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Love And Innocence

Love And Innocence

Author: Merciora



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A contract marriage Didn't have to live together Apart for two years Till it all changed They have to live together He is fire She is fireworks Two strangers One house DARE TO READ THIS ISN'T YOUR NORMAL CONTRACT MARRIAGE NOVEL. THIS BOOK WILL KEEP YOU WAITING FOR EVERY CHAPTER WITH CROSSED FINGERS.
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Chapter 1

"Francesca" Liza my best friend shouted my name as usual

"Liza, please my ears are not made of stone" I shouted back brushing my straight black long hair and rushing to her room.


I am Francesca Martina, I'm a 24 year old medical doctor and wife, yes wife but enough of that. I was born into a wealthy family of four. I am the second and last born. I have two lovely parents, a rude elder sister and a lovely dog. My life was going pretty normal, my dad Martin and my mum Rosetta had been the best parents until they got me into a contract marriage with Damien Lorenzo, a billionaire... Well that was pretty much all I knew about him. I didn't even take a single glance at his face on our wedding day. Court wedding to be precise. My only memory of him is his shoes, cause I stared at them all through the forty minutes I spent with him. The only reason I agreed to marry him was that we didn't have to live together. I haven't even seen him for the past two years...

"What have you been thinking about, you seem lost in thought" Liza said looking at me with her chocolate brown eyes. Liza, is my best friend, since I live alone in Damien's house in New York and he lives in Italy, I offered her to stay with me. Liza is a beautiful blonde with full plump lips. She has an oval face and short blonde hair. Liza is of moderate height, she's a 23 year old lawyer. We are currently in her room getting ready for work. She is currently dressed in a black pencil skirt and white button up shirt, accompanied by black heels.

I on the other hand is dressed in a blue knee-length gown that hugs my skin like a glue. The blue gown complements my ocean blue eyes. I complete the look with black heels. I look at my complexion in the mirror, I have a V face and pink plump lips. I look at my straight black hair and notice my resemblance with my sister. Looking at the wall clock I take my blue bag and smoothen my hair before looking at Liza who has been waiting for a reply.

"I'm fine Liza, unlike you I think before I speak" I say grinning and walking out of the room

"OMG, how dare you" Liza screamed from the room.

Laughing to myself I walk down the gold coated steps carefully and quickly rush to the kitchen. The kitchen is full of any type of food you can think of. I move to the fridge and take a jar of orange juice and pour it in a glass. Being conscious of time I take two slices of bread and start eating. When I'm done with my small breakfast I leave the kitchen and go to the living room.

The living room is a luxurious living space with ash sofas and silver curtains. I gasp in surprise when I notice a male figure standing beside one of the windows with his back turned to me. Even though I'm surprised I'm not scared cause this house is thoroughly guarded. It is as guarded as the bank of Spain or even the White House. I'm not overacting trust me. To gain entrance into the huge gates you need to go through a face recognition, finger print test, ID card test, body scanning, bag searching, etc. So if this guy is here then I'm not scared. Gathering the courage...

"Hello, please who are you and how may we help you" I ask consciously. The strange guy didn't even answer me and went outside, huffing to my self I notice Liza coming down the stairs.

"What took you so long" I ask glaring at her. Smiling Liza quickly rushes to the kitchen and comes back with a glass of orange juice and four slices of bread on a plate. After taking a sip of her juice she says with a wink...

"I was powdering my nose" Giving her a disgusted look I call the cook and housekeeper Gretta

"Gretta, I'm leaving for work soon, what do you want me to get you?" I ask as the sweet middle aged woman rushes to the living room smiling

"Nothing my dear. You have given me enough gifts this week" she answered smiling

"Oh Gretta you know we love you" Liza tells her while stuffing her face with bread. Scoffing at Liza I go and give Gretta a hug

"Sorry I didn't prepare breakfast girls, Mrs Lorenzo asked me to arrange..." Hearing the name of my mother inlaw suddenly spoilt my mood, so I respectfully cut Gretta off

"It's fine Gretta, we can do with the orange juice and bread, Liza go drop your plates so we can leave" huffing, Liza quickly rushed to the kitchen but not without glaring at me

"Umm Francesca did you see that man earlier, he..." Francesca was cut off by the beep from my phone. Reaching for my phone I saw that it was a message from the hospital. I quickly grabbed my bag and kissed Gretta on the cheek

"Gretta, I don't know who he is, maybe he is here for one of the workers, I really have to go to work now. Liza let's go, meet me outside" With that I rushed out of the house.

"Good morning madam" Rio, the bubbly tall gardener greeted me

"Good morning Rio" I said smiling while walking to the garage. I noticed a black Bugatti near Liza and my cars but I didn't pay attention, I went to my black Range Rover and started my engine, I saw Liza rushing to her Lamborghini but I was already driving to the gate. The gate keeper opened the gate for me while nodding in greeting. Smiling at him I drove out of the house. On my way out I spotted the same strange man walking back into the house with his back to me again... Who is he hmm.