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His Personal Chef

His Personal Chef

Author: RoseliaStone_CW


General Romance

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I didn't think I would go as far as to be the part-time Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner maker for a businessman. Well if I can gain some money and help my poor mother with it it's alright. Angelica June Woods was a student at East Hight and got an opportunity to work as a chef in a rich household where the owner was proud of her skills. Soon she was introduced to Miss Thea Romano. Her life changed after that one meeting. She was to be the cook for her son named Sebastian Romano. Sebastian Romano is ...not very nice. He is arrogant, easily angered, Not polite, and very possessive.
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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

[Angelica Woods ]

"Ya ? I never thought i would have a women like you with such a high respect in my house , thank you considering my invite Mrs . Romano " I heard miss Stella speak through the kitchen as i prepared the soup . Soon i was done and i brought it outside to the dinning room and served them all . The lady sitting at the top chair was i guess very important, she looked strict , she had the aura of 'don't mess with me ' around .

" Angelina , please bring out the appetizers as well "Miss Stella ordered and i nodded . " Who is that girl ?" I heard someone asked and Miss Stella started talking about me . I didn't hear much but as i brought the appetizers out i heard her talking to them about my skills .

"She is a nutritionist, she cooks amazing " Stella said and i some how felt happy .

"What's you name ?" The lady on the main chair asked and i looked back at Miss Stella and she nodded smiling at me . I gulped . " Its Angelina Woods " i spoke and she nodded . "Why do you work here instead of going for a professional job ?" She asked .

God ! Why does she have such a interest in my life ?

"Umm ..i am working here to gain some money to help my mother , and i do have another job " i said and she asked me to continue. " I work as , sort off a detector ?" I stated and she frown . " whats that ?" She asked and i breath out . " My professor basically sends me to different restaurants and go through there food products and report them if any fault, I haven't started setting in my own profession yet " i continued and she nodded .

"Enough of chats , Angelina bring the main course " Miss Stella stated and i walked to the kitchen and started garnishing the dishes . As i did those i heard my name from Miss Stella again . Why why they talking so much about me ? I finally brought the main course out and served them and stood at a distance so that they would chat without me intruding .

"So , Angelina, what do your parents think about you working as basically a maid in others house ?" Someone asked and i clenched my jaw . Maid ? I am a cook alright, i have respect. "My mother works hard as well and she doesn't care about what i do , she is still proud of me , my father isn't in the picture " i mutter and heard 'oh' from them .

After about hours of talking they finally were done and started to leave . "That was a great lunch " Miss Stella jumped in excitement after they all walked out . She walked in the living and sat on the couch smiling .

"You know , you can take the day off , i am too happy so i am doing you a favour bye ! " she said and i sigh walking towards my bag and then walking out the house .

Did they really think i am that low in standards ? I don't mean to offend maids . They work harder than me so i have to give them more credit but they basically offended me . Not to mention they also laughed at me half way through the meal . I roll my eyes and walk faster . I still had to get to the restaurant where i work .

I didn't think about the day but just went with the flow . Working in the restaurant, going to my professor and reporting his given work . Paying the monthly rent in advance since i got the salary today , then going home with a little groceries a making some dinner for my family . Then finally studying and sleeping .

I wish i could start my own work now but it needs money . I do not save enough because i hardly get some in my hands . Twenty percent to my sister since she needs to have a good teenage life , Fifty percent to the water bill , fifty percent to electricity bill again the rest for our meals . How should i start . The restaurant i work in does pay good but it still doesn't meet my demands.

I don't wanna live like a cook , i studied to be a nutritionist and person who helps people in their diet not make there food and serve them .

Jeez ..if i only had said yes to that one offer my professor gave me . But then again . I had to live in London. Somewhere far away from mom and sister . I can't do that . I won't do that .


The next day was the same and the day after that , but the only difference was , i didn't see my best friend Mike .

He is the owner of the restaurant i work in . He would help me but i didn't see him for two days .

I sigh and bring the cups of tea to the living room and see that same lady sitting on a sofa and miss Stella in front of her . Miss Stella was happy ..since this lady might be someone important.

"Angelina " i stopped and looked back to the lady . " yes ?" I asked ..

"Do you know who i am ?" She asked and i shook my head .

"Well i am the wife of John Romano, do you happen to know him ?" She asked and i tried to remember but couldn't.

"No" i answer and she suddenly surprises me by laughing , i look over at miss Stella to see she her palm on her forehead and head down in embarrassment . What ? "Its alright , but consider one of my proposals Angelica " she spoke and i look at her ..

" How about you work for me ? " she asked and i raised my eyebrow . " What " i asked again and Miss Stella suddenly sat up straight , " You aren't kidding are you Miss Thea ?" she asked and that lady only looked at her once before turning her gaze to me .

" This is my card " She said pulling out a card from her handbag and stretching it out for me to take , i walked towards her and took it . It gave the company name , number and other details .

" If you want to discuss this then call me" she said and stood up . Miss Stella stood up with her and walked out with her while i stood there thinking what just happened . The card said 'J.K .R Corporations ' and everybody knew what that was .

I gulp and look at the font door from where she walked out just now . Was she the wife of John King Romano ? there was no way in space that was possible , Miss Stella knew the wife of Mr. John Romano . Chicago's leading company's Owner . How did she know her .

That's when someone kept their hands on my shoulder and turned me around . " Don't tell me you are considering her offer " Miss Stella said and i shook my head lightly and tucked the card in my back pocket and picked up the tea cups taking them to the kitchen .

[Unknown ]

I walked inside my office and slammed the flies on the desk . My assistant unlike everyone stayed clam and passed me a glass of water , he knew what i need right now , i need to relax , but i needed to do something before relaxing .

"Call up a meeting right now , i want all the managers and authorities in the office now " i order and he nodded . I then sat back in my chair and sigh , Fucken prick is going to die today , The soft buzz on my desk and i rolled my eyes . I unlocked the door and my P.A walked in .

" You need to relax Sir , here " she said and handed me cold coffee but i refused " I am not relaxing until i do this " i said and stood up walking to the meeting


" WHAT !!? You possibly can't do this , it might put the company in danger " i clenched my jaw and slammed my hand on the desk . " This is my father's company and i am his son . I don't care about your views to my thoughts . I am the CEO here and you WILL listen to me . Invest fifty percent in Carter's , we are gonna pull them out last minute , i know how he works , he is gonna put all his money on us and loose it " i said

" B-But sir , what if he reports or sue's us ? " My manager asked . " Mr. Reed here will handle the rest " i said pointing to my lawyer and he nodded . " Do you plan on finally making him bankrupt ?" i turned around to face my father and i look down .

"I heard someone objecting to my son's orders ?" he asked and i chuckled . " Listen carefully people , he make be the CEO but he is the future owner of these companies , i suggest you listen to him with no further questions " he said and sat on the main chair .

" Leave " i command and everyone scoots out . " What are you doing here ?" i asked taking a random file and going through it .

" I am guessing you need to shift you belongings into my office now " he said and sigh . This is the fifth time he is saying that . " Not yet dad , not yet , not before i make that Carter pay " i said and he sighs . " common boy , i need to go and sit beside your mom now , i am no longer need here " he said and i chuckled .

" just a few days more father , i don't wanna take the name of owner yet , because it might affect you and me if that baster tried and sued us , you might get stuck in this " i said and he nodded .

" Well i'll be leaving now . And you mother asked you to call her " he said and i nodded sitting on the chair and closing my eyes .

After a while my phone started ringing and i look at the caller to see it was Matt , " The fuck are you calling me for ?" i asked and he chuckled . " Looks like the Boss is stressed , we found the footage of two men , they are from Russia , associated with drugs , wanna bet ? " he asked and i laugh .

" Call Harry and ask him to go with my men . Don'y hesitate to kill that bitch " i said and hung up.