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Billionaire‘s Love

Billionaire‘s Love



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Alissa Lawrence has no idea, that her life is going to change, after that night, the most scaring night of her life. As she is thinking that her life has come to an end, there is nothing left to live, she has no idea that she is going to enter in a new life. Eric Williams who is the biggest billionaire of New York City, his father is getting him married to a girl whom he don't even love. Eric wants to live his life in his own way, he likes that logo of 'play boy' he has earned. He is thinking that his life is shattering down, he will not live the life he love. But he don't have any idea that Alissa is going to enter in his life and is going to change him completely. Now, what will happen when two completely different people will meet each other. Will they attract or repel?
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Chapter 1

Alissa Lawrence was walking down the street, the sky was jet black and cold breeze was continuously, making contact with her skin. Her long dark brown hair were flowing and she was holding a worried look, because today she had got an earful from her boss and she is scared that she no longer will have this job.

She saw a group of boys standing there, smoking and looking at her with lustful eyes, she started to walk in the different direction and quickly she went inside of a dark alley. The boys started to walk behind her, wolf whistles were coming out of their mouth. Her feet started to tremble. All she could think right now about was, would she make it out alive today? If she couldn't then who will take care of her 16 years old sister.

She herself was 20, her parents died in a tragic car accident. From then, she took all the responsibilities on her shoulders. Suddenly, a boy gripped her hand tightly, she screamed for help but no one listened to her. She fell on the ground, putting her arms around her body, just praying that some miracle would happen and someone will show up and help her.

Suddenly, all the boys started running in the opposite direction, she quickly stood up and saw that there was a police car, there were police officers in it, they quickly went towards her to help her. They were holding torch in their hands. The light was directly falling on her eyes, making it difficult for her to keep her eyes open. Suddenly, darkness started to cloud over her and she soon passed out.






Eric Williams, the biggest billionaire of the New York city. He is very professional towards his work, and girls seek to get his attention. He knows it very well, that girls are ready to do anything to spend one night with him. He would take one girl for a night, and ditch her the other day. Though, girls knew very well that he will ditch them, but his looks were something to die for, and they gave him all of them.

Eric was sitting on his large, comfy he was the CEO of the "Williams Enterprises" Suddenly, his father made his way towards his son's desk.

"Eric...I believe that all the work is going well in the company" His father Richard Williams asked in a hard voice.

"Yes dad....So what made you come here?" Eric asks in his raspy voice.

"See Eric, you know I care about you. There is another article of you, that you spent another night with a girl Carolina Flame. Listen, it's bringing a bad effect on our company" Richard said, in a fatherly tone.

Eric huffed in annoyance and said "Dad those girls want to spend a night out with me, not I with them. And you also know it is not bringing any kind of bad effect on our company. It is my life; my way of living life. So please" He said.

Richard just hung his head low and said "I just want your good, nothing else" With that he left.

Eric shut his laptop and went to his favorite place and that is New York Club.