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Sparks Fly

Sparks Fly

Author: Paris Hills


Realistic Urban

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Review - "It's a fun read, filled with comedy and a slice of love. I had the best time." *Coco Chigbo*... Sofia Delacruz held one main belief from her Abuela about romance..."Sparks fly when you meet your one true soulmate." Until she felt hers with superstar playboy, Ryan Barnes, torn between logic and romance, she finally decides to jump off the cliff. But can she handle his superstar lifestyle - something she detests, and can he settle for a girl next door life like hers.....Two totally different worlds collide , setting off series of events that reveal, their lives would never be the same.... ... Then she thinks she has her hands full until.....she feels the spark...this time with someone different..... Excerpt - She gasped, withdrawing from him as if he were vermin." That's not possible." She clutched her hand to her chest. "What's the problem?"He didn't sound surprised. "Is it the chemistry between us?" "No," She shook her head, "There can’t be any chemistry between us, there’s something wrong." He exhaled deeply, taking measured steps towards her. "To me the only thing wrong here is you refusing to accept the obvious." "Which is?"She already knew what he'd say next but prayed silently that he'd say something else. "Fate." He calmly replied, still walking towards her, "Fate has brought us together, we're meant to be." "Fate? Do you even have the slightest idea what that means?" She held up her hands so he'd stop. "Everything," She said, "Every single thing I've ever known or believed in romance depended on this and you're telling me it was all a lie?" "'m not telling you I'm showing you." He replied, coming closer but she raised her arms again, halting his progress. "Look James, there can only be one spark.". . .
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Chapter 1

The lights of the room were lit causing the green screen to pop out behind her. The director smiled at the work they'd created, very proud of a successful shoot.

“And cut!” He dragged, saying his usual line with a bit of happiness seeping through.

“That's a wrap.” He said with a smile and jumped off his director seat with ease, landing on his toes like an experienced ballet dancer.

It was a known secret he took classes.

“Thank you Ryan for that genius. Amanda, you are a goddess, have I told you that?" He said with his arms moving vibrantly, praising everyone with a cheerful tone.

His multicolored spiky hair and ringed ears shone brightly with the light. Everyone either knew or suspected that he had batted for the other team.

“Phew," He sighed dramatically, clearing his imaginary sweat.

“All that emotion must have ruined my mascara. Jessi! Makeup STAT." He said as he walked away in his brisk style.

The footsteps from behind made everyone turn to his secretary as she ran behind him with the make up artist. His hands hung out as he walked, showing that he was in his moment.

The star of the show, Ryan Barnes sat comfortably in his actor chair, in front of the mirror. He had a smug smirk on his face, obviously drinking up his director's praises. He wasn’t on the down side for anything so he obviously wasn’t used to anything but praises.

He licked his soft link lips in pride as he reclined comfortably, checking out his eye-lined eyes. They made him look even more captivating. The ladies man was truly no eye sore to anyone.

His make-up artists all guarded him and he smiled, collecting a tall glass of Campari with rocks of ice in it.

He knew that by the time they were done, his character, Prince Nikolas would be long gone. He wasted no time in bringing out his phone and going live on The Gram as his make-up was being cleaned off. He was the heartthrob and he loved it. Every single moment of it.

He smiled as he checked himself out. He had dark, clear eyes, deep cola brown but deep enough to look more like black. His nose was well defined as well as his red lips. His jaw curved but only to give his features a softer look. Yeah, this was what they loved.

He gave one of his artists his signature breathtaking smile when she gave back his drink and smirked when he saw her cheeks fanning hot.

Worked every time.

Amanda came and took the seat beside him, sighing deeply as she relaxed in it; she stretched her long sexy legs before her.

She was still putting on the scarlet mid-thigh halter gown that was her character - Vanessa's, costume.

“Ryan, the movie premiere of Black Dawn is on Friday." She said with a seemingly offhanded tone.

“Yeah?” He sighed.

“So I need you to attend with me. That means us, together." She sat up and turned to face him.

“Of course I know what it means." He replied, rolling his eyes.

“Wait, isn't Black Dawn that movie we did together?" He sat up too, dropping the glass on a small table set between their seats.

She frowned at that, looking irritated. “Seriously? Is your memory that short-term?"

"Hey, I'm a really busy guy." He said, coming to his own defense.

"Yeah, sure you are." She scoffed, then continued, "Ryan I'm serious about this. Come pick me up by eight, I want us to make a climax appearance."

"Vanessa, look-“ He started but she immediately cut in.

"-it's Amanda.” Her voice sounded weak, like she was done with his shenanigans.

"My point is, I got your back." He said and smiled at her.

"Are you being serious right now?" She asked, arching an eyebrow.

"I'm down for you, always." He said, getting up and walking into a frosted glass compartment.

He came back out a few minutes, later in a leather black jacket with a white T-Shirt within, which had his face printed on it, over white pants and black Nike sneakers.

He grabbed a pair of reflecting shades and swaggered out the door, female attendants sighing after him.

Ryan stepped outside and into a reporter mob. In Ryan's life, nine out of every 10 reporters were female. They were all asking questions over the next release and issues about his lifestyle.

He flashed that trademark smile and silenced the first one with a slight trace of her jawline, took off his shades and captivated the rest with his eyes then slipped away-

Into another mob.


This time around, they were his fans. Tearing him apart.

He tried to be gentle with them reminding himself that they were all women. Soon, security suddenly appeared and rescued him with lopsided glasses and lipstick smeared around his face.

His jacket hung low on his arms but they helped him restore himself before escorting him to his Lamborghini Veneno.

"Thanks, guys." He said in a salute, bringing out a wipe to clean up as he opened the door. He stretched into his car and brought out a huge wads of cash making them smile giddily.

"Just doing our job sir." The first dude replied, excitedly.

He smiled, dropping a huge tip before leaving the lot on squealing tires.


"Jessi, I don't even understand why you and everyone else seem to go nuts whenever you hear that guy's name." The raven-haired woman said to her blonde friend, handing her a can of Coca-Cola, before sitting next to her on the sofa.

"Sofia Delacruz.” Her best friend dragged frantically as she collected the can.

“Look, Ryan Barnes is everything a woman could want. So, I don't know if you intend on becoming a nun, but I'm gonna keep to my nuts ok?” She nodded, giving Sofia the look of finality before opening her drink.

Sofia sighed in resignation, Jessi took a long sip then sighed in satisfaction, she could never get used to the refreshing taste.

"Look Soph," She continued, placing a hand on her knee, "You aren't getting out of being my plus one on Friday at all. Don't even think about it. The both of us are attending that premiere."

They were both in Sofia's apartment, one of the apartments in Jessi's semidetached property.

"Jessi," She sighed, "You know I'm not really a fan of the whole glitz and glam biz. Abuela, God bless her soul," She made the sign of the cross and kissed her hand while Jessi followed suit.

“- taught me so much. There's more to life than the big screen and I can't even afford to go to such parties."

"Come on Soph," Jessi scoffed, as she turned to her on the couch.

“Was that your big shot at changing my mind? We already talked about this. First off you're not joining them on the big screen-“

"Of course not." She cut in, horrified.

"-and second off, I'm a stylist at the agent company he uses, today I even got to-“

"Select his pants." Sofia completed along with her then sighed, "Yeah I know, I know, you've told me this story a zillion times in the space of five minutes. Ok, I give in. I knew you'd win but I just had to try."

"You're not getting out of this one anytime soon babe," Jessi said, with a wink.

Sofia leaned back, her lips curling,

"Jessi, you know I hate it when you talk and also look that way."

Jessi let out a chorus of laughter. "Just pulling your legs dear." She said with a satisfied sigh. "This movie premiere is gonna be an unforgettable one, I promise," Jessi winked.