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He Stole My Heart

He Stole My Heart

Author: Tula



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“Hello Betty, you look beautiful! Are you interested in a date with me?” “Off course handsome, just give me the address and I will be there” The first time David Scott met Betty Gravy, he almost ran her over and he wanted to pay her but she threw the cash on his face. The second time she turned out to be his blind date, she couldn’t resist his advances and she ended up kissing him. As if it wasn’t enough, the third time she became his unexpected wife who he had vowed to punish for humiliating him. The only thing he wanted from her is for Betty to divorce him and on the other hand she only wanted David to love her.
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Chapter 1

Betty Gravy hugged herself as she walked along the busy highway road. When she went to the hospital earlier to visit her father, the words that the doctor told her kept on repeating itself on her head until she felt that she was going to explode.

She then saw a pool of water on the path which she was walking on and in order to avoid it she stepped on to the main road without realizing it. How could she even know anything about her surrounding when her head was heavy with thoughts and her eyes were clouded by tears?

Betty seems to hear from afar distance the honking of a car but she didn’t know that it was coming from behind her. She managed to notice it too late and before she could jump on to the safer side of the road to avoid being hit by that car it had already reached her spot.

The driver stepped on the emergency brake and a loud screeching sound could be heard all over. The people who were passing by stood still just to see what was happening and they all wondered what a young woman like Betty was doing walking right in the middle of the road.

It was luck on her side as the driver tried to evade her and the vehicle only hit one of her legs. She was startled and at the beginning she was still confused and didn’t realize what has just happened so she walked slowly towards the side of the road and knelt on her knees with her head bowed down.

On the back of the car sat two friends who were going to relax a bit in the famous club. David Scott was a powerful and ruthless businessman and Larry was a famous doctor in one of the highly expensive private hospitals in the city.

They were chatting happily when all of a sudden the driver panicked and a woman was seen moving away from the road to avoid being hit. What they didn’t know is whether she was hit or not.

“What is wrong with that woman, Paul?” You should be more careful while driving on the road next time.” David said with an obviously furious voice.

He had been busy all day long and he wasn’t ready to deal with something like this. If he would have known that some random woman would have wanted to meet her death by being careless on the road, he would have summoned his call girls to entertain him back at the usual hotel.

Larry noticed David fuming and he knew that if he didn’t calm him down he would yell at his assistant who was also a victim “It was only an accident David, just leave the guy alone, how could he have known that the woman was absent minded. I don’t think she is okay, because a sane and normal person would never risk her life like that.”

He curved his mouth upwards and sneered disgustedly while giving his assistant a dark stare “Do I look like I care”? What makes me seriously angry is that my time is already being wasted by staying here doing nothing.”

“Boss, she came out from nowhere, I think I might have hit her.”

David then commanded with a powerful voice “Alright go and see what she needs and settle the matter,” Paul knew exactly what his boss meant , he should just pay off the woman as long as she promises not to report the matter to the authorities. David never liked to have to deal with the men of the law. He was too impatient and every time he would always lose his patience with them.

So Paul climbed out of the vehicle to go and check on the woman who was still kneeling with her head bowed. Meanwhile David pulled down the vehicle window so that he could get a proper view of the woman who had the audacity to waste his time.

But the woman wouldn’t lift her head up and therefore he shifted his attention back to Larry who was sitting in the car with him.

Larry on realizing that his friend needed some answers quickly said “I don’t have anything to say David except that the woman must be passing through something difficult in her life. Just let it go, okay.”

Paul walked slowly and stood directly in front of the woman, she looks fine but when it comes to these kinds of accident one can never tell what is going on with the victim. So he bent down and touched her shoulder lightly with his hands while asking with a concerned face “Ma’am are you hurt?”

Betty just kept quiet and wondered what the stupid man was asking her, was he blind? For God’s sake he almost ran her over and then all he could ask her was if she was hurt.

Seeing that she was hesitating to answer his question he felt guilty and thought that if he could offer her a huge sum of money she would be fine.

However, if she is hurt she could go to the hospital and get checked up. It was even a good thing because the hospital was just around the corner. He could request David so that they can take her to the hospital if she was unable to walk or if by any chance she was hurt somewhere else.

He took out a bundle of notes from the bag he was carrying and gave it to her but she still didn’t lift her head to look at him or say something.

“Ma’am the money here is amounting to 5 million dollars you can take it and go to the hospital for a proper checkup as long as you promise that you will not reveal to anyone about what happened here.” Paul offered the money with a condition attached to it.

Betty’s heart almost skipped a beat, that was exactly the amount of money she needed for her father’s treatment but how could she take it from that man who didn’t care that he almost killed her.