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Flash Married Hubby Spoils Me

Flash Married Hubby Spoils Me



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Olivia was overjoyed to marry her fiancé , who had been in love with her for seven years! But when the priest asked him if he was willing to let Olivia be his wife, he hesitated, and then said he wanted to marry another woman, the bridesmaid. All the guests in the church were stunned by the scene in front of them! Olivia also couldn't believe it. But what shocked her the most was that a handsome man appeared from nowhere and proposed to her right in front of everyone. He smiled elegantly and asked her, "Ms. Moore, will you marry me?"
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Chapter 1

As Beethoven's wedding waltz echoed throughout the church, Olivia Moore walked down the aisle in her stunning wedding gown, approaching the man she had been dating for seven years - the love of her life, or so she thought. She was elated that the day she had been dreaming of for so long was finally here, but little did she know, her happiness was about to come crashing down.

As she reached the altar, the priest turned to Melvin Acre and asked in a solemn voice, "Mr. Acre, do you take Ms. Moore to be your lawfully wedded wife?" Melvin looked at Olivia with a smile, but before he could answer, he reached out to someone standing behind her - her own bridesmaid, Hazel Moore. Olivia was taken aback and watched in shock as Melvin embraced Hazel and asked her to marry him instead.

The entire congregation was stunned, their jaws dropping in disbelief. Olivia couldn't believe what was happening before her eyes. She clutched her bouquet, desperately trying to make sense of the situation.

As Melvin and Hazel embraced, he whispered in her ear, "From now on, you won't have to be scared of Olivia anymore. You'll be Mrs. Acre soon." The words were so intimate, as if they were already lovers.

Olivia couldn't comprehend what was happening. "What are you both doing?" she asked incredulously. "I'm supposed to be your bride!"

But Hazel had some harsh words for Olivia. "Do you really think Mel will marry a good-for-nothing like you? Haven't you forgotten what happened four years ago?" The guests exchanged puzzled glances and murmured to each other, trying to piece together what was happening.

The rumors spread like wildfire. Apparently, Olivia had cheated on Melvin on the night before their engagement, but still went ahead with the proposal the next day as if nothing had happened. It seemed that Melvin had been planning this all along, using the wedding as an opportunity to humiliate Olivia and publicly replace her with Hazel.

Desperate for an explanation, Olivia turned to Melvin. "You know what happened four years ago! You said you believed me when I explained it to you!" But Melvin was unfazed. "I'm not joking," he said firmly. "I want to marry Hazel."

Olivia was devastated. She had believed in Melvin and their love, but it was all a lie. The man she had been dating for seven years, who had proposed to her just a month ago, had betrayed her in the most public and humiliating way.