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Author: Em Jay


General Romance

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The bitch came back... Grim is on a mission. To avenge the women he loved and lost to the terriost organization Nabis. He's doing everything he can to stop them-traveling around the globe, destroying them. He's done with love. He's done with women. But one woman won't give up her quest for his heart.
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Chapter 1

  For my new friend aprillloyd100 hope this helps! It pays to be brave!

  He put his hands around the woman's slim neck, squeezing tightly.

  "You know when you're in a life or death situation, your body goes into flight or fight mode. Do you know why?"

  She clawed at his hands.

  "It's because you want to survive. And your body would do anything to survive. But you no what else is interesting? It's won't be surviving today. Isn't that just crazy?" He smiled, as her face turned blue.

  She scratched his hands making him look down in disinterest.

  "He had it coming," she scratched out.

  He quirked a brow. "Oh?" He said quietly, cocking his head. "Who's He?"

  She tried to swallow.

  Grim eased on his grip a bit. "He sent you didn't he."

  Grim frowned slightly. "I'm not sent by anyone. I do what I do out of the kindness or hatred of my heart. Pick one."

  She scoffed. "Then why are you doing this?"

  He looked about at the scattered bodies. "Well, this is a lair for the Nabis'. You're here, not chained my bound, not begging for help. I assumed."

  "You assumed wrong," she soar.

  He cocked his head, letting her go. She sank to the floor with a cough.

  "Oh well. You win some you lose some as they say! So long."

  "Wait! Take me with you!"

  He sighed. "Sorry. I've had my share of women tagging along and getting killed. You'll have a better chance here. After all, these people are dead."

  "I wouldn't be tagging along. I would be helping."

  Grim sauntered away, in a precise movement throwing his sword up stepping forward a bit as it slid into its sheath with a clink.

  "Sorry, but having to carry your body and bury you in a nice place wouldn't help. There aren't many nice places where I go."

  "You're tracking him to South America right?"

  He paused. "I think you should stop talking. Because if you say anything that makes me have to kill you, I won't choke you like a nice person."

  "I'm from the International Coalition of Justice. Or ICJ for short."

  Grim narrowed his eyes. "That So? I'm guessing your an International Detective then?"

  She frowned. "You know about that?"

  Grim shook his head. "Look, I don't care who you are. I'm leaving. Goodbye, so long, fare well and you'll stop feeling like you're drowning in a few minutes," he deadpanned, walking away.

  "Wait, please!"

  He paused again, putting his head down. "What now?"

  "Let me come with you. Please."

  He scoffed. "I don't care what you say you're from. You sound like a damsel in distress to me. And I've dealt with them enough, to know they'll always find distress."

  He walked out of the hideout, leaving her to run after him.

  He stopped again irritated.

  "Look! You get to South America on your own and then we'll talk."

  "South America is a continent! Can you be more specific?"

  He shrugged, disappearing into the early morning mist.

  She bit her lip, determination sterling her ones.

  She'd get to South America. And she's beat him there.