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Ex-husband, Let Me Go

Ex-husband, Let Me Go



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On the seventh day of marriage, Ji Yan was still locked up in the basement. She was forcibly sent to Shang family by her parents to replace her sister and marry the monster man, Shang Jinshen, who is rumored to be unable to walk. During these seven days, only one hot man comes to the basement every day to see her and provoke her. That time, she decides to fight back and bites the man, but she pays the price by having her first time taken away by the hot man. Finally, after ten days of captivity, she was released. When the Madam of the Shang family humiliates her for her poverty, her so-called husband shows up to defend her. She saw Shang Jinshen sitting in a wheelchair with many scars on his face. But what she doesn't know is that this image of weakness is a pretence by Shang Jinshen. The man who took away her virginity is the real Shang Jinshen.
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Chapter 1

There was a faint smell of food in the air in the dark room.

The curtain blocked out all the light coming from outside the room. As such, the dim light coming in through the gap of the door scattered in the room.

She stepped on the hand-made carpet from Eutonland and walked towards a corner. The woman, who got tied up, was curling up like a weak cat.

Ji Yan sensed the light footsteps and opened her eyes, which was full of stubbornness.

"Madam Ji Yan, it's time to eat."

A neutral but very cold voice sounded from Ji Yan as she sneered.

Madam Ji Yan?

If she remembered correctly, this night was the seventh day since she married into the Shang family. When had she ever been properly treated like a madam?

Did they really think that she would become a tool after imprisoning her as if she was a prisoner?

She turned around. Her beautiful side profile seemed to be covered with a layer of thin light. She said lightly, "Get out."

The person left very soon, but soon there was a sound of the door opening behind her. She turned her back to the door, and her voice still sounded adamant, "I said, get out!"

There was no response behind her, and her body stiffened instantly. She heard familiar footsteps coming after her, and sure enough...

"What? You can't even eat without me?"

It was a deep and hoarse voice with a bit of ridicule.

Ji Yan held back her fear and sneered, "You're here again. Don't forget that I am Shang Jinshen's wife!"

She married into the well-known Shang family on behalf of her elder sister, not because of how much her parents doted on her.

Instead, the legendary Shang Jinshen was a cripple who had his face disfigured and both his legs were disabled!

She thought that if she married into the Shang family, she could play dumb as long as she did her part well. However, she did not expect that on the first day she arrived in the Shang family, she was thrown and locked in this dark room.

And this man would come to visit her every night from the first day of the wedding.

It was also his doing that she was tied up.


The man bent down and put a lot of pressure on her.

She could feel his invisible momentum emanating from his body. Her hand that was holding the rope became tighter.

The man held the carpet in one hand and trapped her in the corner.

She was curled up in his arms, and could even feel his warm breath spraying on her forehead.

Ji Yan panicked. Although she pretended to be calm, she could still feel his breath lingering at the tip of her nose.

She felt a warm sensation, which was caused by his fingers caressing her pink cheeks.

He made one circle after another, seemingly casual, but also made her tremble in fear. She clenched her teeth and tried her best to take a deep breath to calm herself down.

Because that was how she had endured through all the previous nights!

The man was getting closer and closer to her. She could feel his breath come and go on her lips.

His powerful hand grabbed her chin, allowing her to raise her head and look into his eyes straight. However, he didn't carry out the next move.

In the dark, their eyes met, and his warm lips touched her fair earlobe. He spoke in a low and hoarse voice, "What's so good about Shang Jinshen? He's a cripple who can't satisfy you."

At this time, Ji Yan also successfully got rid of the rope. As soon as the rope loosened, she also breathed a sigh of relief. She stretched out her hand and slapped the man's face fiercely, "Nevertheless, that's a thousand times better than you, who is a damn perv*rt!"

A heavy round of applause rang through the whole room.

Before the man could react, she hurriedly got up from the carpet and rushed to the door.

Unfortunately, the man was faster than her. He moved as fast as lightning. Before she could touch the doorknob, he grabbed her wrist and pulled her back violently.

In the midst of the collision, her arm was swung against the wall.


With a bang, the whole room suddenly turned bright, and the whole room was bright. Ji Yan could also see the man in front of her clearly.

She was stunned.