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A Taste Of Sweetness

A Taste Of Sweetness

Author: Chify


General Romance

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"Go deeper, yes, I want more of it, I have never felt this way before,hmm,hmm" Tess cried as Nald rammed deeper and faster into her. She was about to have her second orgasm. She was being raped by the leader of the gang, they had come to robb them that night, she was enjoying it, she never knew that sex was that sweet,her husband Ted was held down by the other robbers. He watched as the so called boss fucked his wife and his wife was enjoying it, he began to wonder maybe his wife was behind the robbery,maybe she had planned it all.
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Chapter 1

Tess was being raped by Nald ,one of the robbers that came to rob them that night but fortunately or unfortunately she was enjoying it.

She had been married for two years but she had never felt this way before, she never knew one could have so much excitement from sex,was this what she missed all these while? playing virgin Mary before marriage and even after marriage her husband never satisfied her or made love to her this way , scratch that, had sex with her this way.

This was not making love , this was rape but she was surprised herself as she enjoyed it, she was tasting something sweet , this sweetness she had never experienced in all her twenty five years on earth.

That night robbers came to rob them, her husband was into construction so maybe they got information about some money he was meant to transfer to some Chinese people.

She was wearing a very transparent night gown, the so called boss looked at her seductively that he decided to have a taste of her.

She struggled to set herself free from him but somehow he was way stronger than her, she finally surrendered, at first it was painful but later on began to enjoy it.

“Boss , you got to hurry up, let’s leave here” Jack one of the robbers said in fear as the boss was taking so much time.

They were three in number but it was only the boss that was going to have a taste of Tess that was the rule in their gang “ no one eats what the boss eats” .

Nald the boss had never had such sexual satisfaction in a long while, He was glad the lady was enjoying him and that made him continue. He didn’t want to look at the husband face, he knew he was wrong but he was carried away with lust.

Ted ,the husband was held down by the rest of the gang cos he tried to resist the boss raping his wife.

He had refused to cooperate initially ,Nald had to threaten him that he was going to kill him and his wife , Ted didn’t want to die neither did he want his wife dead so he decided to give the robbers what they want.

He had made the transfer to them, but they didn’t seem to leave yet, he wanted to speak up when the two guys held him down.

He watched as the so called boss had sex with his wife and his wife was enjoying it, he began to wonder maybe his wife was behind all these.

Was Ted right? Was it actually Tess that planed it all?

Was their marriage ever the same again?