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My Domineering Ex-Husband

My Domineering Ex-Husband

Author: Aprilove



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After knowing that she was pregnant, Richel anne finds out that her husband Paul filed their divorce. She ask him why but she was just greeted by a cold stare. She wanted to shout and cry but decided to hold back and ask him. " What if I don't wanna leave?" His stare became colder and with a frown he said " Jessie was already back in the country. You know I have always been inlove with her. Besides I already promised to marry her. So you must sign the divorce paper." This may seem a desperate move, so she wanted to tell him about the good news. She was hoping that everything would be fine for her if he knew about her pregnancy. So she wanted to shout out loud uo him before he even went back on her. " What if I told you I'm pregnant?" But she held back in. She still saw a little hope in this situation,But later on a tragedy came that caused her miscarriage. And he was the cause of it. In order to save someone else he neglected her. Without Richel Anne in his life he began to understand her worth. He began to notice all her sacrifices for him. He began to notice his feelings for her that He thought was nothing. But, is it already late to repent and take her back?
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Chapter 1

Today is D-day. It’s their 2 years wedding anniversary. She went all out and set a candlelight dinner for the two of them. She cooked all his favorite foods and set up the whole place for this evening. She puts too much effort into all the details to make it look perfect. And she’s thinking about how she would reveal her big surprise for the night.

She waited for him with happiness written all over her face. She wondered what he would like their first born to be? Yes, she was pregnant, and she thinks it was the best gift she had ever received from him.

A couple of days ago, she learned that she was pregnant. She didn’t notice it at first because she was so busy these past few months. She had a hunch it was that it was that night two months ago. When he got drunk and went wild on her all night long. A wry smile appears in her face. It was a bittersweet memory for her.

“I’m back.” She went back to reality when she heard him say without any emotions on. Paul went home just on time tonight. He went frozen seeing the candlelight dinner and all the things that she prepared. Everything looks cute and cozy just the way they like it but it’s the least of his concern. He just looked at her unbothered.

“Rich, I have something important I need to tell you.” He said casually with a serious expression, not even looking at her while walking at their mini bar. She was a bit startled, and she felt a little nervous with the way he said it. Then he looked at her and blurted out the words she was most afraid of hearing from him.

“Rich, Let’s get divorce.” It was like a bomb that exploded in front of her that made her immobile for a sec. Her eyes widened when it registered her mind. It felt like her heart was in a wreck. “But why? I-it is our anniversary today. It's- it is supposed to be a delightful day. We should be celebrating now. I know our marriage was just an agreement, but isn’t it a 3-year agreement?” She blurted out but also got shocked by her own outburst. Then she felt cold all over her body when she looked at him and was greeted with cold and fierce eyes.

She wanted to shout at him and cry out loud. She wanted to tell him the truth that she was pregnant with their child out of desperation. But seeing his stare getting colder and colder she just blurted “What if I don’t want to leave?”

He stared at her straight in the eye with a frown written all over his handsome face as he said “Jessie was already back in the country. You know I have always been in love with her. Besides, I already promised to marry her. So, you must sign the papers when its finish.’ She answered him with silence. A deafening silence was so clear. She can’t utter even a single word after hearing his reasons.

After a moment of silence, he added “The agreement has ended early so I’m willing to give you anything that you want. I will definitely compensate you.” She was about to say a word of protest, but he bit her by saying “I will give you so much money. You can demand as much as you want. Don't worry, you will still live in abundance after our separation. But we should divorce our marriage. Wasn’t it a good deal already?” He said it with finality.

Richel can’t do anything but bite her lips to calm herself down. She was so disappointed in him. She was asking herself why it ended up like this. Is the love she showed him for the past 2 years not enough for him to see? Was all her effort just gone in vain, just like that?

After calming down a bit she tried to ask him the questions she had in her mind but seeing his fierce look towards her, she chickened out. She was also afraid to hear his answer. She started to cry again, not minding if she looked horrible already because of too much crying. She knows her makeup was already ruined by now, but who cares? She's hurting and in too much pain, she needs an outlet to let it out.

“Rich, I'm not kidding nor playing a prank on you here. I’m serious and I'm telling you, you can do whatever you want, take whatever you like. But you must sign the papers when it was finish.” He said fiercely without even a trace of sadness or any emotions towards her in his eyes. He doesn’t look like the man she lived with this past 2 years. After an hour of crying because she can’t get a hold of her emotions. Maybe because of her hormones, she’s pregnant after all. When she calmed down a little and could already converse without sobbing and just a bit of hiccups, she asks him “When will we go to do the procedures for formalities?” He smiles softly on her knowing she finally agreed. “Before we do the procedures, I still have a favor I need you to do, Rich. I know I may sound imposing but please, for the ti-”

“Was it about your grandmother and father?” She cut him off and asked him directly.

“Rich, please! Sorry you still need to do this for the last time, but I want you to know that I am really thankful for those two years of you accompanying me acting for them. Don’t worry, after the papers are complete, I will send it to you.” She felt numb already, so she only nodded after hearing what he said.

Paul felt relieved that she was slowly taking it in. He was relieved that she already said yes. After seeing that she already agreed to his request, he went out of the house at once.

Being alone, seeing him leave in a hurry, she suddenly slams on the floor feeling too weak to the point that she can’t even cry. She just stay stilled in that position looking at the door with out even blinking.