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Being mercilessly abandoned by his ex-girlfriend, Yang Yanyu was disheartened and accidentally got the impartation of the Individual Immortal, so that he could embark on the road of cultivation, so that money and women could come in a row...
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Chapter 1

  In the pavilion in the lake of the ecological park of Tang City, Yang Yage was sitting there and holding his mobile phone excitedly.

  Last night, his girlfriend, Huang Na, whom he hadn't seen for nearly half a year, suddenly invited him to meet in the park, so he came early today.

  Huang Na was older than him, and she had already taken part in the work. Plus, she needed to go on a business trip often, so she had a long time every time. She had been on a business trip for more than half a year last time, so they hadn't seen each other for a long time.

  Just as he was waiting excitedly from left to right, a "plop" sound of falling into the water came.

  Yang Yanyu subconsciously ran over. He found a golden-haired puppy jumping on the water and making a hasty scream.

  Dogs were good at swimming. It was estimated that their legs were entangled with water grass. The water grass in this park was generally very dense.

  Yang Yanyu glanced at the old clothes that he had taken a long time to clean up and found that there was no one else around.

  He gritted his teeth and jumped into the lake.

  He went to the dog's side and pulled the water grass away from it.

  After the puppy was free, the Hare seemed to be swimming to the shore.

  "Holy crap, you're so straightforward."

  Yang Yage couldn't help but complain. As he went upstream, he suddenly felt a pain in his finger abdomen.

  He picked up his hand and looked at it. There was a big cut on his fingertip, and blood kept dripping down.

  At this time, in the direction where the blood had just dripped, suddenly there was a green light flashing.

  Yang Yage frowned. Out of curiosity, he hurriedly got down and reached out his hand to touch the green light.

  Soon there was a cold touch on his hand. Yang Yage grabbed the thing in his hand in fear and threw it out of his hand.

  Only then did she dare to look at it carefully. It turned out to be a small bottle similar to a pot with a nose pot, and there were some patterns on it when she touched it.

  However, before he could confirm what it was, something unexpected happened!

  After the blood on his finger was stained on the smoke kettle, a feeling of electric shock made his body tremble violently. He only felt that a stream of airflow seemed to come out of the smoke kettle and drilled into his body.

  "Shit! What the hell!"

  He shouted and hurriedly shook his hand to throw the cigarette pot away, but he didn't expect that the bottle seemed to be in his hand and couldn't be thrown away.

  This sudden change made Yang Yage's whole body stunned. Under the electric current all over his body, he soon lost consciousness and slowly sank down.

  At the same time, the woman across the lake saw Yangyan Le convulsing in the water. She hurriedly took off her coat, jumped into the lake, and swam toward Yangyan Le.

  This girl's name was Zhao Yanran, and she was very depressed.

  Today, he took a walk with the dog. But he didn't expect that the dog was gone after he answered the phone call.

  When she saw the dog fall into the water, she was about to jump down when she saw a young man in front of her jump down first.

  Just as he was about to say thank you, the young man who saved the dog suddenly struggled in the water, which made him sink...


  In a confused state of consciousness, Yang Yaya had a strange dream.

  He saw a white-robed and brown-haired old man standing in front of him. He claimed that he was a Twelve-tribulation True Immortal, and also said that he was a Supreme Master of the Cultivation World.

  He said that thanks to Yang Yanyu's discovery of the Heaven and Earth Vessel and opening it today, he didn't know how many tens of thousands of years he would have been trapped in it.

  As a reward, he intended to accept Yang Yanyu as his disciple and teach him the Supreme Dharma Access. It was more likely that he would become a cultivator who was one in a million! Within the Yu Dynasty, his life was equal to the Heaven Realm...

  However, Yang Yage was in a panic. Before he had time to think about whether he should pay him back, he found that this evil thing directly went into his body.

  "Get lost! F**k you!"

  Yang Yage, who was in a panic, suddenly opened his eyes. The next moment, he was stunned, because he found himself being treated by a beauty who could be called as the most beautiful woman—unreasonable?

  The delicate and pretty face between them was no more than three or five inches away from him. His face was white, his facial features were exquisite, and his eyes were slightly closed. The long eyelashes matched well with the proper melody. In terms of perfect appearance, he was much brighter than the net celebrities, actresses, and campus belle.

  Who would have thought that the warm lips were slowly approaching Yang Yanle's mouth. Suddenly, there was an electric shock that made Yang Yanle's whole body tremble. It was too wonderful.

  It didn't take long before a soft voice came to his ears, "Are you awake?"

  Yang Yanyu's face immediately turned red. He also understood that this goddess was not fawning on him, but helping him do artificial respiration.

  "Shame on me!"

  He was brave enough to save a dog, but he didn't expect to be saved by a beautiful heroine. Bah, she should be the one who saved the hero.

  When he came to his senses and looked at the girl in front of him, who was full of fairy air, Yang Yage lost his composure. Then he hurriedly smiled awkwardly and said, "By the way, my name is Yang Yanyu. Thank you for saving me. In fact, in fact..."

  Zhao Yanran smiled and said, "My name is Zhao Yanran. The dog you saved is mine. I have to thank you. But in this case, if you can't swim, you'd better not rush into the water."

  Even if he jumped into the lake, he wouldn't be able to wash himself. Yang Yage didn't explain, so he smiled and said, "Thank you for reminding me."

  At this moment, a sharp voice came from not far away. "Well, you are Yang Yage! I have long said that you, a poor man, can't rely on it. As expected, you are looking for another woman behind Nana's back. Nana, you don't have to feel guilty this time!"

  Yang Yanyu turned his head and saw Huang Na and her aunt standing not far away, looking at him coldly. He didn't know how long it had been.

  Huang Na's aunt's name was Huang Li. Both of them were about the same age, and Huang Na's job was also introduced by Huang Li. She had never expected that Huang Na would bring her aunt here today.

  Since the two of them were together, her aunt had always looked down on him and humiliated him face to face more than once.

  Especially today, when they saw this picture, although they knew that it was a misunderstanding, Huang Li might still hold it tight.

  Yang Yaya quickly opened her mouth and said, "Nana, let me explain..."

  Before she began to explain, Huang Li interrupted him and said in a sharp voice, "Explain what explanation? You, a poor boy, have no parents since you were a child, but rely on the nightclub to earn living expenses. This woman is also known in the nightclub, right?"

  Zhao Yanran frowned slightly and said for Yang Yansheng, "You've misunderstood."

  Huang Li did not care whether it was a misunderstanding or not, nor did she listen to the explanation. She said sternly, "Let me tell you Yang Yanle, I came here with Nana today to tell you that Nana will get married next month, and her fiancé is a senior executive of our company. You, a loser, should go as far as you can. Don't pester my Nana! Do you understand?"

  After Huang Li said that, Huang Na also looked at Yang Yansheng coldly and said, "Hum, I was a little guilty about you at first, but now it seems that it's a good thing that I got rid of myself early. This is an invitation. You can come to see it at the wedding on the 10th of next month."

  With this, she threw the invitation into Yang Yanyu's arms, then glanced at Zhao Yanran beside Yang Yanyu and turned to leave.

  At this time, Yang Yage finally understood that it was not a date that she asked him to come here today, but a breakup.

  They broke up just because of breaking up with each other. How could they even carry the wedding invitation with them?

  "He's really mocking me."

  After understanding all this, Yang Yage looked down on him and didn't explain anything.

  No matter how loud the voice was, it couldn't wake up a person who pretended to be asleep. What's more, Yang Yanyu didn't lower himself to that extent.

  In the final analysis, they just dislike him for having no money.