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When Love Takes Another Turn

When Love Takes Another Turn

Author: Cho_Joyce



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"You broke up with me at a time I needed you most... You said I wasn't the one you love... You called me a whore... You said I wasn't your type to begin with... So what would you have me do?" "Beg!" Michael answered instantly. "I expect you to beg for mercy." "You don't deserve my plead, Michael. You don't worth my tears..."She was about to go further when Michael kissed her roughly to the point that she was having a hard time to breath. "Is that why you sold yourself to Kelvin?" He asked after releasing her lips. Nora wiped her lips with her knotted hands. She looked at him and without fear, she said, "Whoever I sell myself to is none of your business. As a whore that you called me to be, you shouldn't keep counts of how many men if I f**k with." Her response made Michael very angry. He had no choice but to push her and rape her only to find out she was still a virgin.
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Chapter 1

Today is their 1st anniversary and she hadn't received a call from Michael, not even a text message, which would have worked magic to the doubts she was feeling in her heart. Nora sat on the chair in her office staring intensely at her phone. She still couldn't believe she didn't have a picture of her boyfriend. She had tried severally to take his pictures without him knowing but for two years she had failed to.

Michael never likes it whenever she tries to take his pictures, he always throws a tantrum when it comes to that. She pushed her phone aside as she tried to focus on her work. Nora works in a catering company known as Oak and Honey. She got this job because of her boyfriend although he didn't tell the boss they were dating in order to protect Nora and himself. Nora was grateful to him and his endless efforts to make sure she was satisfied with everything, this made her love him more but she couldn't tell what to make out of this.

What would make Michael not to remember the most important day of their relationship? She thought. Could it be that he doesn't like her anymore? She shook her head. "He is just too busy," she reminded herself.

"Hello sugar." Sara greeted Nora with a peck on her cheek. "How is your anniversary going?" Sara asked with a huge smile on her face as she sat on the desk.

Nora didn't know what to reply to her friend. Sara had no idea who Nora was dating but she knew she was dating someone. Nora had to lie it was a long-distance relationship so that Sara wouldn't bother her about meeting him but what should she tell her now? Nora was already pissed off and Sara's question made her more angry.

She faked a smile. "It's going well." Nora lied.

"well let me see the anniversary text message he sent to you, I am pretty sure there are a lot." She tried to take Nora's phone but Nora got angry and pushed her hand away almost causing Sara to fall down but she was quick to regain her balance. Sara was surprised at Nora's reaction to her.

"Can you stop poking your nose into my life? Go get a love life and leave mine." It was after a few seconds Nora noticed she just hurt her friend with those words. "Sara-I'm-"

Sara didn't wait to listen to any explanation, she took her bag and went to her desk. Sara couldn't understand why the sudden outburst because this was something they would both laugh and joke about but with the recent outburst from Nora, Sara has sworn to herself not to get too involved in her life.

Glancing at her friend, Nora could see the hurt in Sara's eyes. She knew Sara was just being caring and jovial as usual but she picked the wrong time. If only Michael had played his role as a good boyfriend, now she wouldn't be angry with her bestfriend but they would both be gisting right now.

Sara kept her distance from Nora all through the day.


It was six in the evening, Nora had to get to the market to get somethings at the grocery store. She and Sara didn't say a word to each other and she didn't want to push it. She arrived at the grocery store, got the fruits and veggies she needed. She went to the counter, paid for the groceries and she started her walk home.

Walking alone with different thoughts flooding her mind she couldn't ignore the throbbing pain she was feeling in her heart. This wasn't how she wanted this day to be, maybe she made a mistake accepting him in the first place.

Almost a stone's throw from her house, she saw a familiar vehicle parked. This was the only car he brought over to her place because no one would be able to recognize him with the car. She didn't want to get her hopes up so she walked slowly to the car and there he was standing next to his car with a bouquet of rose flowers in his hand. He was wearing a white shirt and a face cap and glasses to go with it. The moment his eyes met hers, he gave her that bunny smile she always falls in love with. Nora couldn't ignore the teardrop she felt on her cheek. She quickly wiped her tears when she saw him coming toward her.

"I know I'm late but I hope I am not too late," Michael said. His voice was so calm and soft that Nora had to let go of the tears she had been holding onto since the day of their anniversary. She stood there sobbing and wiping her tears. "Happy anniversary to us Eleanora Bell."

Nora looked up at him trying to see if he was being sincere but his face was emotionless, she couldn't tell if he meant it or if he was just playing with her feelings. Michael walked up to her, handing her the bouquet of flowers he got her. Nora accepted the flower as she smelled the flower. "It's beautiful."

"But not as beautiful as you. Your eyes glimmer with a brightness that speaks hope to the hopeless and your lips-" he pecked her lips before looking back at her. "-soft like cotton candy." immediately, a smile crossed Nora's lips. "Mind if I devour them right now?"

There was this sudden happiness she felt - a kind of happiness that only Michael Daniels can bring to her. She nodded. Michael pulled her close, raised her jaw a little so he could get a good grasp of her lips, and pressed his lips against hers as they both kissed. Nora wrapped her hands around him and she forgot all her doubts.

Could there be a reason Michael didn't wish her in the morning but decided to do so in the evening? Is this a warning sign?