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Ye Xingchen was framed by her cousin. She had planned to send Ye Xingchen to a man's bed and ruin her reputation. But somehow, Ye Xingchen went to the wrong room and slept with another man. When she woke up, she felt so shocked, then pushed the man aside and ran away quickly. She didn't know who he was, but only remembered his good scent. Actually, this man was the CEO, Gu Beiting, a mysterious big boss in the city. It was said that he had never got close to women. However, when she was bullied by her family, he suddenly appeared and protected her. She wanted to thank him for his help and say goodbye, but he took her into his arms. "Marry me. I can give you everything you want, including my heart..."
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Chapter 1

It was at Presidential Suite at Grand Royal Hotel in Abourne City.

There was no light up in the room. But the subtle moonlight came through the window.

Ye Xingchen's face was flushed, her mouth dried, and her forehead sweaty. She grabbed the clothes on her chest as if there were something crawling and biting her. Her heart felt uneasy...

"You... don't come any closer!" With fear in her eyes, she shouted at the man who approached her closer and closer. She should have warned him, but after the voice was out, she could feel the sense of desire in her heart. She had mixed feelings inside. Her throat seemed to lose its original function, and she was so anxious that she wanted to cry.

Due to the dimmed room and her short-sighted, she couldn't even see the man clearly. But she could be sure he was tall, and maybe she was only as tall as his chest.

"Oh... didn't you come in by yourself?" She heard the man's low voice from the other side. In the dark, his voice was cold, deep and magnetic, like the Gods in myths.

"I..." Ye Xingchen was at a loss for words. Indeed, she had come in by herself. An Xinya informed that Gu Qiwei had told her to wait for her here... Never did she expect that there was something that went amiss the moment she entered the room. Just as she was about to ran, the man caught her.

"Don't you want to come into my bed?" As the voice became louder and louder, Ye Xingchen knew that this man was just one step away from her, and the contemptuous tone of his voice became obvious.

Suddenly, Ye Xingchen felt he pinched her chin. She flushed and felt hot around her neck, but his hand was cold. When they touched each other, it was like water and fire.

A powerful male aura surged towards Ye Xingchen. She seemed to be able to smell the fresh fragrance of the shower gel on his body... Immediately, her mouth was even more parched and dried.

She looked up at him instinctively. When they were so close, she couldn't help but fall into his deep eyes as soon as their eyes met. She held her breath and her pupils couldn't help but expand. He had black and bright eyes, like obsidian, shine and sharp, as if he could see through everything.

A chill emanated from his body, attracting Ye Xingchen's instinctive desire to come closer. At this moment, her body felt like on fire, burning with scorching heat inside. She did not understand why it would be like this. Inexplicably, she was flustered...

The man slowly approached her closer and closer, till the two of them almost touched each other's faces. Ye Xingchen wanted to push him away, but she found that her strength seemed to have been drained, and she could not exert any energy. If it weren't for her leaning against the wall, she would hardly be able to maintain her balance at this time.

"Please... you, let me go... I didn't try to come in on purpose..." Ye Xingchen used all of his strength to plead for mercy. However, this cold-looking man was unmoved.

"Uh..." Ye Xingchen gasped when the man held her waist tight. Ye Xingchen instinctively pressed against his chest, only to realise that he had no clothes on his upper body. Her warm hand was on his cold body, and she could feel his body was strong and fit...

"You're so hot. Do you want me to cool you down?" An evil voice sounded in her ear as if it had given her some magic powers to seduce people's minds. She couldn't help being pulled and felt she had lost control over him. It was completely different from the arrogance just now.

"No... I don't want... Let me go, please..." Ye Xingchen's last bit of rational reasoning was resisting, and her voice filled with an obvious sob.

The man frowned a little. "Chick, play hard to get? Want to play the game with me? Hm?" The man pinched her chin harder. Then he pressed his nose down against hers. Ye Xingchen's mind became even more confused, and she could only shake her head with all her might.

"No matter what it is, you are mine tonight." The man's voice was a little hoarse. As soon as he said this, he grabbed her head with one hand, and his lips were on hers...

At this very second, the door was suddenly slammed open by a strong force...