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Marry Me, Ex-husband

Marry Me, Ex-husband

Author: Lhayzher



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After their failed marriage Klaus Salvatore a successful billionaire found himself alone as his wife left him for five years. As he copes with his loneliness Klaus falls in love with his long-time lover Cassandra Tyler. But life wasn't perfect. As Klaus and Cassandra planned their marriage, Klaus's mother brought him a gift as he went home from work. Klaus's mind went blank as soon as he saw his ex-wife Abigail Velasquez - Salvatore she is a prestigious lawyer and an intelligent business strategist. Klaus wanted her to leave his house but Abigail didn't tell him that they didn't have. A divorce for five years of separation. And now, Abigail is willing to win her husband back with no inhibition to giving him up.
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Chapter 1

Marry Me, Darling

Chapter One

After a long exhausting day of work. Klaus was relieved as soon as he step inside his mansion. He was about to untie his necktie when his butler Mr. Morrison suddenly greeted him with his unusual emotion plastered on his wrinkled face. “What is it?” he blurted out. Mr. Morrison sighed and look at him worriedly. “What is it, Mr. Morrison?” he asked again but this time, his voice was impatient and annoyed.

“Your mother visited here earlier.” he started. “And she also brought a guest.” he ended.

Klaus's eyebrows furrowed in confusion. “And I don't see any problem with that if my mother bought a guest earlier.” he calmly asserted. However, his calmness faded when a woman in her late twenties walk down the staircase with simple silk fitted red dress.

“Klaus...” she uttered. Those eyes. Those innocent almond eyes. His temper snapped. All of his blood went up to his brain as soon as he saw her.

“Leave! Make her leave, Morrison. At once!” his deep baritone voice echoed to the four corners of the living room of his mansion.

“But sir...your mom said she'll stay.” Mr. Morrison was shuttering as he mumble those words. He immediately looks away when Klaus looks at him dangerously.

“I said to make her leave, Morrison. NOW!” Without hesitation, the old butler instantly nod his head and went to the beautiful woman and grab her in her arms. But the woman hissed in disagreement.

“You can't do this to me!” she affirmed.

“And why not? It's my house!” he fired back.

“I built this house.” she blurted out.

Klaus scoffed. “I paid you. Ex,” he concluded making her shut her mouth. “What? Lost of words, hmm?” he mocked making her face turn pissed off. “We're done, Abigail. So leave. Now.” he uttered.

Klaus thought he won but Abigail—his ex suddenly smiled at him sweetly and showed him her middle finger. “I won't. My dear ex-husband—opps. I forgot we didn't get a divorce. So technically we're still married.” she retorted. Abigail, politely look at Mr. Morrison and pulled her arms back. And with a sweet smile, Abigail kiss her dear ex-husband on his cheeks and said, “I'm tired, darling. Shall we continue our discussion over sex?”

Mr.Morrison coughed so hard at what the young lady just said. Her face was too innocent and even though he knew Abigail before, her characteristics still didn't fail to surprise him.

“You better shut up. Abi.” Klaus said in a cold voice but Abigail seems to enjoy it more. “Oh...Abi...Abi...Abi. Damn, it still sounds sexy, darling.” she uttered again but this time she caught him off guard when she suddenly pulled his necktie towards her. “I miss your sound, especially your sound when I suck you till you cum.” she whispered.

“I...sir...I think the two of you should talk privately. I shall take my leave now.” Mr. Morrison interrupt and rashly walked toward the kitchen area.

Abigail smiled to herself. She can still feel him. She can still feel how irresistible she is. Her husband couldn't resist her. Not her charms. “Say it, Klaus. You still want me. You still need me. Not just in your life but also, in your bed.” she continued. Klaus immediately pushes her gently and looks at her blankly.

“I don't need a woman like you, Abigail. I have someone who can warm my bed. But that woman will never be you, ever again. Excuse me.” he replied and left her dumbfounded.

As soon as Abigail was not in his sight Klaus immediately went to the basement where his in-closed bar was located. He instantly took three shots of tequila straight without lemon or salt. Damn, that woman. She hasn't changed since then.

“Hmmm...” he moaned when he touched himself. Yes, she was right. She has still the power to make his beast grow wilder down there. “Fucking bitch!” he hissed but his hands were already massaging his own.

Klaus couldn't help it anymore. He directly drank the tequila from the bottle and went outside of his mansion. He needs someone to release his frustration. He needs someone to warm his body. But not her. Not his wife.

Abigail on the other hand silently drank a glass of wine as soon as she saw Klaus's car driving away from the house. “Jerk,” she said.

She turned her back from the balcony and went inside to the master bedroom. Her eyes roamed around but the whole room didn't change at all—except the big picture of their wedding photo was nowhere to be found. But the whole design of the room didn't change anything at all. It's like she didn't leave.

Abigail was busy roaming around the room when her phone suddenly ring. She sighed and pick-up the phone as she sat on the edge of the bed.

“Hi mom.” she greeted.

Mrs. Salvatore giggles in delight as soon as she heard Abigail's voice. “So how's your first night there?” Abigail rolled her eyes and sighed. “He left, mom. You know how hard-headed he is,” she replied. Abigail chuckled when Mrs. Salvatore started to get angry over his son's action.

“Mom, calm down. I told you this isn't going to work out,” she said. “You know that he didn't love me since the day he met me, mom. I don't have his heart mom not now, not forever.”

Mrs. Salvatore on the other line took a deep breath and sighed. Yes. Abigail was right. But she is still hoping for her son to learn to love a woman like her. Before it's too late. “But don't worry mom, I'll keep the promise we have. I won't leave until you say a word. So, please rest now. Okay?” Abigail mumble making her feel at ease.

“Okay, goodnight, Abigail,” she said and ended the call.

When Mrs. Salvatore ended the call Abigail instantly went to the bathroom and took a cold shower. She was in the middle of putting a liquid soap when the sliding door suddenly open revealing Klaus's dark and livid face.

“What?! Enjoying the show?” she sarcastically asked while covering her private parts. But Klaus just smirks at her. “As if I am enjoying a walking double wall figure of yours.” her jaw dropped. What?! What the hell did he just say?! Did he just call her flat?!

“Excuse me?! Are you fucking with me, Mr. Salvatore?!” she asked.

“If I am fucking with you, I bet you are already moaning my name under the shower. But darling, I'm not. I don't have the urge to fuck you.” he mocked.

Yeah, that's right. She was already pissed off. And he likes it. He wants her out of his house. Out of his life. Klaus was starting to enjoy how Abigail was pissed off but he didn't expect that she unconsciously grab him by his arm revealing herself naked as the bubbles of the soap was starting to drift away because of the shower. Oh, God. Fucking fuck.

“You can insult me whatever you want but never insult my body. I'm not flat you jerk!” she angrily asserted. “You...” Abigail slaps him hard pulling him from his reverie. “Jerk!” she shouted as she gets out of the shower.

Klaus chuckled as he saw how wet and some bubbles were still on her body. “Hey, flat,” he called her. “You piece of shit! Shut up. You call me flat?! As if your dick was that long! Dream about your midget size!” she fired back catching him off guard.

Did she just call him midget size?! That audacity of the woman!

“You'll regret coming back to my life, Abigail. I'll make you regret it,” he whispered and slammed the sliding door out of anger.