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Author: Chiomzy


Realistic Urban



Synopsis Ella 27, an undergraduate works as a housekeeper for a billionaire (Jeremy) to sort her bills for school. Jeremy who owns a big Fashion Company works most times at home, he fell in love with Ella's diligence to work and her well nurtured character despite him being engaged to Susan David, who was one of his fashion model.
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Chapter 1

Ella's pov

"I'm telling you Ella, he didn't even call to ask if I arrived home safely. Men are scum" Henrietta said.

"Come on Henrietta, you are way too ahead of yourself. Men don't like women who are like that", I said to Henrietta.

"Bullshit Ella! That's bullshit, he was acting as if he was interested in me, but when we had sex he started acting all funny. Men are some fucking shitty creatures" Henrietta yells out.

"Calm down Henrietta, I know you are angry, but next time don't get ahead of yourself. You see what happens when you are one step ahead of yourself", I said.

"Sometimes I ask myself a particular question, Ella" she said.

*What's that?" I asked.

"You give the perfect idea, but you are way worse in relationships than I am" she uttered.

"I hissed at Henrietta's statement."

"It's true girl, the last relationship you were in nearly took your life, and yet you give the perfect advice. Well, they were right when they said coaches don't play", Henrietta said.

"All I'm saying is don't be ahead of yourself" I advised.

"I hear you girl" Henrietta said, finally accepting.

Henrietta was my closest friend. She has had my back since college and we both shared an apartment. Henrietta was a slutty type, she had had the most failed relationships and also was I. We weren't so lucky with men and life wasn't fair to us either. Henrietta worked in a mini supermarket close to town, she couldn't see herself through to school, she dropped out severely, she never knew her dad, her mum was a single parent who slept with men just to make ends meet. And as for me, my parents died in a ghastly auto crash and in my early childhood I stayed with my cruel aunty who took everything for herself.

My parent's lawyer said my parents owed debts and all their properties was taken by the bank. The last mansion left of my parent's was sold by my aunt. I ran away when I was 16, worked meager jobs to pay my college fees and, currently I have applied at a Teacher's Training College to bag a degree in History. I loved reading about the past and its reference to the future, and in other to study for this course all I needed was a job that permitted me working for some days and the rest days returning to school for learning.

And Henrietta told me all I needed was to be a maid for a particular household. She said she heard maids are paid handsomely on a monthly basis. I kept my guts open and all I needed was to register with an agency company. Henrietta and I were headed there.

The agency had different protocols and requirements. I was waiting for my turn as I was given a form to fill in, Henrietta was occupied with her phone. I was done filling out the form in no time, and I was told 50 percent of my salary went to the company if I ever got the job.

"That is ridiculous" Henrietta shouted.

"Stop it Henrietta," I said calmly.

I read the contract of the agreement which stated that in the first 3 months, 50 percent commission of my salary went to the agency, then it falls to 20 percent in the fourth to sixth month, then when it gets to a year I automatically get my entire salary.

I signed the contract and handed it back to the lady at the counter.

"We will get back to you" the lady at the counter said.

"Alright" I said.

"Let's go, Henrietta," I said to Henrietta.

"You should have bargained that shitty paper contract, it's so ridiculous to take 50 percent off someone's earnings

"It's call an agency for a reason and agreements cannot be bargained about. Besides, there are plenty of people who need the job."

"Whatever!" Henrietta said as we walked out of the building.