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The Top Sweetheart of Presidents

The Top Sweetheart of Presidents



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"Sophia, you are the missing daughter of the Nicholson family." Nicholson family was the richest family in the world. However, Sophia was raised in an ordinary family. Her foster sister was jealous of Sophia's gorgeous face, so she mercilessly cut Sophia's face and declared Sophia was a mad woman. Since then, Sophia had stayed in the psychiatric hospital for seven years. When Sophia was rescued and went back to the Nicholson family, her stepmother Bonnie and Bonnie's foster daughter made their ways to drive Sophia out. If Sophia didn't come back, they could inherit the Nicholson family. Staying in the mad house for seven years, Sophia became a tough girl. She calmly ruined their vicious plans and made her brothers defend her. "Bully my sister? How dare you!"
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Chapter 1

"Sophia, you really are the missing daughter of the Nicholson family from Shopving!"

Deep in the mountains, in a dark and gloomy psychiatric hospital, a pale girl in a hospital gown leaned against the railing as she looked into the distance.

Behind her, an elderly man with gray hair tried hard to persuade her. "The Nicholson family misses you very much. Please come with me!"

Sophia turned her head, showing her beautiful face. Her skin was white as snow, and her eyes were bright. She also had an overwhelming temperament.

However, a hint of hostility appeared as she asked, "Where's your evidence?"

The man sighed. "The DNA test result is on the way. If you don't believe me, I..."

At that moment, a sharp female voice came from the corridor, "Sophia!"

Kayla Thompson rushed up angrily and glared at Sophia. "Why are you still alive?"

Seven years ago, she had cut Sophia's face and sent her to the psychiatric hospital. She had been locked up for seven years!

She thought Sophia would be tortured to death in the psychiatric hospital. But recently, she had a nightmare and dreamt that Sophia had tortured her to death instead.

Today, she came to confirm if that b*tch was dead or not.

Who knew that not only was Sophia alive, but she had also grown up so beautifully!

Kayla's eyes were full of anger. She rushed forward and grabbed Sophia's collar. "Bitch! You're a scourge if you live! I'll kill you now!"

The man was shocked and wanted to stop Kayla.

But the next second, he was so shocked that he forgot to breathe.

Sophia stared at Kayla coldly and smirked. With a sinister smile, she said, "Sister, how have you been?"

Kayla was stunned. She was shocked by Sophia's sinister smile and felt a chill run down her spine.

The Sophia in front of her obviously had a pure and innocent expression. However, the hostility in her eyes was overwhelming. Sophia looked like she wanted to break her neck!

Kayla felt a lingering fear and subconsciously wanted to let go.

However, Sophia suddenly moved. She grabbed Kayla's collar and pressed her hard against the wall.


Kayla grimaced as her face instantly turned pale with pain.

Immediately, a sharp gleaming dagger was pressed against her face.

"Kayla." Sophia tilted her head and looked at her. Her voice was soft and sweet, but the looked in her eyes was wicked. "Your face looks so clean."

"Looking at it makes me feel uncomfortable."

Kayla looked at Sophia in horror. "What are you trying to do?!"

Sophia chuckled. Then, she suddenly exerted force on her fingers.

Blood stained the tip of the knife as a cold light gleamed in Sophia's eyes.

Kayla was in shock. After a long while, she held her face and screamed uncontrollably.

"My face! My face!"

Sophia frowned in disgust and wiped the blood that had splattered her face. "I only return your favor. Shouldn't you thank me?"

Kayla's eyes were full of horror. Tears fell from the corners of her eyes, mixing with the blood stains on her face. "Lunatic! You are crazy!"

Sophia smirked and said with an innocent and lovely smile, "I am crazy."

Kayla trembled when she saw the killing intent in Sophia's eyes.

She turned around in horror. Ignoring the pain on her face, she tried to run away.

With a sneer, Sophia leaned forward, grabbed Kayla's collar, and pushed her up against the railing.

They were on the third floor, and there was only muddy soil below. If she fell, she would either die or become disabled.

Kayla panicked. Her eyes were filled with the fear of death.

"Please! Sophia, I was wrong. Please let me go!"

Sophia raised her eyebrows as her expression remained pure and innocent. "What are you talking about? Why can't I understand you?"

Let her go?

Why didn't Kayla let her go seven years ago?

When Kayla mercilessly cut her face with a knife and told everyone she was crazy, why didn't anyone believe her?

She was treated as a psych patient and sent to this prison-like place. She then endured what felt like an eternity of torture!

If it weren't for the fact she could not swallow her anger, she would have died a long time ago!

What right did Kayla have to beg her to let her go?

Sophia narrowed her eyes as she said with a dark expression, "Kayla, be a good person in your next life."

After that, Sophia let go of Kayla.

Like a discarded doll, Kayla fell straight down the third floor.


There was a dull thud.

Kayla's limbs were twisted uncomfortably as she lay on the muddy ground. She was not dead, nor did she faint.

She could feel the pain in every part of her body, and her internal organs seemed to be in all the wrong places.

It felt worse than death.

It turned out her dream had came true.

Sophia really would torture her to death!

The old man was stunned by the scene in front of him. He trembled and said, "Miss... Miss Sophia, trouble might come ."

Sophia turned her head. Her expression was lovely, and her gaze was innocent.

After a while, she chuckled and said, "It doesn't matter. I'm mentally ill. I don't need to be responsible for anything."

The old man was was at a loss and embarrassedly shut his mouth.

Sophia flipped her hair and was ready to return to her room.

Suddenly, something appeared from the corner of her eyes.

Sophia stopped and looked over warily.

At the entrance of the psychiatric hospital, there was a luxurious car.

The door opened as a man in a black suit with an elegant temperament got out of the car.

With one hand in his pocket, the man couldn't help but look up at Sophia's dark expression.

After a while, he raised his lips slightly and said in a relaxed and cold voice, "Kid, I'm here to pick you up."