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Author: IfeOba



"One can always run but can never hide." When Alyssa's parents gave birth to her, a strange thing occurred which left her parents all shaken up in great fear. At that moment, the best thing that came to mind was to escape which they did but what happened when Alyssa by destiny return to the town her parents escaped from just to save her? What made her? Could it be love or something else. What happened when she got there and found out that she's just not a normal girl but a Supernova?
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    Alyssa's POV.

    “ Mum, please.” I beg my mom, carrying the tray filled with apples, hoping she will just heed to me. I have been begging to let me go visit my grandparents ever since I knew them or ever since I knew about their town.

    I have heard a lot of things from my parents and my grandparents anytime we video chat, it's been we have talked all thanks to mom.

    I don't get why she can't send to me to the town she and dad grew up in to visit my wonderful grandparents. I huff in annoyance as I followed her like a puppy wanting to collect it's treat but in my case I want to agree to let me go.

    Oh God, my mom can be infuriating sometimes. It is not like I'm going to spend all my life there.

    “ Don't start again.” She let out a groan as we walked inside the parlour.

    Oh trust me I'm going to start all over again until you say yes and take me to your town. This is my tenth try, I think...I guess I've lost count.

    “ What are you begging her for again ?” I heard dad asks, he is siting on a rocking wooden chair, reading the current newspaper. He stares at me as he adjusts his glasses.

    “ If I tell you, it is not like as if you are going to allow me since the love of your life does not want me to go.” I say with a pout as I drop the tray on the small stool which is infront of him.

    He smiles, “ You can never know if I might allow you and if I can influence her.”

    “ Can you ?”

    “ I will try, just tell me what you want.”

    I look at mom who gives me an intimidating stare, her eyes dared me to tell to dad and see the consequences of my actions. She knows dad have a soft spot for me and he will do anything for me just like he will do to her.

    I smirk at her knowing fully well I'm daring her.

    I turn to dad with a teary eyes, “ I want to go and visit grandpops and Nana but mom won't allow me, I just want to see how your town looks like, please do agree to it.” I plead with him.

    “ I'm sure she did it for a reason, to protect you.” Father says like he is trying to reason with me.

    Don't tell me him too does not want me to go, what kind of overprotective parents do I have ?

    Oh God !

    Thank God I took.acting class. I let my bottom lip jut out as I force tears to flow down to my cheeks, thinking about the sad movie I watched last two weeks aid in my tears. “ I...just...want to see my grandparents...”

    “ You are seeing them, aren't you ?” She interrupts me.

    I look at her with a teary eyes, “ Not like that, I want to feel them, touch them, hug them, do a lot of things with them. Most of all explore the town you grew up in.” I say with a smile on my face but quickly wipe it off.

    “ I won't be able to do that if you don't let me go,” I tell my dad, I walk up to him then kneel infront of him. “ Dad please do let me go, please.” I bend my head lowly as my tears drop to the floor. I hope he is moved with my tears and if he is not then no more going to their town.

    I heard him sigh then I brace myself for what he is about to say, “ Okay, I'm letting you go visit my parents but you have to be careful, that town is not a safe place.”

    My eyes lit up in happiness as he said that, I can't believe after all this years of begging I have finally get to go to Alhezia town.

    “ Do you really mean it ?” I ask him to be sure of what he said, looking up to him.

    I'm a damn idiot, I should have not ask him. What of if he change his mind... What was I thinking ?

    “ Yes I meant.” He says with a smile which I return back.

    I did a little happy dance in my head. Yay! I'm going to Alhezia.

    I let out a squeal in happiness as I went to hug him “ Thank you Pappie.” I tell him while hugging, he laughs patting my back, he said “ It's no problem.”

    I smile as I pull away, I went to hug mom who is frowning at dad. I laugh silently as I hug her. “ Mom don't worry, I will be fine. I'm not staying there forever.” I tell her, it felt like I'm reassuring her that I will come back to her.

    “ You better don't.” She says.

    I let out a smile and thanked them once again before going upstairs to my room.


    Immediately Alyssa went upstairs, her mom turn to give her husband a disappointed stare, angry at him that he got moved by his daughter's tears.

    "Darl, frowning does not suit that beautiful face of yours." He teases her with a smile, hoping she won't scold for falling for his daughter's tears. He could do anything for her just for her not to be in tears again. Her face blushes crimson red but she quick to figure out what he was doing, trying to make her swoon with sweet words then let her forget about scolding him. “ Don't you dare tell me any sweet words, I can't believe you told her you allow her to go to that dangerous. What of if she get killed ?” She shouts in anger.

    "Darl, lessen your voice,” He tell her trying to hush her, “ I know you are mad that I agree to let her go but what can I do, if I don't accept or let her go, it would be worse. She will find a way to go there with or without our permission at least we can know about her whereabout, how she is doing and coping. She will be in safe hands even if my father is not the best person for her to stay with, she will still be safe. Let her go Emma,” He calls her name calmly, standing up to meet her. “ we can't tamper with the prophecy, it will always find its way to her. I know you are scared but there is no need to be, God will surely protect her.” He convince her.

    "But I don't want her to get hurt, that world is too dangerous for her. ” She tells him with tears in her eyes, afraid of what might be waiting for her daughter as soon as she enter Alhezia. “Neither do I, but do not worry Darl, God will surely protect her. It is her destiny do not let us tamper with it." he kisses her forehead.

    She let out a smile with a hope that all will be well.

    ~~~~~ Alyssa's POV I walked upstairs to my room humming happily as I entered, the first thing I went to do was to pack my clothes, shoes and the things I might need in my suitcase.

    I still find it very hard, they accept to let me go. Maybe I'm dreaming, it better not be. I can't believe I'm finally going to meet grandpops and Nana and see the town, I'm going to explore every corner of the town.

    I smile as I fell on the bed, spreading my arms. I started thinking of the things I will do when I get there soon I drifted to sleep wondering how the town will be like for me.