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Lured By My Luna

Lured By My Luna



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Lycan Princess Cathy was hidden in Alpha Lee's Kingdom in order to protect her kingdom from them but in the process, she gets caught and offered to be mated with him. However, Cathy didn’t realize how dangerous the werewolves can truly be. Lee has been counting years to claim the sword of power. Now that he's set a trap for his princess, and he has the sword, Lee doesn’t plan to let this chance go. He’ll send back those lycans and vampires, but he’ll keep his mate forever.
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Chapter 1

The darkness of the room suffocated Cathy, it surrounded her like a coffin. She told herself it will be over this time. Actually, she had told that hundreds of times while talking to herself through the mirrors just like some Tarantino cliché. Until now, she was bearing all the shits that had been happening to her. But today it was unbearable.

"Get away from me, you bastard demon!" She screamed out, couldn't tolerate it anymore. Her core was aching badly and her body was almost sizzling in pain. "Ahhh! You are hurting me." She strived to push the crazed demon who was hell-bent on making her suffer, biting the flesh of her stomach.

He didn't seem to stop. He continued tasting her curvy body on the bed as he groaned like some kind of wild animal as if he was eating his meal after fasting for a long time.

What she had done wrong? Every night when she is asleep, he appears and does these horrible things to her all night. No one would believe her. No one would listen to her. Because she had fucking grown up in the orphanage and when she told them about her story she was blamed to be a psychopath.

It had been ten years already since she realized she had been chased by a demon and just after opening up about the demon to the orphanage, everyone was scared of her and due to it, she was locked inside this dark room. She was only ten years old back then. And she was only fifteen years when the demon started abusing her — both physically and mentally.

Tears were flowing through her icy blue eyes. The freckles along with the fair complexion of her face were almost reddened. She didn't know if she would be able to stand on her feet or not, yet she wanted to get rid of this asshole, from this devilish man — the combination of evil, torment, and vitriol.

Luckily, her feet dangled from the floor. She had enough fight left to stop this shit before he removes her clothes completely and she gets herself destroyed here by this demon.

She pried her hands off of his hands and reached out, the demon, wasn’t short, but she had long arms and as she pushed aside his gut, found his balls.

With one swift movement, she made a tight, nail-fist around them and tugged.


He screamed, dropping her. She hopped up to her feet and lost her balance almost instantly. Her body burnt like real lava, her wounds agonized like being stung by thirty wasps at once.

Getting herself off the bed, the first thing she noticed was the mirror. Her clothes were all torn just like the previous times. She hated it. She hated herself to see like this.

"The clothes look really bad on you. You are better off clothes with that ugly face and body." The demon was in pain, yet, he didn't miss the chance to taunt her.

Staring at herself through the mirror, Cathy breathed hard and approached closer. "I don't want to see myself." She screamed as she grabbed a piece of huge stick from the floor and started breaking all the mirrors of the room.

In this old abandoned room, all the old furniture was sorted there. She counted five big and two small mirrors as she broke them one by one. The cracking sound made the demon irritated. He pulled himself from the bed. He stood, 190 cm tall, wearing a black leather jacket and loose pants. Eyes darkened as pitch and messy hair. Stretching his neck, he walked over and reached her.

Grabbing onto her long dark hair, he tried to take the stick away from her hand but he was failed as she hit his head with it. Pressing his palm against his forehead, he went furious and groaned hysterically. "You dare to hurt me again. It's the time to take your virginity, don't you think?"

Infuriated by hatred, she clenched her hands into fists and pulled the stick up to hit him again. However, he was fast enough to throw it away from her hand and fastened his hand around her throat. She coughed, unable to breathe.

"You don't want to die, little girl. I know you love your little miserable life. Dying isn't on your list."

"Who said that? Dying is in my list if it's you who will be tasting my body. I don't care. Just kill me." She gritted her teeth.

"Do you think I will kill you without tasting? No dear. This or that either way you will be destroyed by me. So, do as I say." He ordered as he threw her on the bed. "Remove those clothes and spread your legs."

When she didn't listen to him and glared murderously, he trudged towards the bed and spread her legs. He slipped his hand inside the red blouse of hers and tore the dress fully. And in an attempt to slip it off her body, he tugged it but before he could undress her completely, a pair of hands landed on his eyes, covering them from behind as a kick hit his back hard.

Cathy had her eyes closed. Prepared to witness the worst moment of her disgusting life. But as she didn't feel the nasty touch of that shitty demon on her body anymore, she opened her eyes. There was no one inside the room anymore. The scary man had left. She was saved.

Heaving a deep sigh, she stood up and sat on the stool near her as she grabbed a comb from a table and ran it through her hair.

Beside her stood a tall cabinet and behind it hid two men — the demon was one of them. "Wow. You are here, Alpha Lee." He snorted at the other man in his most comfortable blue trousers and t-shirt. Although he was not as extremely tall as him, he was tall enough that was around 183 cm. His intimidating eyes were the softest golden infused with green, coloring it like hazel. His slightly curled hairstyle was art, one that showed both confidence and vulnerability.

Lee grabbed the collar of the demon and glared at him. "Fuck off, you little lunatic." The guy was his mid-twenty, he shouted in anger, aware that his voice couldn't reach the girl. "Why the fuck are you here? It was a pleasure that I felt my heart tighten and understood that you were messing things up with her since she is the last one I treasure. Thankfully, I was fast to arrive here like the past times."

He sighed and his gaze softened as he rolled eyes toward the girl he was here for, she who was sitting on a dusty stool that laid before the old exotic dressing table, with a high shattered mirror. The girl looked so young. Yet, her distorted features were pale, scratchy and her hair was all messy. She wore a long frock designed with gloaming grains. Slightly torn and almost tarnished.

"I have no intention to fuck you, Lee." Said the demon, taking hold of his attention. "I rather destroy you." He added.

Frustrated, Lee stomped his feet and gritted his teeth, leaving the collar. "Did I stop you? Go on. Destroy me." He paused as his glare intensified. "You better do it instead of making this little girl suffer. I don't understand why are you after her? Is it just because she is my mate? I feel so terrible watching her crying all the time. The guiltiness of not being able to help hits fucking hard."

Yes, he can't do anything to save her. He can just fight the demon. He can't touch her. She couldn't see or hear the demon either except for the time she was possessed by him. And, no matter what until she becomes what she really is, these two men remained unnoticed by the girl, even their voices would be inaudible to her. And to anyone in the human world where she lived.

"That's right. It's because she is your mate." The demon retorted, spatting out the least piece of the reason he hushed up.

Rage had rippled Lee's veins. "Stop this shit. I am warning you."

The demon had laughed. "A guilty person is his own hangman. I may stop chasing you but guilt will never. It's a black wall that will imprison you with time. So since I can't kill you, my only mission is to destroy you, giving you such guiltiness. Don't you know that?" He asked.

He then stumbled further and threw the bottle down in which she had been saving water for herself. It broke. The water drenched the entire floor and looking at the broken pieces, she just sobbed.

Staring at the pathetic girl, Lee walked close and swallowed a guilty gulp, and tried to rest his hand on her hair. But he couldn't, his hand slipped down and fell over the stool.

She was untouchable. And he was unnoticeable.

Something indistinct.

A sigh left his lips again. "You are with me since childhood. You never left me. Aside from me, you are always with her. You even bring me here to witness her pain often. For fuck's sake, stop it. She didn't do anything wrong. If someone has ever done wrong to your shitty folk... is me." His voice came like a whisper whilst watching the shiny tears inside her eyes.

"Destroying you is no fun. I want to add some fun. Above that, she is a lycan." The demon asserted.

"Such a d*ckhead demon." Lee cursed and decided to ignore his existence as he poured his all attention to his mate. He realized she had been consoling herself and now she was even smiling. "She looks pretty." He mumbled to himself and smiled, eyes not even blinking once. There was slight comfort inside his heart, making it beat faster.

She was fixing her hair and adding some lipstick to her lips.

A soft smirk appeared on the demon's face. He leaned down and spoke in her ear. "Uh-hu. The ugly bitch is trying to be pretty." The girl didn't bother even though she had heard it loud and clear because it was meant to be audible.

But it did bother Lee, a lot. Grabbing his collar, Lee pulled him up and glared murderously. "I believe even her shits are prettier than you."

The demon grunted as his icy gaze darkened. "Wait a minute... she is almost eighteen. She is all grown up. How come I didn't realize it?"

Lee gritted his teeth. He felt his blood had started rushing fast inside his body. "Don't even think about it."

The demon shook his head. "No, seriously, dude! No matter how ugly she is. She has a fine body."

"You piece of trash! Listen to it carefully." Lee shouted. Gripping onto the collar tightly, he jerked it along with his head. "She... she belongs to me. She is mine. Okay? I have tolerated enough. But... I swear if you dare to touch her again, you... will be the one to be destroyed in my hands. I won't fucking care even if a couple of bastards like you come and try to destroy me. For her, I will do anything in my power." He paused.

"You forced me to witness my father's death. I felt so miserable... doing nothing to save him when he was screaming for help. That was enough. I won't let you destroy my loved ones again." The loud voice echoed off the walls.

The demon didn't seem to bother again. "You think your threats will work? Come on, don't try to be funny." He sneered before disappearing from the room and landing Lee inside his bedroom alone.

For a long while, the demon was missing. He neither sickened Lee nor frightened the little girl. But it didn't last long. He was back again.

On her 18th birthday...

8 weeks later...

"Why am I here? I was sleeping." Lee yawned and scowled at the most irritating man he had ever met.

"It's her eighteenth birthday." Grinning, the demon shifted his gaze to the girl. This time, she was wearing neat and new clothes. She looked the happiest and the pale color of her skin was gone since she had a family now.

Beside him, Lee sighed, watching the girl smiling at herself through the mirror. "You won't do anything." It was a flat warning as they followed her to the living room where they found two men. One of them was her uncle.

The demon nodded. His grin had grown wider. "I won't. This man will. I will just hold her still."

Lee didn't understand the meaning of his words until the girl was locked inside the room with a man. The man kept sauntering close to her and gazing at her nastily.

"Uncle!!" She was screaming for help whilst the demon was caging her against the wall, holding her still as he said. "Uncle!!!"

Lee tightened his fists. His heart slammed against his ribs. This reminded him of the cries of his father. He was already bathed in sweats. His strength would be no match to the demon and he won't be able to hurt the man either. Finding no way, he tried to thrive some ideas. "You guys use steel weapons to attack werewolves, right?" His face lit as he fumbled forward and found a steel-made fork on the table.

The demon was unaware until now. But his brain started working again when Lee held his hand and put the fork on his hand.

"I am right." Clasping his hand tightly around the demon's left hand with the fork inside, Lee placed the points on his other hand. Immediately, pain and discomfort cruised through him.

"You bastard... what are you doing?" The demon shouted and before he could do anything, Lee pushed the points into his wrist.

"Ah!" He had started bleeding. The wildest irritation and the hysterical twinge made him gasp. He almost vomited and thought he would be dying in a few minutes.

"What the fuck is happening?" The demon yelped as he noticed some of his organs were already vanishing. His hands had almost faded.

A satisfied smile curved Lee's lips even though he was in immense pain. "My scars are causing you to fade. So... if I die... you will certainly disappear." He stated and it was the truth.

"Give me that. Jeez." The demon attempted to pull the fork out but Lee was fast enough to move his hand away.

"Get your filthy hands away from her body and leave her alone. Do what you want to do with me, but not her." Lee warned. Tears were visible in his eyes. "Otherwise... I am going to end my life here and you are going to disappear." His body was shaking. Yet he was fighting to survive.

"This little punk!" The demon cursed mutely before he left the girl and walked to Lee. Holding his hand, he pulled the fork out of his skin and found a place to throw it away.

Lee breathed hard and clenching his hand onto the wound, he squatted down on the floor where the girl had been collapsed. A drop of tears flowed down as he spoke, stroking her hair. "I am so sorry. It's... because of me... Everything is happening because of me." With that, he walked away. It would be the last time. He wouldn't let the demon touch her again. He would stop him anyhow — at least until she turns twenty and will gain all the powers she deserves.