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Victoria Secret Angel

Victoria Secret Angel

Author: beyondlocks


General Romance

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(GOLD KIDS SERIES 1) Andrew Samuel The most popular guy at school, handsome, play soccer and a player of course. You can call him a smart head but not in biology, Math and Chemistry. He needs to get a good score for that to get a car from his dad.. so he needs help. Kayla Michaelson Beautiful Victoria Secret Angel and a nerd. Beautiful and smart are the right definition to describe her. She hates attention when she's at school because she doesn't want to people treat her special because she's famous Angel so she went for an undercover.
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Chapter 1

  Kayla Michaelson

  Wiping my sweat I sat on the floor of my porch. I looked up at the sky and it was still dark. Taking out my phone, to check the time, it was 4.30 in the morning. If you think that I'm a morning person.. well you're wrong.

  I workout everyday at 4, I run around my neighbourhood for 30 minutes and after this I work my muscle for 30 minutes. After 1 hour in the morning of working out, I sleep again until 6.30 when it's to go to school.

  Perks of being a Victoria Secret model, you have to be fit all the time and exercise your body everyday. Don't forget to eat healthy and to keep your body in shape.

  I'm 17 but I'm already an Angel, call me lucky because it's my dream since when I was a kid. I've worked hard to get that by mantaining my body and auditioning for it. Running a lot of test and I've just got that title this year.

  Since I was 15, I moved to a new school with a new identity. My parents and I agreed for me to have 2 identities for my future, because it's for my safety to prevent me from being kidnapped, and things like that.

  I'm happy having 2 identities, it's more comfortable but I have to wear a dark brown wig, big glasses and baggy clothes that won't show my body. I always wear big hoodies, sweatpants and sneakers everyday to school.

  "Wake up you sleepy ass." My brother William, shook my body.

  "Go away!" I said.

  "It's 7 Kayla.. get up!" He pulled my ankle until half of my body touched the floor.

  "Will!" I shouted annoyed.

  "Let's go because I have to get on set in 30 minutes." I groaned and opened my eyes. The sunlight hit my eyes straight away.

  My brother William Michaelson is an actor, people always told us that our family is gifted with art. My dad is a music producer , my mom was an actress, my big brother is an actor and now I'm a model.

  I dragged myself to the bathroom and quickly got ready. I wear no make up to school so I look pale, I put on my dark brown wig to cover up my light brown hair, taking my big glasses I wore my favorite black hoodie with my adidas sweatpants. I'm ready to go.

  "Let's go ugly ass." I patted my brother's back.

  "Eat your breakfast Kayla!" My mom pointed at the apple, I took one and bit it.

  "Good morning angel." My dad kissed my cheek.

  "Morning dad"

  "Let's go.. bye mom and dad." I followed Will to his car and got in the front seat.

  "You're making me late Kayla!" Will hissed as he got inside his car.

  "Shut up and drive." I closed my eyes because I was still sleepy, the ride to school is only 7 minutes but I'm too lazy to walk.

  "Go get your ass out my car." He announced and I opened my eyes. I opened the door and as usual he always drops me at the back of the school. I just walk to the front to enter.

  Walking towards the building and I saw a luxury black car stop in front of the building. The 7 Gold Life's children are entering the house, they're the most popular guys at school and they stick together just like their fathers.

  I walked into the building and made my way to my locker, to take my books. Putting my bag inside the locker and heading to class someone held my wrist and I turned to see Andrew Samuel.

  My eyes widen as I didn't expect him to hold my wrist. I raised my eyebrows waiting for him to say something because he must want something.

  "What's your name? Cassey? Chloe? Corrie?" He asked in an arrogant tone and I took my wrist away from his grip.

  "Carla." I answered shortly.

  "Let's talk at the back for a moment nerd." He said and walked away, I turned and found myself following one of the most popular guys at school. He led me at the soccer field behind the school building.

  "What do you want?" I asked as I crossed my arms in front of my chest.

  "Tutor me." I looked up at him.

  "Tutor you? You're one of the top student why do you need a tutor?" I asked and he scratched the back of his head.

  "Tutor me nerd, why do you ask so many question?" He said a little bit annoyed.

  "No!" I said and turned my body but he held my arm giving me a weird sensation, I quickly pushed his hand away.

  "I never take no for an answer nerd."

  "I don't want to tutor you, find someone else and besides your friends can teach you" I looked straight into his brown eyes.

  "You're going to tutor me Carlie!" I roll my eyes.

  "It's Carla."

  "Yeah whatever Carla, tutor me after school. Let's just go to your house" He ordered me like I'm his maid.

  "Sorry I don't want to tutor you, go find someone else because I know everyone is dying to tutor you right now Andrew." I said coldly, completely annoyed on how he treated me.

  "Do it Carla or you won't like what I will do to you"

  "Leave me alone" I hissed.

  "Ohh I never thought a nerd can get mad" He smirked and how I want to slap that face so bad.

  "I don't want to tutor you Andrew Samuel, just because you're a popular kid, and the fact that you're Aaron Samuel's son won't change my mind" I said seriously and walked away from him.

  Walking back to the school building I walked through the sea of people. My mood just dropped because of Andrew, what a jerk!

  Suddenly someone tripped me up until I fell down on the ground, I heard laughs from the sides. I turned to find Andrew leaning on the locker laughing at me.

  "Sorry nerd"