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The Single Mother

The Single Mother



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REMEMBER!! IT JUST A FANFICTIONKim Jisoo. The women who have 1 son name Jiyun. She is 27 years old. Jisoo work with Chanyeol, Rose brother. She is his secretary. Jisoo work day and night to raised her child. Until one day...everything is change. Maybe Jisoo fate to meet him is...for change her life. She deserve him who love her, care for her and always be with her. Kim SeokJin. The business men. Let say..CEO. He is single. He already 29 years old but still..doesn't have family. He arrogant person. He rude. He mean. He also never being good with people. Until one day...everything is change. Maybe Jin fate to meet her is...for change his life. His single and alone life. He deserve her who love him, care for him and always be with him.
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Chapter 1

"Please!!! Don't leave!!!!" begging Jisoo. Jinyoung let his hands go harshly from Jisoo grip.

"Can you just accept the fate!!?? I'm sick of you!!" said Jinyoung.

"Jin...please...what did I do wrong!!??" Jisoo asked.

Jinyoung smirked and knee down.

"Because you are cheap. Worthless. Useless. Ugly. Fat. So now..get lost. No..I will get lost." said Jinyoung and went away. But he stop when Jisoo talk.

"How about Jiyun!! He need a father!!!" yelling Jisoo. Her face already wet with tears.

"That is not my son. That is yours. take care of it. Bye." said Jinyoung.



Jisoo wake up from her nightmare with breathing heavily. Her forehead wet. She sit up and hold her head.

"Bad always." said Jisoo but turn into whispered.


Jisoo snapped out from her thought when heard her son crying. She stand fast as she can and went to Jiyun who crying. She pick him up and patted his back.

"Shhh, Eomma is here. Calm down." said Jisoo. The crying sound faded but turn into sobbing.

"Are you hungry? Let's feed you. " Jisoo said.

She bring her son down. Jiyun still a toddler. So, it hard for her. She have to work plus take care of him also. Jisoo put him at baby chair and give him baby food. She feed him slowly. Suddenly, her phone ringing. She pick up.


"Hey unnie!!" said Rose.

"Hey Rose. What wrong?" Jisoo asked while feed Jiyun.

"I want to ask, are you going to send Jiyun here again?" Rose asked.

"Yup. Why?" Jisoo asked.

"Unnie, I'm sorry. I can't. Today I have an audition as a singer. " said Rose.

Jisoo can imagine that Rose with sad face.

"Really!? Wow. I can't wait for you to be a singer. Anyway, where I should send Jiyun? " Jisoo asked.

"Don't worried, Unnie. I already prepared everything before tell you this. I found this babysitting place and I already told the workers there that you will send your son. " said Rose.

"Thank goodness. Thank you Rose." said Jisoo.

"You welcome. Anyway, just say my name. They know me." said Rose.

Jisoo nods even Rosé can't see it.

"I will. Just for today. " said Jisoo.

"I know." said Rose while chuckles. Rose know Jisoo don't trust anyone to take care of her son. She only depends on Rose.

After saying goodbye, they hang up. Jisoo also done feeding Jiyun. She pick him up and clean him up. She wiped him with wet towel. Then, she change his clothes.

She put him at baby crib first then do her routine. After clean herself, she wear white clothes, black coat and black tight skirt that reach her knee. She just unbuttoned one button. She curly her hair and do her natural make up.

She pack her things and pick up Jiyun.

"Let's go, sweetie." said Jisoo.

"Excuse me. Rose told me about this place." said Jisoo. The worker look at her and smile.

"You are Kim Jisoo?" she asked. Jisoo nodded.

"Oh!! Rose already told us. You can send your Jiyun at that room. After you done with your work, you can pick him up. Don't worried, we are 24 hours open." said that worker.

Jisoo nods and bowed.

"Thank you." said Jisoo and walked away.

Jisoo park her car. She went out and close her car.

"I already late. Chanyeol will scolded me again." said Jisoo and she groaned frustratedly.

She went in. Before she go to her office, she made her coffee. While she doing it, she humming a random song. Her phone ringing again. She look at the ID and it was Chanyeol. Before she pick up, she take a deep breath first.

"Hey, Chan." said Jisoo.

"Don't you hey me. Where are you?" Chanyeol asked. It obvious that he mad.

"Chill Chan. I'm already arrive. I just need coffee okay." said Jisoo.

"Hurry up!! You need to settle this document. Kim company already arrive and he already went back. You are late you know." said Chanyeol.

Like I thought...he will scolded me.

Jisoo close her cup.

"I'm sorry. I have to find the babysitting place for Jiyun. Rose can't, don't you know?" Jisoo asked. Chanyeol just remembered it and now he feel bad.

"I'm sorry, Jisoo. I'm really stress right now." said Chanyeol.

"It okay, Chan. Just wait. I will come." said Jisoo.

"Okay." said Chanyeol.

They hang up. Jisoo sigh heavily. She take her cup and her bag. She went out and straight to her office. When she looking at Chanyeol scheduled at her phone, she bumped into someone and her coffee spilled on that person and her shirt also.

"Ahh...I'm sorry. " said Jisoo.

"Is your eyes sticking at your phone???" that person asked rudely. Jisoo gasp and look at that person.

It a guy. He has black hair, wearing white shirt with grey coat and black skinny jeans. His face is cold and blank. No emotions at all.

"I'm sorry okay? I know it my fault." said Jisoo.

"Next time, if you do this again, I will make sure you being fired." by that, he walked away.

Jisoo jaw dropped and stomped her feet.

"Yah!!! You are not the boss here!!! You have no right to fired me!!" yelled Jisoo.

Everyone look at her. She didn't mind it. She stomped to her office and close the door. She put down everything.

"Why today is so unlucky?" she muttered. She wiped her clothes with tissue.

"That freaking guy. What he think he is? President of company? rude." said Jisoo.

Suddenly, she remembered that she should meet Chanyeol.

"Ah! I forgot that Chanyeol wait for me. " she went out and went to Chanyeol office.

"I'm sorry, Chan. Something happened just now." said Jisoo while bowed repeatedly.

"Why? What happened? " Chanyeol asked.

"I bumped into someone who is rude and think he just like a CEO here. " said Jisoo while make a gross face.

"Calm down. Anyway, you will transfer to a new job." said Chanyeol.

Jisoo face change.

"What? " Jisoo asked.

"This is the documents that I said just now." said Chanyeol.

"New job? Why I have to transfers? " Jisoo asked.

"There is one CEO that doesn't have secretary. He want my secretary plus, I have a new secretary. " said Chanyeol.

"Why me!?" Jisoo asked.

"You need to experience something different." said Chanyeol.

Jisoo groaned frustratedly.