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Taming the Demon

Taming the Demon



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Leonard was the richest businessman in this country and he could make people tremble at the mere mention of his name. He was handsome, captivating, and extremely powerful. His cooperators were eager to send women to Leonard's bed. However, he took none of them! There was a dreamy girl in his heart. Leonard kept everything for her although he knew that she would never come back. Unexpectedly, Cecilia appeared on his bed. She looked like Leonard's dreamy girl. Leonard regarded Cecilia as a gift sent by someone. He couldn't resist but slept with her. Unfortunately, Cecilia was different from the girls who climbed onto his bed. Once knowing the man she slept with was Leonard, she chose to escape from him. But she failed. "Don't even think about leaving me." With that, Leonard imprisoned her in his bed...
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Chapter 1

The rain was getting heavier and heavier.

Cecilia Livingston, who was already drenched in rainwater, was shivering from head to toe.

She was curled up, leaning against the iron gate behind her. She was soaked through. 

The rain poured down on her beautiful and delicate face like a waterfall. 

It was so cold!

The cold was bone-piercing. 

Behind her, the black iron gates were five meters wide and three meters tall. They were as forbidding and towering as the walls of a fortress, blocking out all her thoughts and desires.

Behind those gates was the legendary Castillo Mansion.

Cecilia had waited out there for a week.

Every day, she would show up there.

However, she kept failing to meet the legendary Leonardo Castillo. Instead, what met her was a downpour. 

Castillo Mansion was located in the upper-class district in the south of the city. It was the grandest mansion among all the others in the area. Every time, Cecilia had to take a few trips by bus and even walk for an hour to get there...

She had been in the rain for a long time already.

When the gatekeeper who was on duty saw her staying out in the rain, unwilling to leave, he came out in a huff to scold her. He asked her to leave immediately and told her that this wasn't a place she should be, nor was Leonardo someone she could meet on her whim!

Cecilia stayed stubbornly curled up where she was and refused to leave.

It was as if the rain was toying with her on purpose as it showed no sign of stopping. Instead, it rained even harder, and the air filled with mist...

Right then, a black Maybach drove through the mist, heading directly towards the mansion.

Gavin Richmond switched on the wipers as he said, "Sir, the CEO of Raptolutions Company, Mr. Dean, called. He said that he has a document to pass to you tonight, so he sent his goddaughter to hand it to you...What was her name again? Cece Dean? That man, Finlay Dean, is so persistent. Before this, he already sent so many female secretaries and assistants to get on your good side, but you rejected all of them. Now, he's even pulling out the big guns by sending his own goddaughter here!"

In the rearview mirror, Gavin stole a glance at his superior in the backseat. His frigid face was expressionless. 

"Sir, Finlay specifically stressed that his goddaughter is just 18 years old, and she is as pretty as a flower. She recently graduated from Liberty High and had just taken her college entrance exams a few days ago... The main point is, she's still a virgin!"

The man Gavin kept calling "sir" had a very handsome face. He raised his defined eyebrows slightly and said plainly, "If you like her, I'll just let you have her."

"Don't, sir. Don't do that. I dare not want her. I'm afraid she might be too hot for me to handle..."

Gavin chuckled in a silly manner and shook his head continuously. 

The rain was beating too heavily against the windshield, so Gavin turned on the headlights. When they shone at the gates of Castillo Mansion, he immediately caught sight of a petite figure curled up at the gates.

The iron gate slowly slid to both sides, and the girl, who was hunched over, fell to the ground when the gates brushed past her.

Gavin braked and stared blankly at the girl who was collapsed at the gates.

She was wearing a dark blue school uniform which was designed similarly to a sailor's uniform. 

"Isn't that the uniform of Liberty High? Could she be Finlay's goddaughter? Why did they leave her at the gates?"

Gavin muttered to himself in confusion. When he turned around, he looked straight into Leonardo's inky eyes. 

His heart gave a thump. The look in Leonardo's eyes wasn't quite right.


The moment he spoke, Leonardo commanded coldly, "Shine a light on her face!"

Sure enough, Leonardo had noticed the girl at the gates.

The girl had fallen sideways onto the ground.

Hence, her face was turned in their direction.

However, because of the heavy rain, her face couldn't be seen clearly. They could only vaguely make out that her eyes were tightly shut.

Gavin immediately shone the car's headlights onto the girl's pretty face. 

Her appearance gradually became more distinct. 

Her face was as white as sheet in the dark of night. 

Nevertheless, she was a very beautiful girl!


In a class of her own!

She was so beautiful that she was a little mesmerizing. 

Looking at her attractive appearance, Leonardo furrowed his brows without even realizing it.