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Luscious (Dominant Series 2)

Luscious (Dominant Series 2)



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"if chasing you is still part of the game, Run." - Hudson Doc Hudson Herrence Hayes is not an ordinary dream man. Loving him requires taking risks. Many people compete for his attention, but there's a problem: Hudson was born heartless, cold, and deadly. He's often seen as a robotic, emotionless person. However, things took a turn for the worse when Abhaya began to hate and despise him.
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Chapter 1

WHILE Abhaya is working on her brow that always crossed the line. She gets distracted when she thinks of the man. She'll never be able to forget the man who gave her existence meaning.

Tears rolled down in her eyes, but she managed to keep them from running down her cheeks. She'll have to show some bravery. Her heart was on the line in the bet that Hudson Herrence Hayes, a man she knew by that name, would play.

Her puffy eyebags told her she hadn't gotten enough sleep. She gave a glum grin. To be sure, Hudson is to blame for everything. Why did she end up here, of all places, in the first place? She failed to recognize that she was being exploited in the midst of her enjoyment and went on record as saying she enjoyed the game she played.

She walked out of the restroom as if nothing had happened. She had a big smile on her face and appeare. She wore a mask again to convince herself that she's fine right now.

"Are you all right?"

When was the last time she was fine? She has no idea. She approved with a nod of her head. "I'm sorry I took so long. Let's go?" She immediately put her hand on his arm, but he quickly yanked it away. Her heart ached but she pretend nothing happened.

"I despise public displays, Abhaya." He said flatly.

She flashed a lovely smile. She pretended the pain wasn't real, as if it were all in her head. Why had she forgotten how much Hudson despised public displays? Oh yeah.

"Please don't text or call me. If you have anything to say, please leave a message and I'll get back to you." After that, he took her to her apartment.

Hudson Herrence Hayes. He's a well-known for his good looks, and a smart doctor but he's also a skilled Mechatronical Engineer with a sizable collection of high-end automobile parts. He's a businessman who also happens to be a billionaire. She had no idea how it could handle everything all of the time. Being a doctor and businessman.

SHE stood at the doorway, her gaze following Hudson's car as it drove away, despite the fact that he had already left.

She flopped down on the sofa and drowsily took her phone. When she read something on Twitter, she was caught off guard for a moment.

Doc Herrence Hayes has a girlfriend who is a beauty queen.

She hung up the phone and stared blankly at the ceiling. Hudson, she knew, was a playboy and a girl magnet. There hasn't been anything new recently. When Hudson approached her, she was one of the women who turned into fools. She's attractive, pretty, and a bad liar. She used to play hearts with every man and make fun of him, but that's no longer the case.

She had dozed off while thinking about Hudson and was completely unaware of it. Her head and body had given up as well, and the last thing she wanted to do was sleep...

"Kienie, stop playing hearts. You don't understand karma, and when it comes back to bite you, I'm sure you'll cry pretentiously. Karma is digital!"

She rolled her eyes at the advice of her not-so-friend and coworker. She doesn't mess around with hearts, and she doesn't cause any... harm.

"Whoa! Please don't accuse me of trampling on anyone's hearts. What kind of karma are you talking about? If its digital, it might be a camera?" She burst out laughing.

"God, Abhaya Kienne Sahada! Who is this Arthur, exactly? What do you think of this, Zack? You're hitting two birds in one stone, Beshy."

She doesn't care. She did nothing but shrug her shoulders. She was already hungry since it was lunchtime. Is it her fault that she was born beautiful and that so many people aspired to be her? No.

"Hey, I'm not done talking!"

"I'd advise you to eat! So, if you're not hungry, I'm hungry."

Freia was taken aback of what she said. What is it about her that is so attractive? She couldn't stop laughing at the thought. She should be thankful for the genes her parents gave her.

She received a call on her cell phone as she rushed down the elevator. Because she was in a hurry, she did not notice that she had boarded the private elevator.

“No. I won't be attending. I'm sorry cous’." With a sigh and a rolled eye, she finally responded. Her naughty cousin invited her to a well-known Makati hangout.

She was unconcerned when three men in suits walked in. She didn't look up to see who they were. She was deeply engrossed in a discussion with her cousin.


The three men who were conversing behind her fell silent.

"Hold on a second! You are treating me unfairly. It's not right. That is not something I want to do. What?!” She was about to scream at the person on the other end of the line. Right now, she's pacing a lot. She hadn't realized she was in an elevator with another person.

She continued to protest and rant when the elevator came to a complete stop on the ground floor. She was ready to leave, but she was surprised to discover she didn't have any money or a wallet with her. She only had access to a phone. God! She returned to the tenth floor by turning around.


She overheard the man who had collided with her expressing his displeasure.

Hmp! She smirked and raised her head, leaving whatever she was going to say hanging in the air. The man in front of her is named Doctor Hayes. He's wearing a black suit with a tie. Oh, the horror! He has a lot of appeal. Her heart was pounding furiously!

The baritone voice behind it said, "Excuse us."

It drew Abhaya's attention. Shit! She wishes to be forgotten by the rest of the world. Mr. Cuhen Malcogn and Mr. Azael Aadi Legrand are on the line. The proprietor of the company she's working! Why has she had bad luck now, of all times? Karma is a digital entity.

She wanted to scream when she saw the elevator she board… its a private elevator. Employees like her are prohibited from doing so.

In embarrassment, she turned and bolted. She was wearing 4 inch heels and a fitted uniform but at that moment she had the appearance of an athlete of the year. Her running speed was impressive. She hopes they don't remember her. She still does not want to be fired and has no plans to seek new employment this year. Oh, damn shit!

Abhaya awoke when the doorbell rang several times. Her attention was drawn to the wall clock near the door, which indicated that it was already eight o'clock in the evening. She must have gotten a lot of rest. In addition, it took more than four hours. She stretched before going to the door.

Hudson said sternly, "You never answer my text or call, Abhaya." He was furious, and she knew he didn't want his texts and calls to go unanswered.

"I'm sorry, I fell asleep," she said as she opened the door for him.

But all he did was stare at her, as if contemplating what she had said. "We're going somewhere," he said as he walked to the car parked in front of her apartment without making any emotional promises.

She gave a slow nod; what else could she do as his slave? Hudson gets what she wants and says; she's stupid if stupid, but she can't remember where she put it with her brain.

She's the 'Fool of the Year,'

She was dressed casually in jeans and a simple blouse when she got into the car, and Hudson was staring at his laptop, clearly preoccupied with what he was doing. When it turned to face her, it automatically frowned, and he took a look at what she was wearing.

"Is there a problem?"

"You should change your clothes. Wear something appropriate. We're running late, and Cuhen is throwing a surprise birthday party for his wife," he said, examining his wristwatch. "Fix it right away. I'm going to set aside 20 minutes for you." He then returned his attention to his laptop.

She sighed quietly and hurriedly put on a simple dress and a little make-up to conceal the pain she was feeling right now. She was back in less than 20 minutes.

Hudson only looked at her before starting the car and didn't say anything. He made two missed calls and only sent one text message while she was opening her phone.

Ellah, Mr. Cuhen Malcogn's wife, was the first person she met; she had seen her on TV, but she didn't think she was as nice and kind in person, and she wanted to cry, but she bit her lip. When was the last time she was completely honest with herself? She couldn't recall anything. Ellah is pregnant, and she was overjoyed when she saw how much her boss Cuhen Malcogn loved his wife, and she assumed Hudson would be the same

"I'm assuming you're sad."

Ellah approached her, and she was taken aback. She was only on one side, and the Doctor had to leave her for a moment to speak with his peers. Ellah smiled at her, and she could see the love in her eyes for her husband.

She smiled and said, "I'm fine."

She gave her a brief glance before reaching out her hand "You should know that I'm from that area as well. I see myself in 'you,' but all I can say is that if you have a reason to keep going, do so. One day, all of your suffering will be repaid."

She don't think so. She smiled shyly once more as she looked up and met her smile. She has another one to cling to, and perhaps what Vraiellah said will come true.

She was just standing in a corner until she decided to leave; she didn't want to say goodbye to Ellah; she just wanted to leave. The party was over, and Hudson was nowhere to be found. His full attention is on his friend, and she notices that they are only discussing business.

She couldn't tell Hudson she was pregnant and carrying their child, despite the fact that she is two and a half months pregnant and has no visible signs of it on her body. She couldn't keep track of how many times they made love. She couldn't say no or refuse as long as Hudson needed her in bed and where he wanted her.

She just kept walking, oblivious to how far she had gone; her mind was blank; she was floating and unable to comprehend herself; she had no idea where she was going until she realized she was in the sea.

She smiled bitterly as she walked towards the sand and felt the cold air on her face. There are many stars in the sky, and Hudson's favorite is to sit on the sand and gaze at them. She had only recently discovered that her tears were dripping. One... Two... Until she started crying softly.

She stayed at the beach for two hours before deciding to take a taxi home; she turned off her phone and entered her own apartment like a corpse; she's glad Hudson wasn't there, because she would have died otherwise; she hasn't said goodbye.

She fell asleep almost immediately due to exhaustion; she needs it for the child, who also draws strength from her; the night seemed like a joke because her mind kept returning to how the Hudson had started everything with them...

It was as if she had seen a ghost when she returned to her cubicle, and her not so friend was perplexed as to why she had returned so quickly. She pretended to have a toothache, but her heart nearly exploded.

'I saw Doc Hayes' good looks and thought to myself, 'Oh, my!'

She appears to be the luckiest of all women, because she got a good look at him and was eye-to-eye with him! God! She can't move on.

She agreed to her cousin's wishes and went to an expensive bar with her naughty cousin to forget about her embarrassment that day. She didn't like the way her heart was racing, so she went to an expensive bar with her naughty cousin; it was completely free. She will not spend a penny.

She drank Red Sangria because she wasn't much of a partygoer and needed a sedative, especially when she saw four men who had fallen from the sky enter the bar.

Doc Hayes was the first person she saw, and she drank a few times before saying goodbye to her cousin. Her cousin refused, but she was adamant. She didn't want to stay in that bar with the man who had piqued her interest.

She was standing at the door when she felt her waist being pulled to the dance floor; she couldn't see who was pulling her, and the music was so loud that she couldn't hear herself think. She desperately wanted to get away from the stranger's grip, but it was too tight.

She retorted angrily, "Let me go."

"Stop acting like you're a virgin! Let's have some fun, or would you rather we play something fun in the private?" The man giggling like a puppy.

Her hand twitched, and she prepared to slap him, but someone grabbed her arm, and the rude stranger let her go. Hudson grabbed her, and she ended up on his chest. Her mind began to race, but when she looked up, she saw Hudson's handsome face, and she fixed her gaze on him. When the alcohol's effect faded, she quickly grabbed her arm, but he held it tightly.

"I've got you," he says solemnly.

"Huh?" She was deafen. She was dragged somewhere by him and leaned against a cold wall instead of responding to her question.

The alcohol's effect on her was gone. The sudden slowness of the world around her and the force of her heartbeat. In her ears, the previous light that had been turned off, as well as the surrounding noise, had suddenly gone silent. She kept staring at Hudson, as if she'd been hypnotized for reasons she couldn't fathom. Someone slap her, please!

She gasped as Hudson felt her cheek and her body react towards the man. Instead of complaining, she seemed to enjoy what happened. She's in heat, that's the truth, and that's what she's afraid of! She quickly moved her hand to his chest in an attempt to escape from him, but he simply held her two hands and locked her to the wall. He locked his gaze on her, and she wasn't a fool for not recognizing it.

And her heart had a mind of its own because she slowly closed her eyes when she saw his lips approach her. She's dying to taste his lips!

When she felt his lips on her lips, she felt like she was swinging in the sky. It's just slow. Just a tad, but she could hear angels singing all around her. It wasn't her first kiss, but the sensation that engulfed her made her want to scream At long last! She saw the man she wished to give herself to. She encircled his neck with her hands, and he clutched her at the waist.

They continue to kiss as if they own the world, as if no one cares about everyone else. As Hudson continued to rub her bare back, she began to lose her mind. It feels good. Her body was already on fire from the intense desire to possess it. She couldn't tell if it was because she drank Red Sangria or because of his insane kiss.

The last thing she knew, she was in the private room with him. She had no idea how they got there as long as she was submissive in those moments. He kissed her as if there was no tomorrow, and his hand was on her body, moving freely. Instead of holding back, she stretched her body for him. She also felt his hard manhood in her abdomen, which added to the heat in her body.

His lip pressed against her neck. She was amused by the kiss it bestowed and wanted to laugh. His hand pressed against her and caressed her two breasts. This is insane!

The fitted dress she was wearing took out from her body, replaced by the chill that pervaded the entire room. Hudson's mouth covered one of her nipples before she could cover her own breast, which was now exposed. She sighed and yanked at his hair. She's lost her mind, and whatever happens today will be up to tomorrow.

When it laid her down on the bed, the next thing she felt was her undies slipping off her body. She couldn't cover herself because he grabbed her hand and lifted it above her head. The sensation that enveloped her when she felt his finger on her femininity made her want to scream in pleasure.

"Please..." she said, not knowing what she was asking for at the time. When Abhaya felt the lip replace the finger that had been playing with her jewel, she moaned.

She wanted to scream with delight! This is her first time, and she fears she will drown in the super deliciousness that he has bestowed upon her. His finger ran its sinful tongue over her body to worship it. As if she's already on drugs and will accept whatever comes next. She is willing to consider how to get herself out of the quagmire.

Every corner of that room was filled with their growl. Who wouldn't moan if just one Hayes could make her happy in those moments? She's going to have a mass after this!

Hudson stood at her feet and stared at her when she opened her eyes. She had forgotten she was naked. His 8-pack abs and the beauty of his v line are on display in front of her. She's salivating and wished for some coffee to dip the bread in front of her. She's literally drooling. But her fantasy doesn't stop there because when her innocent eye saw his manhood, she covered her mouth!

She was terrified and nervous. Hudson is big and huge, and she's not sure how that will work for her, especially since his manhood is so ferocious. Her brain abruptly changed, and her fear took control. She jumped up quickly to get out of that sinful bed, but before she could, he grabbed both of her legs and drew them closer to her. She screamed in surprise!

"Are you afraid of me, young lady?"

Why is everything about him insane, even his voice? She is enraged once more by his venom. He tightened his grip on her thighs and separated them. She pressed her face against the bedsheet and closed her eyes. She bit her lip so hard, bracing herself for what was to come, that she moaned when his tongue dipped again.

"Ohh!" She's insane again.

While one of its hands gently massaged her breast, he slowly ate her femininity. She was in the midst of the pleasure caused by his tongue when he stopped and something hard entered her. In so much pain, she screamed. It hurts.

He was taken aback and looked at her for a few seconds. "Damn! I don't interact with virgins."

He retreated as if she had a contagious disease, it was as if hot water had been poured on her. He turned around and dressed in front of her, picking up the clothes. He didn't even look at her as if they'd finished and she didn't mattered to him.

When he left her in that private room, her heart was pounding. She was ashamed of herself, and then she burst into tears that she couldn't stop. It's as if the truth smacked her...