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A Crazy One-Night Stand

A Crazy One-Night Stand

Author: Ela Osaretin



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“I love having you at my mercy... And you love it, too.“ Fabiola Brosnan had two goals! To lose her virginity and to find her parents before she dies. After being diagnosed with a brain tumor, she was determined to enjoy every second of her life. And that led her to spend a sizzling night with a handsome stranger. Only to discover that this stranger was Don Lorenzo Martini…one of the most powerful men in Spain. As if that wasn’t enough, he took her most precious possession and wouldn’t give it back easily. “Marry me and you will get your bracelet back…plus..I will offer you protection and everything you’ve ever dreamt of…what do you say?”
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Chapter 1

Fabiola slowly took off her dress and laid on the big four poster bed.

“Hey,Handsome.”She purred at the man taking off his suit jacket.

She was a bit drunk but she knew exactly what she was doing.

This was what she wanted.

When Fabiola Brosnan had found out that she had a tumor in her brain…she had cried for days and nights…

She had wished there was something she could do about it but the diagnosis had showed that it was too late.

She had only a month to live.

She came to a conclusion that she couldn’t just cry away the month…

At the end of her life, she did not want to leave too many regrets.

She had two goals at the moment.

To get bedded and to find her parents,

To find her parents, since she wants to know why they abandoned her before she dies.

Yet the first goal is comparatively easier.

Tonight,she had gone drinking at a club and at the same time,she had gone through all the men around trying to find the perfect man to take her virginity.

She wasn’t this kind of girl…the girl who throws herself at men but she couldn’t just die without knowing what sex felt like.

Being drunk, she was more daring than ever, and when she made her request to the man who was lying next to her, she did not expect the man to be even more impatient than she was.

And so it was that they arrived at the hotel.

Now,her body was singing with anticipation.

"Tsk tsk tsk, this man not only has a handsome face but also sexy body."

Fabiola exclaimed as she kept groping all over the man.

As her hands descended down his buttons and his chest was revealed bit by bit,the tremor in her fingers got worse and worse.

At the last button,the man took her hands away and impatiently ripped it open,the buttons popping free and falling somewhere on the carpet.

Fabiola looked at the bare expense of his chest in front of her.

Heat suffused her face.

Although she had seen some porn before, it was her first time to practice. As Fabiola watched dumbfounded at the man's forceful actions, she suddenly felt a little reluctant to continue.

But the man didn't give her that chance at all, and with one big hand he pulled her up, which bring tremendous dizziness to her. And the next moment Fabiola was pinned under the man.

"Ah! Wait ... wait." Fabiola struggled against the man's aggressively hormonal scent.

"You want me to wait?" The man's thin lips pursed into a straight line, showing that he was very displeased. The bump underneath him was getting more obvious, and the woman who dared to provoke him should be prepared to be punished.

"It's too late to regret it now."

The cold words sounded and without waiting for Fabiola to respond, the clothes on her body were quickly and roughly shredded. She glared at him, blaming him for not having any mercy at all.

Looking at the dress that had been torn into pieces, she was heartbroken since she had paid a fortune for this dress to get into such an exclusive bar.

The more she thought about it, the angrier she became, so she struggled to get up, but as soon as her hand reached out, it was grabbed by the man and held above her head.

Soon a sharp pain came from between her legs.

"Ah! It hurts ..." Fabiola unconsciously arched her back, the only thing she could do to ease the pain.

The man frowned tightly at this tight enveloping sensation, was this woman's first time?

He thought that a woman who was so open in the bar must not be a virgin, so he agreed to sleep with her.

Although being drugged, he is still the president of the Prestige Group, and he could get the best doctor, so Lorenzo had not wanted to get a woman for treatment. It was a coincidence that he was just about to walk out of the bar when this woman crashed into his arms.

The bodyguards around him were all shocked by the scene, sweat dripping down their foreheads. They all knew how much this boss hated women, and any woman passing within three meters of him, even if the carpet they had stepped on cost millions, was banned from ever appearing in his sight again.

And yet, this woman dare to pounce on him.

It was only a second before the bodyguards remembered to throw the woman out, but he was surprised to find that there was no discomfort in his body, but only pure lust rising up.

Previously, whenever a strange woman touched him, his body would become severely allergic, even go into shock. It was a secret unknown to everyone, except for the assistant who had been following him, Carlos.

He gave a wink and soon Carlos delivered the door card for the presidential suite of the seven-star hotel right into his hands.

Just as he entered the room, the woman pushed him impatiently on the bed.

The following intimate actions were natural. He unconsciously slowed down his movements and soon moans of pleasure sounded from the woman beneath him.

The room was filled with lewdness and Fabiola felt like she was lying on the sea, hanging and falling with the direction of the waves, comfortable and pleasurable.

She didn't know how long it took, but with a growl from the man, the room finally came to peace.

In the darkness, the man looked at the woman as she passed out, his thick brows knitted together. Why did this woman get to be the exception to his rule?

A bright light flashed and the man looked at the woman's wrist. A bracelet? He had seen this bracelet in his tutor's home. Then the man's eyes, which had been calm, turned sharp and frightening.

Fabiola shivered involuntarily in her sleep. She grunted and tried to pull the blanket back when a pain came from her wrist.

She tried to see what happened to her wrist, but she was too tired. In her daze she seemed to see a handsome face enlarged, but the man's eyes were fierce and it seemed like he wanted to crunch her...