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My Husband's Secrets

My Husband's Secrets




Sienna Collins used to be a movie queen. Her boyfriend was Brandon, Solarrealm Entertainment Company's CEO. For her bestie Millie, she gave up her career and selflessly helped Millie. However, she found her bestie and her boyfriend cheated on her. Moreover, Millie was her half-sister and she planned to be the heir of the Collins family. Being depressed, she encountered a hot guy named Philip in the nightclub and had one-night stand with him. Philip fell for Sienna this way although he mistook her as a call girl. He even wanted to be her sugar daddy. Sienna flash-married Philip, not knowing he was the heir of King's Group. "You can't leave me as long as I earned faster than you spent. My sweetie."
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    Sienna Collins hid in a closet, watching a couple kissing through a gap in the closet.

    Sienna's head buzzed like bursting a hornet's nest and all the blood in her body rushed to her head.

    She saw clearly. The man was Brandon Harrison, who she loved dearly and was willing to sacrifice for him, and the woman was her good friend, Millie Collins.

    Yesterday, in order to give Brandon a surprise, she deliberately told him that she couldn't come back to celebrate his birthday due to her flight delayed. In actuality, she had already come back. She was holding a cake while hiding in the closet, intended to give Brandon a surprise.

    It was indeed a surprise, but it was from Brandon.

    Sienna was shocked but was devoid of joy.

    "Baby, I love you," Brandon kissed Millie, saying vaguely.

    Millie threaded her fingers through Brandon's hair and asked, "Brandon, since you love me, will you marry me?"

    "Of course, but let's take it step by step. First, I'll help you to restore your identity as Miss Collins, then make you into a movie queen..."

    Sienna, who was hiding in the closet, clenched her fists and attempted not to make a noise.

    The conversation between Brandon and Millie allowed her to know an awful secret.

    He said that he wanted to help Millie restore her identity as Miss Collins. It just so happened that Millie's surname was Collins, and Sienna's father was also very kind towards Millie and her mother.

    Sienna's head was rapidly spinning as she thought that she had guessed something.

    Three years ago, she was the most influential female celebrity in San Jozal's entertainment industry. However, she gave up everything for Brandon and handed over her resources to Millie.

    Only now did she realize that she was merely behind her enormous success. 

    Her best friend was her half-sister. Her father, her boyfriend, and her best friend had deceived her.

    Everyone treated her as if she was a fool.

    Sienna took advantage to flee from the closet when Brandon and Millie were in the shower. She wanted to believe what she saw was an illusion, but her heart is in so much pain.

    "Brandon, Millie, how dare you make a fool of me? I swear that I will take my revenge!" Sienna swore.

    More than an hour later, in a pub with a odd mix of people.

    Sienna was wandering in the bar, looking for a prey.

    Since Brandon dared to cheat on her, she dared to cheat on him as well. She would like to know who would win being a cheater.

    Sienna refused all the men who tried to strike up a conversation with her, and her gaze fell on a corner of the bar.

    Philip Carter took out a cigarette from his cigarette packet and bit it. His eagle-like gaze sweeping back and forth to scan the surrounding.

    He always felt that someone was looking at him, but he couldn't find who it was.

    He felt annoyed.

    Sitting next to him was Amelia. She looked at a text message from a bank and said excitedly, "Philip, the money is here!"

    Philip's brows twitched slightly as he was not concerned.

    He received a bill not long ago. The owner of the clothing factory owed approximately 500,000 Dollars, but they didn't return the debt. The creditors said that as long as they could help with recovering the debt, they would receive 30% of remuneration.

    They had returned approximately 500,000 Dollars today, hence the creditors had remunerated them as promised.

    "Come, let's have a toast to celebrate a great job." Amelia said and filled Philip's cup with wine. Just as Philip was about to drink, a pair of slender hands touched Philip's hands.