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Author: dianalovesdiane


General Romance



What if one day you wake up a billionaire / handsome/ man whore and Playboy claimed you as his wife? sound confusing? find out here!! Mandy is a anti social doctor who loves to read and just do things on her own. one day she meet the most handsome, young, Playboy, man whore and billionaire claimed her as his wife. please read to find out here!
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Chapter 1

  Mandy POV

  "Oh my god did you see that?" Marialle said as if shes seeing something incredible.

  " See what?" I asked not very interested tone. Did not bother to look into the direction of her eyes.

  "Come on! that guy just arrived. He is so fucking handsome. He is like king... God or whatsoever... " My said with a dreamy kind of eyes while looking with a total stranger whom she find godlike or king, what did she just said?

  Goodness this women will actually scream when she saw handsome guy. I mean I immune to her crazy side since we are best friends since we had diaper. But what I don't understand her is craziness when it comes to boys.

  "You know Marialle its not like your not seeing handsome everyday. Did you forgot you have your very own handsome boyfriend? Don't tell me you forgot?" Silly of her. She have one and only boyfriend but still keep on ogling other guys. Duh... I am not gonna be one of them.

  "He's sitting in right in your back!" She whispered.

  "Whatever I need to use a restroom. Excuse me and please behave yourself women.!" I said while grabbing my bag.

  "Ouch! You are so mean! Huhuhuhu" she's said while faking her crying. And I just rolled my eyes on her.

  I hurriedly heading my way to the restroom without bothering glancing at anyone.

  I am not a socialize person. The only friend I have is only Marialle . She keep on pestering me about my social life but me not even bother by it. I don't go to parties, bars or any social gathering. I am contented just lurking inside my room reading books about medicine.

  Well, you can't blame me if I read medicine books. I am a doctor rather I am a surgeon. That's why I don't have time to mingle, socializing and even flirting.

  If I may say I am a virgin. Never been touch never been kiss. Hahahaha I am 26 years old and I never been into someone. I don't know why but their are no particular guy that seem to catch my attention. Maybe because I am too tired to notice or I don't find guys amusing at all. Don't get me wrong I am not into girls OK? I'm into boys and I promise you that.

  Well whatever as of now no boys.. Having boyfriend will only lessen my time to myself which is a no no to me.

  I reach inside the restroom. Thank god it's empty. I hurriedly do my business and wash my hands. I sprinkle some water in my face and wipe it with my handkerchief.

  When I'm about to open the door. I am almost stumble by two people who are busy eating each other face. Eww! My god this people have no decency.

  "Hey get out!" Said the girl. She wearing red hugging dress. And as if her cleavage asking every man to taste it. She's beautiful but her face cover with so much make up. Which I find unattractive.

  "Babe kindly close the door. Where having some goodies here. If you want you can join. Feel free!" Urg! Did I just heard him said that? This guy has no shame at all.

  I just turn around and closed the door. When I almost closed the door I saw him winking at me while she grab that women. Urg fucking man whore.

  I sit again beside my best friend who is busy talking in her cellphone.

  " Ok bye sweetheart. I love you.. see you.. muwhahhah... " She said while giggling. I guess she's talking to her boyfriend.

  " Are you done? Let's go?" I said to her.

  "Yeah! Mark is waiting in my apartment. I guess we need to go" she said. And we head to each other car. "Bye friend see you tomorrow"

  "Yeah see you." I reply.

  I road to my baby and head to my apartment. Sleeping is my first thing in my mind right now. Working as a surgeon is stressful but exciting.

  Getting inside my apartment the ring of my telephone welcome me. I picked it up. "Hello" i said

  "Hey where have you been? I been calling your cellphone and telephone you know." Oh that's my mother voice.

  "Hello to you too mom. Sorry I went to eat outside with Marialle my cellphone died "

  "Your dad wants you here in the house. He wants to talk to you. " My mom said.

  "What? Im busy mom I can't" I am living away with my parents ever since my mom remarry again.

  "Please let Harry do his part as your dad sweetheart. He wants to have family dinner tomorrow. I think its a good idea. You can bonding with your brother and sister" my mom said with excitement.

  "Mom you know I cant. Just send my regards to them. I really cant" i said.

  "You can't? Or you just don't want?" She said.

  "Don't start again please. I am busy that's it. Nothing more to it. And I love you mom. I'm hanging up bye.." I quickly end my conversation with my mom.

  True, I really love her but the moment she married again I felt betray. I mean being only child with my mom and dad. And then after 2 years dad died mom remarried I cant take it. She also married to a man who has two children which mean I have two step siblings which she wanted me to bond with but I don't.

  My step brother Andrew is one of those stupid guy who chase every women. Meaning he is a man whore too.

  My step sister Abigail who is a model. She loves partying and loves to sleep every man she find handsome. Urg! My step siblings are opposite of me. That's why I stay out of them.

  Well, my step dad Harry Valiente is a business man. He have chain of hotels in the country. I meet him and I know she love my mom but its awkward. I hate it when he wants me to call him dad.

  Hmmm moving on. I finished taking my bath and wore my sleepwear. And get inside my bed. Ahhhh what a day. Sleep time for me.