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CEO, Your Wife Ran Again

CEO, Your Wife Ran Again



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"Do you love me, Uncle?" "Good girl, go take a bath." Su Manyao married Huo Siqian, leading a life akin to a pampered canary every day. The outside world was rife with gossip, saying that she was merely a substitute. They claimed the moment Huo Siqian's long-lost love returned, she'd surely be shown the door! Unconcerned by such talk, she continued her lavish lifestyle. Until the 'rightful lady' did indeed return, and for the first time, she saw such a tender side to Huo Siqian. She sighed exhaustingly, packing up her jewelry overnight and fleeing. Leaving behind a frost-faced Huo Siqian, "Go, bring my wife back!" "You want to leave me? Maybe in your next life!"
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Chapter 1

Jian Jingwan stared at the two lines on the pregnancy test, feeling a mix of excitement and joy.

Two years into their marriage, she was pregnant.

While picturing a happy family of three in her mind, she dialed her husband Huo Siqian's number on her phone.

"Dear, can you come home early today?"

"What's the matter?" Huo Siqian's voice, as usual, sounded indifferent over the call.


Words ready on her lips, she swallowed them back. Wanting to surprise him, she changed her words. "I… miss you, can you come back early?" Her tone was touched with a hint of pleading.

"Still busy." He coldly rejected.

Upon hearing his response, a wave of disappointment washed over her, but this was something she was already used to. Just as she remained silent for two seconds, a woman's voice suddenly came over the phone, "Siqian, I'm ready. Let's go to the hospital for a prenatal check-up."

At her words, Jian Jingwan only felt a buzzing sound in her head, and she was left in a stupor.

The next second, before she had time to react, the call was ended.

A woman! Hospital! Prenatal check-up!

Jian Jingwan quickly picked up these three keywords in her mind, her intuition telling her that her husband had most likely cheated on her.

To dismiss the doubts in her heart, she dialed his number again, only to find that his phone was switched off.

She suddenly stood there, shocked and stunned.

She has been in a secret marriage with Huo Siqian for two years, although initially, he was coerced into marrying her due to her father's scheming.

She knew from the beginning that he didn't like her, but she fell in love with him at first sight. Hence, after they got married, she was tirelessly treating him well, making every effort to win his heart.

Only after six months of marriage did he agree to consummate their relationship.

She thought that after she bore Huo Siqian a baby, their family of three would live happily ever after.

But who would have thought that he would cheat on her with another woman...

Could it be because for the two years they’ve been married, she still couldn't conceive a baby, and that's why he cheated?

As Huo's family wanted an heir, and her husband also wanted her to carry one, she had taken a lot of Chinese traditional medicine in the past year or so to condition her body, but still couldn't get pregnant.

Moreover, these two years, her husband was too busy with work, often coming back only once every ten days or half a month. Even when they finally had a chance to meet, he would have to leave soon after.

She was already trying her hardest to conceive, but pregnancy isn't something that can just happen by effort alone.

With these thoughts, her heart filled with bitterness and discomfort, as tears of grievance uncontrollably slid down her cheeks.

After being married for two years, her love for her husband intensified, as the thought of him cheating with another woman was simply unbearable.

She kept dialing his number over and over again, and even if the voicemail kept playing indicating that his phone was off, she still clung to the hope that he would pick up her next call.

She wanted to hear him tell her that she was just being overthinking, that he wasn't cheating, and that the woman's voice she heard was just an illusion.

Due to her overwhelming despair, she started feeling a sense of nausea. Adding to that, her already upset stomach was stinging with cramps due to her heightened emotions.

She lay on the ground, curling herself into a ball in pain, tears drop by drop hitting the floor, until at last, her pain led her to faint.

When she woke up, she found herself lying in a hospital bed.

She glanced around the ward unconsciously, a profound sense of loss overwhelming her.

She saw no sign of her husband; the room was occupied only by her maid, Aunt Mei, and the doctor.

Obviously, it must be Aunt Mei who found her unconscious and brought her to the hospital.

"Madam, you're awake. The doctor just administered a painkiller; do you still feel pain?" Aunt Mei asked with concern.

Jian Jingwan pursed her lips, and gently shook her head with a lack of energy, then with the support of Aunt Mei, she sat up.

"Doctor, is my baby alright?" The first thing she asked was whether her unborn baby was safe.

Regardless, the child was hers and her husband's. If he was really having an affair, perhaps he might stay for the sake of the child?

"Baby? What baby? You fainted due to food poisoning," the doctor expressed in bewilderment.

"But the pregnancy test strip showed me that I am pregnant."

"I tested just this morning. Two clear lines were present, and I have been feeling morning sickness," Jian Jingwan emphasized.

"Pregnancy tests can give false positives. According to my examination, you've been feeling nauseous due to gastritis. If you still harbor doubts, go to the gynecology department for a urine test and check again whether you are pregnant or not," suggested the doctor.

Hearing this, Jian Jingwan paled, her face as white as a sheet.

The doctor's proclamation was akin to plucking the last straw of hope from her grasp.

She wasn't expecting, but another woman was pregnant with the child of the man she loved…

She bit her lip, too scared to dwell further in her thoughts.

Maybe it was just a misunderstanding, after all, she hadn't seen it with her own eyes, perhaps she had heard it wrong.

She tried her best to comfort herself, or it might be better to say, she was deceiving herself.

Despite this, she didn't want to admit that he cheated on her.

Holding onto hope, she decided to take a pregnancy test at the gynaecologist's office.

Later, Aunt Mei helped her out of bed to go to the ultrasound examination room.

"Madam, the man ahead is your husband." Aunt Mei looked delighted.

Upon hearing this, Jane was thrilled.

She thought to herself, he still cares for her!

He must have learned about her being taken to the hospital, and rushed over to find her.

Just as she was about to call out to him joyfully, "Hu…"

Her words choked in her throat before she could utter them.

She saw a woman not too far away, supporting her waist as she walked out of the ultrasound room, handing the report in her hand to Hu Siqian, and smiling, "Siqian, the doctor said the baby is okay."

Hu Siqian's indifferent face softened for a moment, "Be careful next time and don’t eat randomly. You're pregnant now, you need to have a special diet, especially avoid eating crabs as they are full of cold properties."

"Alright, I got it." The woman's voice had a hint of coquettishness.

Seeing this scene, as if struck by a bolt of lightning, Jane stood there stunned.

Because she realised, the woman standing in front of her was the same woman on Hu Siqian's phone.

Which meant, he really had cheated on her…