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Prince Rodriguez has been shouldering responsibility since childhood, and Emily crushes all his sense of thinking. Their unexpectedly meeting and revelation leave Rodriguez no choice he knows what he must do. A temporary marriage will legitimize their kids. but will the passion between them burn or the drama surrounding them rip them apart?
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Chapter 1

The Espanedo royal family had been one to always fulfilled their responsibility and the first son in line inherit the crown gets married and produce an heir to continue the line. That had been how Rodriguez had thought it would be since childhood until his twin brother charles now deceased, he took the responsibility since childhood .Life haven't been easy since he lost his brother , his other siblings were princess emerald and prince marco.

He had gone to the hospital to make a proposal to the hospital about wanting a surrogate for his heir . He had really thought about it long and hard before going on with it . He was waiting for a miracle but he had to know about the meeting his dad was holding at the palace.

" Come on ,' Mandez chided his cousin ." There's got to be something you want than that car . Let me buy it and i dont care about the amount ."

Anger roared into prince Rodriguez his cousin irritated him so much . The fact that he was always whining about anything he got , which had been since childhood .But Mandez didnt know what No means ; He just wouldn't grab the idea that He just couldn't be bribed .

"No," Rodriguez said quietly wishing he could shut his mouth up. He was so irritated but a life time of rigid conditioning prevented him from losing his temper and revealing his true feelings.Of course, his day wasn't going as he planned .Rodriguez had been disconcerted when his father, Castillo Espanedo , had asked both him and his siblings to meet him at his library . It had been an unusual call, and he had wondered if some sort of emergency had occurred.

Their father had been with his youngest sibling and he noticed his sister wasnt around the house , which was unusual . Leaving him with his annoying cousin which was not a fun development .

"Let's make a bet ," Mandez suggested .

Rodriguez was tempted to loose his temper finally in disbelief but he said nothing .

"I heard about the palace ball coming which will be held at Zamunda at the end of next month , " Mandez added softly . "I understand that its a very formal occasion that your mother is hosting , expecting you to pick a wife from her selection of carefully handpicked female guests " .

Rodriguez's grounded his teeth . " Queen cecelia enjoys trying to organize my life . But I'm not ready to marry yet".

"It would be a hell easier to keep all those women at bay if you turned up with a partner of your own" Mandez pointed out as if he knew the amount of pressure his parent placed on his shoulder . "I bet that you couldnt transform any woman into your partner for the night and pass the test of your mother, if you're able to accomplish your goal I'll give you one of my rarest possession with me anything you put your mind to or want ".

Rodriguez almost rolled his eyes at the outrageous bet his cousin suggested .

He was an artist and his painting were a sold off in any museum and also a CEO of a banking investment company , he lived a staid life despite coming from a royal family he had his own career which he fought for . His mother had wanted him to simply be the crown prince , an heir in Waiting , but he had wanted to fulfill his dreams into an accomplishment . Not to mention the freedom of becoming a man of his own right , something his controlling mother never would have willingly given him.

He had fought for his career and the spot he was just as he was fighting for his continuing freedom of choice as a single man . His mother wouldn't want to hear about his choice of getting a surrogate to produce an heir , of when she heard she would fret but time wasn't on his side and he needed to act fast .

At only 27 , he wasnt ready for marriage and the responsibility of a wife . If she wanted an heir ,he would give her what she wished , he also knew better than anyone how difficult it would be for any woman to enter the Espanedo royal family and be forced to deal with his controlling mother, the current queen . His bride would need balls of steel to hold her own.

At that point , Acmelch santonis his father oldest butler walked in. Rodriguez sprung upright with a question in his eyes , but he couldnt read him .

"Your turn ". Acmelch said

He strode in and saw his handsome middle aged man with grey hair coming towards him to give an enthusiastic hug .

"No problem", Rodriguez said smoothly , refusing to admit that he had enraged his mother by insisting on not coming to the royal house except on special occasion and telling her to his face that he wouldn't be getting married . Even so , his arm stiffened by circling the older man's arm , he was also challenged by responding to him . Of only he could get the same kind of affection from his mother, she had been too invested on his twin brother and had pushed him away . She had been too had on him and always telling him not to be attention seeking.

"I need to talk to you about something" , Castillo admitted "Do you remember the house keeper at the green house ."

Rodriguez eye's widen and his gaze questioning . He and his twin alongside his cousins during the holiday had always gone to the green house to play without letting their mother know . He had been freed then as a child , free to be a little boy and to be whatever he wanted to be without expectations.

"I dont remember the staff".

His father was disappointed by his lack of response .The gardener and his wife lived there , they worked for me for years . There name was margaret and paulo saurez .

Slowly he could recollect the family who lived and worked for his parent "They had 3 children , 3 girls which one was a tomboy ".

His tone made his father raised a brow "yes , thats the one . The father was a gardener and the wife a house keeper , i couldnt talk them out of leaving ".

I received a letter from their daughter informing me of their father's health which has deteriorated asking for help . I want you to help in dealing with it personally . I have been out of the palace and the letter was sent about some month ago .i thought you could handle it better since you both knew each other as children" .

" The situation "he queried.

The older man explained the letter to him " They need financial help paulo has been having health issue for years ."emphasized . Now they are poor and struggling to survive. They used the money they saved up for years for his health and now it has gotten worse where he needs a heart transplant . Paulo hasnt been able to work and the mother is too old for any one to employ".

" But how his their misfortune your business? He asked without hesitation .

"I have thought about them for years , they were nice and kind couple . I could have searched for them and know of their welfare but respected their space .

"Emily is asking for a job , any job she could do and where to stay to cater for her family . Not a cheque or money but something she could work for and a loan which she can pay later when she gets the job."

He had known she would grow up becoming a proud girl which had been since childhood and he wouldn't want to offend her by giving her by giving her money .since he would be traveling himself , rodriguez was the right person to hand the task at ground and seeing they had been close before shouldn't be an issue at all for both of them . He knew he was doing the right thing.