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Future Mrs What!

Future Mrs What!

Author: YourPsychodreams



She was forced and framed to get married to a blind Italian business tycoon because of her family. Reluctant to accept the marriage at first, she kept a distance from her nominal husband. But his love and respect slowly unsealed her heart...
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    I woke up with the ray of light blinding me through my pink curtains, I manage to turn around to see my parents standing right in front of me with worries glue to their faces, by this, I jumped up from the bed.

    "Mama, Papà, what is the problem? Why are you two here In my room, so early in the morning? " my voice is unpleasant now.

    "We have to talk to you about something important Principessa, and we really hope that you'll try to understand what we're about to tell you." my papà spoke.

    I got up and balanced myself properly by resting my back on the wooden bed shelf. With a quick smile. "OK, what is it about? Tell me, I won't budge." I don't know why, but I kept on smiling even though my parents were serious about what they were about to tell me.

    "Are you sure of it my little Principessa? " my papà questioned me with a specific reason in his tone.

    "I promise OK, so throw it on me now, I'll manage." I winked at them playfully.

    "Mia cara, Gisella, I'm sorry to say but we have arranged a marriage for you. " with face down he kept quiet.

    I burst out with a peal of hilarious laughter. "And who is this lucky man? Can he handle my attitude? " I laugh out jokingly but I notice they didn't budge.

    "It's Giuseppe Caruso's son! " my mama exhausts her breath.

    My face couldn't take the word away. "Uh? what did you just say?— it's a joke right? About arranging a marriage for me and one of the Caruso's sons, which of the son are you referring to? Lorenzo? Diego?" I inquired angrily.

    They looked at each other and back at me. "Actually, it's none of the sons you've just called. "

    "Mama, then who? " now I'm getting furious because they know I have someone in my life already.

    "Actually Mia cara, they have another Figlio which has been hidden from spotlights — I'm talking about Nicolo Caruso." they stopped and looked at me.

    "Nicolo Caruso?" I spat with an unamused face. "I don't even know him at all."

    "Yes my dear, you might never hear much about him or hear about him at all, because he's blind and his parents took him out of the spotlight, he's actually the eldest of the Caruso's son. " my mama added.

    "What? I'm a joke? Why must I get married to a Joke? A blind Caruso? Never! — Over my dead body mama, I rather bleed to death than becoming Mrs. Caruso, not even just Mrs. Caruso but a wife to a blind bat." I jump down from the bed putting on my clothes furiously with anger in my spirit.

    "Mama, papà, I'm sorry but whatever made you think this way about getting me married to a blind bat, I don't care, for Chrissake I'm 27 years old I'm in a serious relationship, what do you want me to tell Pietro? That I'm leaving him for a blind billionaire son? "

    "Oh, dear you won't understand, but you've to grant us this last wish please Gisella, " my Mama words were in between tears.

    "I can't grant you that mama, first of all, I quit my job as a publisher because you two wanted me to look for a better Job, I left my dreams for yours, I got all my degrees in business because you want me to, I stay in your apartment because you said you don't want me to leave you, did you ever think about what others are saying? Now you want me to leave Pietro Santoro for a blind billionaire heir.

    I don't know what has gotten into both of you, I'm sorry I can't grant you that one wish mama, never!" I fidget between tears.

    I stomped my feet hard to the floor about exiting my bedroom door. "If you don't get married to Nicolo Caruso, I'll kill myself." my mama yelled.

    This got my attention and I was in a quick halt. "What? " I slowly walk down to where my mama and Papa were standing.

    "You'll kill yourself if I don't get married to a stranger? What is going on mama? " I grabbed her arm.

    My heart hurts. "Why? " my heart became heavy looking at my papà who was crying, I've never seen my papà cry before, never.

    "I want you to get married to Nicolo Caruso. " my papà spat angrily.

    "O—oh m—my Goodness." tears dropped off my long lashes, my face is flushed red.

    "what is going on?" My whole world shattered down this instance. I feel like dying in a abyss.

    "Mama, papà, I'll be right back before you know it, OK?" I hurried to carry my phone and purse.

    "No problem, but just do as I've told you, please," my mom sober voice brought pain to my heart, why me, why me of all people?

    "Don't worry mama, papà please take good care of mama and yourself I'll be back soon. " with a weak smile I gave her a hug and peck my papà.

    I remember Viola telling me that she overheard her parents talking about her arranged marriage with one of the Caruso sons, but suddenly she told me recently that things had been taken care of, that she's off the hook. This can't possibly be a mere coincidence, right? I signed and walked out quickly.

    I've to talk to Viola right now, I'm sure she'll possibly be in our villa, it's our friendship place where I and her play since childhood.

    "I've to call her first, " I brought out my phone and dialed her number first time, the second, but it's switched off, then I guess I've to go to the Villa, she might be there.


    I could not find her in the sitting room, or the garden. "OK, I'll guess she'll be in the room sleeping or watching a movie. I walk faster, getting closer to the door, I heard voices.

    "Pietro, I'm so proud of you, because of you I'm not going to be the one getting married to the Caruso son. I want to be with only you. "

    " Don't be afraid my love, I won't dare to give you to anyone, don't worry, our plan we surely work, I have already talked to my dad about it and he said he has talked to Mr. Giuseppe Caruso about it since they are best friends."

    I pushed the door open. "Pietro? " I called out in shock. I can't believe my eyes and my ears. Viola and Pietro together, naked on my own part of the Villa? Since when? My so—called best friend and boyfriend.

    "Gisella, Pietro is the love of my life! " Viola announced without feeling remorseful, covering her body with my best duvet.

    "Y—You... Guys? How can you two... " My words were lost.

    "Gisella, I'm sorry, Pietro and I love each other dearly." without feeling bad Viola spat without feeling remorseful about her words. I surely can't bear to hear those words from this tiny chestnut headed betrayer who I called my best friend, she's like a sister to me, even though my parents don't like her since childhood I have never judged her character, I was so angry, then I slapped her across the face immediately, she almost fell down from the bed but Pietro got hold of her.

    "from the beginning to the end, Viola is the only girl that I love and cherish till death do us apart, so don't flatter yourself! " Pietro dropped the bomb.

    "Please Pietro, I beg you." Viola inquires, hugging him tightly with her breasts pressing directly to his bare skin.

    "You want me to allow you two..! Dream on? " I rose up my hand to slap her again, but this time Pietro got hold of my hand and pushed it away, then I fell flat to the floor.

    "Gisella, you have no choice but to leave me alone and marry the good for nothing Caruso because you and your family need the money for charity," he said. "Do you know that the first day you introduced me to her during Christmas Eve, That was the day I felt attracted to her," he added

    Oh my, that was five years ago. Pietro? My very own true love? The man who I love, he arranged an unexpected marriage made for Viola to me? I can't believe what my eyes and body are taking right now.

    "I'm sorry il mia ex amante, but I can't bear to see Viola, the love of my life gets married to another man, so, since my dad and Signor Giuseppe are good friends, I talked to him about it and he said he would convince him, but I never knew he would recommend you to them, well I was the one who gave him the idea though. " he raised his brow as he put on his shirt.

    I can't believe this, standing in front of the people who I think understands me better, now I understand what has been happening. Pietro has been cheating on me with Viola for long but I was too blind by love and friendship to take note of what was going on around me.

    I turned, about to walk away from the propeller of agony, but someone holds me captive with a white handkerchief to my nose, I struggled then saw that it was Pietro, Viola was smiling at me wickedly, I can see her bluntly but then all I heard was faint voices.

    "Gisella Molinero, don't blame us... If you want to blame someone, then blame it on your twisted fate. You poor little thing. andare a dormire ora amante ragazza "

    "In the game of seduction, there is only one rule which is, never fall in love with someone that is not yours," Pietro added Immediately everything went blank.

    "Pietrrrrrroooooooo? " I whispered.