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Quick Transmigration: Bossy Girl Got Villain Script

Quick Transmigration: Bossy Girl Got Villain Script




An Ruyun had died nine times because of the same person! When she came back to life for the tenth time, she finally killed the woman who killed her! But what was the Daughter of Destiny? What did it mean that this was just a task? An Ruyun didn't believe it, and she was even more unwilling to give up. She turned on the black mode and followed the murderer to travel through the plane, just for the sake of torturing everyone in the world! Explosion! She! The system, she wanted to rob it! She wanted to rob a man, as well! She wanted to conquer the female lead or something under her feet! However, who was this man? Why did he exist in every world? Which one of them was the one who had been chasing after her? With the increase of the plane, the hidden truth gradually emerged. I like you very much! The mountains had no edges, and the heaven and earth were in harmony. It was impossible to compete with Jun Mo Xie!
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    Hearing the sound of a sharp sword piercing into her flesh, An Ruyun realized that she had lost again in this life.

    It was a pity that she almost won!

    She looked at Shangguan Wan'er in the distance, who was full of fear. Suddenly, a brilliant smile appeared on her face. She was charming and attractive.

    No wonder she was the most beautiful woman in the world. Even though she was dead, her eyes were shining and her delicate lips were slightly opened. A touch of fragrance was faintly discernible, which made everyone's faces hot and their hearts slightly hot. Their eyes also became dull.

    Shangguan Wan'er was also in a trance for a moment. When she came to her senses, she was flustered and exasperated. She glared at the secret guards around her, who had fallen into An Ruyun's charm, and walked forward with a long sword in her hand.

    An Ruyun was tied tightly by the iron chain, and there was an arrow in front of her dress. It was obviously a poor scene, but she didn't care at all. Her face was ruddy and her face was like a lotus flower. She still looked graceful and noble, as if she was still the high and mighty Demon Consort.

    Although An Ruyun had a smile on his face, the way he looked at Shangguan Wan'er was still arrogant and disgusting, which was really disgusting.

    She was about to die, but she was still so beautiful. Shangguan Wan'er was even more reluctant to give An Ruyun a quick death! She went forward and tortured her, cutting off her hands and feet, cutting off her tongue, and turning her beautiful face into a flower.

    Originally, she wanted to appreciate An Ruyun's distorted look, but she found that she had been keeping that seductive smile from beginning to end, staring straight at her. With this scene, she looked like a devil that ate people, which made Shangguan Wan'er feel cold on her back. She quickly took two steps back and ordered the others with a disgusting face, "Throw her into the dry well in the Cold Palace."

    An Ruyun watched coldly as the guard threw her broken body into the well. It seemed that she had returned to the dark days. Her vitality had always been tenacious. It took seven days for her to swallow her anger. After she died, she became an evil ghost in the dry well.

    This was an important place in the Cold Palace, and there was always no shortage of ghosts. The weak ones no longer existed, and the only ones left were the evil ghosts with strong obsessions. An Ruyun felt that her soul was being bitten by these evil spirits, so she skillfully squeezed one of them and stuffed it into her mouth. She chewed the screaming evil spirits with her sharp teeth and did not care that she had become the target of all the ghosts' attacks.

    It was the ninth time. This was her failure in the ninth time.

    She was the daughter of the Left Prime Minister of the Firmament Kingdom. She was the only girl among the younger generation. She had been doted on since she was a child and had developed a proud temperament. Her elder brother was the top scholar appointed by the emperor. He grew up with the Crown Prince, Bai Qinxuan. His best friends were all princesses. It could be said that he had enjoyed all the glory of the world in his life in the past 15 years.

    It was a pity that everything had changed since Shangguan Wan'er fell into the water. The stupid man had become energetic. The Crown Prince was engaged to her, but she gradually attracted his attention. His brother was kneeling at her feet as if he had been possessed, not to mention some other noble childes who were fascinated by her.

    Shangguan Wan'er became more and more proud, but An Ruyun, who had been in love with the First Prince before, had suffered an unprecedented blow. Although she was arrogant, she was pure-hearted and could do nothing. But the First Prince was provoked by Shangguan Wan'er's words. He was afraid that she would do something against reason in anger, so he secretly destroyed her family!

    Her father risked his life to give her a way out, so An Ruyun was really irritated and had a feud with Shangguan Wan'er. Unfortunately, before she could do anything, she was discovered by Shangguan Wan'er. After being beaten to death, she was thrown into the dry well and became a ghost.

    The world of evil spirits was far more cruel than the outside world. An Ruyun was trapped in the well and did not know the changes of her age. She endured a hundred years before she was reborn. However, after her rebirth, no matter whether she avoided or fought, she was defeated by Shangguan Wan'er. Therefore, she understood that no matter how hard she tried, she could not defeat Shangguan Wan'er! This discovery aroused the fierce Qi in her body and made her become an evil spirit!

    Her way of death in each life was different, but they all came from the same path. In the end, they all belonged to this dry well, just like reincarnation.

    She had been the female Prime Minister who was second only to one person. She had once been a peerless demonic concubine that could bring disaster to the country and people. She had practiced the Heartless Forbidden Method and became the legendary Holy Virgin of the Mystic Moon. However, she failed again and again. How could she accept this? How could she be willing to give up?

    Because of her hard work, she still couldn't reach her goal. It was a huge blow to her heart. What's more, every death brought her not only torture but also cleansing.

    In her first life, she panicked. She did not dare to fight back after being tortured by these evil ghosts. She hid for a hundred years before she got a chance to be reborn.

    In her second life, she began to learn to fight back. Her soul was scarred, but she had the courage.

    In the third life, hundreds of years of torture eventually turned her into an evil ghost. As soon as she died, she fiercely fought with these wronged souls.

    In the fourth life, she tasted the taste of the wronged soul. She swallowed up thousands of the wronged souls in the well and became a Ghost King of her generation.

    In her sixth life, she had turned from a ghost to a demon without any guidance, but she still could not escape from this dry well and was forced to be trapped in this small place for a hundred years.

    An Ruyun had a vague feeling that if she couldn't kill Shangguan Wan'er with her own hands, no matter how many times she died, how many changes she underwent, and how high her cultivation was, she wouldn't be able to escape from this well!

    A voice rang out from the bottom of her heart, echoing in her ears. There was no distinction between man and woman, but it was deep and low.

    "...Don't you understand? How can you defeat her? She is the daughter of the mandate of heaven! Do you know what the mandate of heaven is? That is the person you can't win with your whole life. You are just a stepping stone for her to fulfill her fame. Why are you struggling?"

    "...Give up. You can't beat her. You have suffered for a hundred years and got a chance to be reborn. Is it for you to continue like this? You constantly die in her hands, constantly endure a hundred years of loneliness and torture, and constantly repeat your previous path. Why do you still insist?"

    "...Give up! Give up! You can't win her."

    The voice was everywhere, full of temptation and didn't stop.

    An Ruyun didn't seem to hear it and was not disturbed by the outside world. She was still chewing the wronged soul in her mouth. This voice accompanied her to eat all the wronged souls in the well. She turned into a ghost and finally died.

    An Ruyun swallowed the last evil ghost and licked her lips, but her empty eyes were inexplicably filled with a touch of enthusiasm. At this time, she had become a skeleton covered with white bones, and her skeleton was shining brightly. She was lying alone in the bottom of the well, with the charm of detached mortals, which was fascinating.

    Soon! Soon!

    She was about to win!

    She had found a way to kill Shangguan Wan'er!

    Just wait for rebirth!

    I'm just waiting to be reborn...

    The world in the well was silent and lonely, which was enough to drive people crazy. However, An Ruyun seemed to be unconscious and only looked at the small world outside the well eagerly.

    After a long time, An Ruyun finally saw the falling stars in the starry sky.

    At the same time, the situation had changed nine times. There was no change at all.

    An Ruyun didn't know what it was, but it didn't prevent her from knowing that it was the thing that made her reborn. She reached out and let the shining star fall on her hand and swallow it without hesitation!

    As if she had drunk magma, a burning sensation flowed from her throat to her body and restored her body.

    But it was far more painful than being bitten by the devil! An Ruyun was very happy.

    When the burning went down, An Ruyun opened her eyes. The scene in her eyes suddenly changed from the cold and dark bottom of the well into a garden full of sunshine and flowers.

    "Finally, I can see the sun again!"