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Forced To Marry The Unwanted Billionaire

Forced To Marry The Unwanted Billionaire

Author: LimitlessJuly



Forced To Marry The Unwanted Billionaire PDF Free Download


Kinsey's life turned hell after her stepmother and stepsister moved into her house. To save the only son of her late sister, she had to work at the dangerous casino. An unexpected one-night stand turned her life upside down. When Kinsey was forced to marry the unwanted son of the Simons, she was shocked to find her new husband was right the man who took her virginity that night. Would Brandon recognize that she was a substitute bride? And what path would fate bring her on when the secret hidden behind Brandon Simons was revealed?
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Chapter 1

"How dare you, you slut!"

The clamor of chips hitting the floor echoed through the dimly lit casino, drowned by the furious curses of an angry guest criticizing the trembling Kinsey. Glass shattered, scattering a glittering mess across the floor, now a place of chaos.

Kinsey felt the weight of countless eyes upon her as the slap mark burned painfully on her cheek. She felt the rusty taste of blood rise in her mouth.

It was obvious Mr. Smith was annoyed badly but Kinsey had no regrets. She did nothing wrong. She just tried to protect herself when he was trying to reach her thighs with his intrusive hands.

Being forced to work in this casino was bad enough; she didn't want herself to fall deeper into hell. If her poor nephew Connor wasn't still lying in a hospital bed waiting for her paycheck to save his life, Kinsey would be sure to throw her apron in the face of this old fat pig and then slap him back even harder.

Yet she had to control herself hard not to fight back. Connor was still in the hands of her stepmom. If she dared to lose the job, her stepmother would flay her alive and watch Connor die.

"My apologies, Mr. Smith." Kinsey clenched her fists, doing her best to sound polite. "I'll have others get you another drink."

"How dare you try to escape after ruining my expensive suit!" William Smith thundered. "I've got to teach you a lesson!" He added, gritting his teeth angrily and striking her face with another resounding slap.

A gasp of shock swept through the onlookers, and the manager, Harold Grunt, drawn by the commotion, stormed over.

"Bitch, it's you again?" Harold grumbled, gritting his teeth in anger. His fingers latched onto Kinsey's messy hair, yanking her to her feet. "What have you done wrong again this time? Are you determined to ruin my business?"

Tears streamed down Kinsey's face, a silent protest against the injustice of it all. "No, Mr. Grunt. I didn't..."

Before Kinsey could finish her words, Grunt held her hair even tighter, making her cry in pain. "You still have the nerve to reason? Quickly take our honored guest to the VIP area to change. Or I'll fire you right now!"

"No, please don't, Mr. Grunt.," Kinsey pleaded. "I...I need this job."

Connor's leukemia was the anchor tying her to this dangerous underworld. Her poor nephew was the only blood of her late sister Alexa, her only family left in this world. She couldn't lose Connor.

"Then why don't you move! Are you deaf?" Harold Grunt furiously shouted to her ear. Kinsey nodded as she swallowed a lump in her throat.

"Please follow me, Mr. Smith," Kinsey stuttered. "Allow me to take you to the VIP room."

"Good," Mr. Smith nodded with satisfaction and passed Harold a hint as Kinsey turned to lead the way.

William Smith had always been a big casino client, and Harold knew precisely what this big client liked. Mr. Smith was a sexual sadist who enjoyed torturing women in bed with different kinds of tools. He had his eyes on Kinsey the first time he saw her, but it seemed the woman had avoided him like a virus. He'd make her pay for the rejections she did in the past.

He looked at Kinsey's legs lustfully. Although Kinsey is petite and a bit skinny, she is blessed with beauty that men can't take their eyes off at first glance. Tonight, she'll be his bed slave. No one would come to disturb them, no matter how loud she screamed.

"Mr. Smith, we're here. I'll wait for you outside while you change your suit," Kinsey said, dragging him out of his wild fantasies.

"Do you think you're in charge here?" Mr. Smith snapped. "You were the one who ruined my expensive suit, so you'll be the one to change it for me," he ordered.

Kinsey's eyes widened, thinking about how she would escape from this dangerous situation. She had a bad feeling about what he would do to her.

"Mr. Smith..." Before Kinsey could protest, Mr. Smith dragged her into the VIP room. The room smelled strange; she covered her nose, but it was too late. She knew this incense, which was specially made for aphrodisiacs.

Mr. Smith smirked wickedly as he approached, "Tonight is the night; you'll be mine."

With Kinsey's remaining strength, she tried to pry Mr. Smith's hands from her. But he was so fat and bulky that Kinsey found it hard to escape against him.

Mr. Smith enjoyed her unhelpful struggles, drooling as he started to tear her uniform. The uniform of the waitress here was supposed to be very revealing, but Kinsey secretly added some material herself. Mr. Smith had long hated her conservatism! How did she think she could keep her innocence after selling herself to such a place?

"Just wait for what I have in store for you," he laughed wickedly as he was about to pick one of his torturing tools. Taking the moment he left her a bit, Kinsey quickly grabbed the wine bottle on the table and smashed it onto Mr. Smith's head. The sound echoed in the room, and Mr. Smith groaned in pain.

"You bitch," he grumbled. "You won't get away from this!"'

With this chance that he was unable to gain his posture to get up, Kinsey hurriedly ran out of the room. Her heart was still pounding wildly in fear. She just injured the VIP of the casino, Harold would definitely not let her off easily. She had to run away from here as soon as possible.

Inside the dimly lit corridor, Kinsey as she stumbled, disoriented and desperate. The fire of desire burned in her dry throat, a cruel reminder of the aphrodisiac working inside her.

"She's there! Get her!"

Kinsey panicked as the hired thugs of the casino sounded behind her. NO! She couldn't let them get her! They would tie her under that old pervert, or even worse, she would become a plaything of all Harold's men.

She twisted the first door she could find in her desperation, and luckily, it was unlocked. Breathing heavily, she leaned against the wall, trying to shake off the fear.

"Miss, I didn't order room service," a man said with a hint of humor. He appeared from the comfort room, wearing only a towel in his midsection. His broad shoulders and well-defined physique hinted at strength and confidence, accentuating the allure that surrounded him.

"I..." she wanted to explain but seeing the droplet of water snaking down his magnificent body, she only felt her mouth more dry. Kinsey looked away from him and pleaded, "Just please let me stay a while, I'll leave after..."

Her words were more like murmur and as she tried to work against the nameless fire inside her, her body heaved intensely in the torn dress, making the air more tempting.

"Are you...?" The moment the man tried to touch and check her condition, a moan of relief came from her throat. Oh, Kinsey felt his touch was the only panacea she wanted at the moment.

She lustfully looked at the man before her. A tall figure with an imposing presence. His jawline chiseled and eyes piercing, made it impossible for her not to be captivated. And he even smelled surprisingly good, making her unable to resist moving closer to him.

"Please...Own me," she said in almost a whisper. If she had been in a sober state, Kinsey would have been surprised at how she could have said such a licentious thing.

"Excuse me?" The stranger frowned at the beautiful woman who was voluntarily offering herself to him.

"I want you now," Kinsey said, her face a few inches close to him. "Shut up and kiss me!" And then, she hungrily owns the man's lips without permission.

The stranger was taken aback by her bold action, but he immediately gained her senses and kissed her. He was fiercer than her, hungrier, letting her know who was in control, but she did cope with his pace.

"Remember you asked for it, little bird." His voice turned deep and husky between their hot kisses. With a hard tug, her already-tattered dress fell to the floor, showing her gorgeous body. She might be a bit petite and skinny but still had perfect curves. Before his hand traced down to her hip, she boldly jumped onto his waist and clipped her legs behind him, making him smirk winden.

Their kisses couldn't be stopped. When he carried her to the bed, they were both naked. Kinsey's senses were overwhelmed by the mysterious man's smell. She closed her eyes, feeling the pain as the man began thrusting inside her before it was replaced with ecstasy. His every push inside her was so pleasant that drawing them into a long irresistible night.

The following day Kinsey woke up, there was herself alone in the luxurious suite. Her body was cleaned but a blood stain on the sheet reminded her what happened last night was not a dream. She lost her virginity to a stranger. A stranger, but not her boyfriend whom she had promised to keep this for after their marriage.

"Oh no, how should I explain all this to Gordon?" Kinsey felt a headache and suddenly, the harsh ring of the phone pierced the room's silence.

"Get your ass back now, Kinsey!" Olive, her stepmother's angry voice echoed through the phone. "Or I'll let you watch Conner die."