sunlight made it impossible for her to open her eyes!

She couldn’t remember how long it had been since she'd felt the warmth of such sunlight...

But right now, she couldn't dwell on the pain. Memories from her past life flooded her mind.

Her beloved sister and her supposedly devoted boyfriend had betrayed her. Her parents raised her solely as her sister's "walking blood bank," deceiving and using her.

When draining her blood wasn't enough, they drugged her and handed her over to a demon.

That devil forced her to witness her sister's sex with her ex-boyfriend, trampled her, let a group of despicable men use her, and even took her organs...

In her previous life, because of her heavy period, she refused to give blood, so Sheila Banks tricked Andrew Burton into bringing her to this mountain and callously pushed her off the cliff.

Even after that, Andrew used her phone to fake a text, making it seem like she was guilty for not giving Sheila blood and so she committed suicide.

When she was pushed off the cliff in her past life, it was this man who saved her.

But back then, she ran away when she saw his horrific face.

This time, she wouldn't run!

She would cling to this savior's leg!

In her past life, she hadn't recognized Edward Morris. Given this chance at rebirth, she vowed to seize every opportunity to avenge her enemies!

"Thank you for saving me!"

Janet stood up and sincerely thanked him.

This time, she took a good look at Edward. Without considering his face, he was indeed a perfect man.

Roughly 6 feet tall, draped in a black trench coat, he exuded a cold and mysterious aura.

Edward's gaze was frosty, emanating an eerie chill.

But Janet wasn't afraid!

"I can heal the scars on your face as a token of gratitude for saving me." Janet's gaze was unwavering, pure and determined.

In her past life, due to her constant blood donations to Sheila, her health deteriorated. She later met a mysterious old doctor who took her as a disciple, and he taught her medical skills.

But the doctor's condition was that she could only use her skills to save herself, never revealing her knowledge of medicine to others.

Edward's deep gaze landed on her, "What's your name?"

His voice was deep and mellow, like aged wine.

Janet felt like she'd heard that voice somewhere before but couldn't quite place it.

"Janet Banks."

Since she intended to rely on him, she wouldn't hide anything.

"I want to stay by your side."

Janet knew that with her current strength, she couldn't possibly confront the Banks or Burton families!

And for her, Edward was the only support.

"Stay by my side?"

Edward raised an eyebrow, his gaze locking onto Janet.

This was getting interesting!

A woman who didn't scream and flee upon seeing his face, and who confidently made such a request.

Sounds interesting!

Janet nodded firmly.

"Are you sure?"

Janet's gaze was resolute, undaunted by his fierce eyes and unsightly appearance. "Yes, I'm sure. I want to follow you!"

"Come here!"

Edward suddenly opened his arms toward her, his alluring voice low and pleasing.

Edward suffered from an intense fear of women—none could get close to him since childhood.

The only one, after his accident, walked away for good.

However, the woman who had landed on him didn't make him repulse or feel sick. He needed more proof.

Janet walked up and gently hugged him.

Edward noticed a pleasant scent, a faint whiff of gardenias quietly spreading.

He was momentarily stunned.

Oddly enough, he didn't feel any rejection toward her.

No disgust, no cold sweat, no discomfort.

He even found the subtle gardenia scent emanating from her particularly pleasant.

What the hell was going on?