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Author: Adira Daisy


General Romance



Bradley Ashford just got out of a bad divorce, and took a good breath of fresh air for the first time in seven years. He just wants a peaceful quiet place where he doesn't have to deal with humans again....especially those same genders with his wife. Needless to say, that he hates women. Loathes them. Despise them. So, he wants a quiet place that will be a safe haven for his little boy who needs to get over the trauma of living with his mother for the past six years. A place where he and his son would be able to take baby steps in getting to know each other so well. He never counted on meeting Miriam Lopez, the honest-to-God beautiful woman with enough curves to bring a man to his knees. Too bad, he isn't just any man. He's been bitten by a woman and he knows how venomous their bites can be. He always ignored her whenever she comes out for a 'neighborly greeting' and wants to get to know each other. He figured that the less he spoke to her, the faster it'll be to discard her. What he didn't count on, was how she took his rejections personal and how she made it her special mission to make sure she comes out every morning to disturb him with her 'neighborly greeting'.
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Chapter 1

  Let me tell you a little about my neighbor. His name is Bradley Ashford, and he is thirty-two years old. He owns a small company that provides translation and linguistic validation services. The man is filthy rich, and it shows in everything about him, starting from his expensive suits, to his expensive cars and then, the very expensive house he'd bought and moved into almost a month ago, making him my new neighbor of course.

  But, the guy is always too serious. He never laughs, he hardly talks...hell, he hardly pays me any attention at all. Maybe that's why I love yanking his chains so much. I'm a talkative. And because I don't socialize a lot, I spend most of the time talking to myself. Hey, don't call me crazy. I'm far from 'C' more of 'Razy'.

  My name is Miriam, by the way. Miriam Lopez. I am twenty-six years old and I'm a writer, so basically I spent almost every time of the day inside the house, and my face in front of my computer. I don't have a social life whatsoever. My mother is complaining that I don't have a personal life and that's she's gonna 'kick the bucket one-day without seeing her grandchildren'. I don't understand when Cassandra will get it into her head that she ain't dying anytime soon and that I'm not in a hurry to get myself saddled with a man.

  I know you're probably wondering why I'd call my mother Cass, but don't okay? The answer will just give you a headache just like it gives me. Anyway, I'm a successful fictional writer that enjoys her own company. Or used to. These days I'm starting to feel the solitude....the loneliness.

  So, I guess that was what sparked my interest three weeks ago when I heard from Mrs Nancy the house owner that she'd sold the beautiful cottage opposite mine. Mrs Nancy is a seventy-something-year-old widow who owns more than a few very expensive cottages in Ray-Estate. After her husband died ten years ago, she'd inherited everything. But now, she's selling and renting out most of the cottages because she's planning to move to a more peaceful town, Texas, to spend the rest of her days.

  "Rich. That's what the young man is, Mimi. He didn't even bargain for prize like some stingy wanna-be buyers and he reeked of money." Mrs Nancy has said with a cheeky grin one afternoon, as she ran her fingers through her gray hairs.

  Then, she'd frowned afterwards, "But, he's not much of a talker though. Barely said five words. His eyes seemed cold and standoffish, even though he was the image of politeness when he talked to me. He's a strange man." she'd concluded.

  Those words had piqued my interest. Or the interest of the writer in me. I still remember that day I met him for the first time. That was three weeks ago when I saw him coming out of his house with his suitcase.

  "Hey! Good morning. I live here...." I'd said, keeping my voice as cheerful as I could as I pointed to smaller cottage opposite his. " we're neighbors of some sort. It's nice meeting you, my name is Miriam and you are?"

  He'd looked at me with unreadable eyes for more than a few seconds that I actually started feeling self conscious. I know I'm no one's idea of a supermodel__I'm not as slim, but I'm no where near being fat too__I'm on the slim side, my hips are a bit too much and my breasts are C cups going to D. They're a little too big, coupled with the hips, it wasn't even funny. Also, I noticed that I didn't run a comb through my hair before I came out of the house. I couldn't even begin to imagine what I looked like.

  But hey, that still wasn't the reason for the arrogant new neighbor to keep scrutinizing me with his cold eyes!

  "You know what? Forget I asked anyway. I don't care what your name is, and I won't be surprise if it's 'Arrogant'. It has a nice ring to it, and people can actually shorten it to 'Arro' or even 'Roga'." I'd said then, feeling a little angry because he made me feel self conscious. Reminded me of my ex.

  New neighbor lifted his eyebrow__eyebrows that are too perfect for a man__and stared at me. He still didn't say anything to me.

  I huffed, turned and walked back into my house. Courtesy be damned!

  After that terrible first meeting, I went back to my room, using my laptop, I researched my new neighbor. That was how I found that everything I could about him, including the shocking news of his recent divorce. He was recently divorced three months ago.

  Three days later, I looked out of the window from my room and saw him coming out again with his suitcase, walking purposely to his car, I came out again and tried to make amends about our first meeting but the man stood there and glared at me as usual. Not even bothering to hide the look that screams "I don't like you, woman, and I'd rather be anywhere than here staring at you."

  I bristled and huffed angrily. The man didn't have to make it so obvious that he hated me. I'm a writer, a very good one at that. I'm very good at reading people and way better at reading expressions. While Bradley's expression was always closed off and guarded making it hard to read, other times, he just couldn't hide how much he hated that I was talking to him and it rankled.

  So, for the next three weeks that followed since he moved in, I officially became a pain in his ass. Or in our case, a pain in his neighborhood. He's the only neighbor around here for fuck'ssake and it wouldn't do that he's ignoring me at all.

  I made it my personal mission to stop him every morning whenever I see him with his suitcase striding to his car. I've lost count how many times I've done it in the past three weeks, and even though he's never said a word to me, it doesn't matter. I do most of the talking, delaying him while he stands beside his flashy obviously expensive SUV and glared at her.

  I really hate to admit it, but I've gotten kind-of obsessed with yanking his chains. You really can't blame me, it's been so lonely around here and he's the only person for miles who lives close to me.

  Now, three weeks later, I looked out of my window again. A-ha! He's out of the house! Finally. I'm feeling so excited. I actually thought he won't be coming out today. Still in my pajamas, I rushed out of my room and out of my house, slipping my leg into my pink matching pajamas slippers, I was away from my house and across the street. As usual he saw me coming and turned to look at me. But, I noticed a few difference today.

  He had a phone to his ear and I didn't think it was possible but his eyes were glaring harder at me today. Maybe he thought that I'll take it as a clue and leave him alone today.

  Ha! The man doesn't know me at all.