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Hello Mr Right

Hello Mr Right

Author: Cor T Net


General Romance

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Marry me” Steven replied immediately. Yan’s eyes widened and she scoffed, rolling her eyes. “ Is this guy serious or what? What does he take me for, a slave?” She thought sending daggers at him. “ I know I accept any type of job but I won’t just marry whomever I come across. Am not stupid” Yan snapped. “ You have only 2 choice, first, marry me” Steven said. “ And the second?” Yan asked. “ Marry me” Steven replied making Yan scoff. “ And what’s the difference in the two choices?” Yan asked. “The difference is that there are no difference” Steven replied. Steven Liu Zhichoa popularly know as Mr. Liu is the CEO of Liu industry, one of the top best cartoonist industry in the whole of China He is know as being a Cold, Bossy, arrogant and domineering CEO who doesn’t accept defeat easily. He crosses part with Yan Yunqi, a college student who strives hard to feed herself and satisfy her needs, doing any type of work just to make ends meet but at the same time, she is a cartoonist who has always dreamed of working in the Lu industry. Crossing part for the first time, ,both of them are unhappy to see each other. But due to some circumstances, both of them had to make a deal on a contractual marriage and started living together as husband and wife. What happened when the overbearing CEO( Mr. Lu) and a simple college girl(Yan), started living together in one house? Having different personalities and life experience, will the both of them be able to shack up things together?
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Chapter 1


A young man was shown putting on a t-shirt and buttoning it up.

He found a fitting tie to rhyme with the white shirt he was putting on.

Opening a shelve, he chose a brand new wristwatch made of pure gold.

He put on his coat which matched firmly with the black pants and rounding everything off with a black shoe, and stepped out.


You could clearly his face, his sharp jawline and pointy nose with a light brown eyes which captivates anyone passing him by.

Who is he?

“Today, we have invited a mysterious guest, the CEO of Liu group and also the founder of Zhichoa animation. He only spent but 3yrs to turn Liu group into a new media group which focuses more on publishing, advertising and new media. He has also built the international Zhichoa animation. He is; Steven Zhichoa Liu, popularly know as Mr. Liu welcome to the show”

“ So Mr. Liu,do you mind sharing with us the project at hand now; “Viewing the world from children’s eyes?”

“Well “ Viewing the world from children’s eyes” is as of now one of the most important project in Liu’s industry and all famous artists in Zhichoa animation will participate in this charity project to create amazing stories for……………

Steven smirks inwardly as he watched his performance on TV and he couldn’t help but praise himself.

His phone buzzed snapping his attention from the TV.

He grabbed his phone and answered.

“Mr. Liu, you have an appointment with HEIGHTS INDUSTRY to discuss about the renewal of the project……….

“ Cancel the meeting “Steven said.

“ Terminate the contract “He added before hanging up.



“ Excuse me “A lady yelled running with different bags of food on her hand.

“No.1654, 8 cups of milk tea” The cafeteria lady announced.

“Present” The lady replied and collect the bag containing the 8 cups of milk tea.

“Thank you” She bowed and ran out.

She entered another section

“Hey,am no.57, ordering for 4 hand burgers” She said and it was handed over to her.

She rushed into different classes, handing over what she ordered to it’s owners and collecting money from them.

After stepping out from the final class, she heaved, counting the money she got.

Who is she?

“Yan Yunqi” A voice called and she turned.

“April” She exclaimed, flashing the person a smile.

April rushed to her and gave her a hug.

“How was class today?” April asked, breaking from the hug.

“It was amazing. I earned twice of what I normally earn daily”Yan replied, counting the money.

“ Seriously Yan, you haven’t stopped this courier service of yours? “April asked.

“ That’s how I make my money,girl”Yan replied.

Yeah that’s right.

Yan Yunqi is know as the best courier with the highest sale within the university of Nancheng.

She delivers food, run errands, walk dogs, print copies, even work as tutor, just name it all ,just to make money.

“One day you’ll definitely go paralyzed with all these running around “April teased.

“ With how strong I am, that’s definitely impossible”Yan replied.

“ Anyways, I have to head to the industry so….bye”Yan added and dashed out.

“ When will she ever rest? “April muttered.

*.                        *.                               *.                      *

“ Yan Yunqi!!”He voice yelled, making Yan jerk up from the desk she rest her head on sleeping.

She quickly rushed into the office of the man who called her.

Oh just so you’ll know,Yan is a cartoonist too and works at Heights industry.

Then man who is presumed to be the boss passed a document to Yan.

“ The scriptwriter has drafted “ 30 days living under him” and I want you to get the drawings ready before the end of this week “The man said and Yan beamed.

She took the draft and started going through it.

Her beam died down, replaced with a frown.

“ Mr. Chen, why is the draft totally different from the proposal?”Yan asked.

“ Do you have any problem with it? Mr. Chen asked.

“ Are you sure you want me to draw it like this?”Yan asked.

“ Didn’t you want to draw “30 days living under him” badly? Now you’ve gotten the opportunity, why are you complaining ”Mr Chen asked.

“ Am not complaining. All am saying is that the proposal never mentioned anything about an arrogant male lead and how the female lead spilled wine on him”Yan complained with a frown.

“I’ll pay you RMB 250 per page, deal? Mr. Chen offered.

“Hmm. That seems like a great offer”Yan thought.

“But what about…….

“ I’ll make it RMB 400” Mr Chen said and Yan’s face lightened.

“ Deal. I’ll start the drawing, right away “ Yan beamed and left.


Steven was busy going through some documents when his assistant, Ethan, walked in.

“Mr Liu”He called.

“When is the appointment with HEIGHTS INDUSTRY ?” Steven asked.

“By 2. But are you sure you want to terminate the contract? The condition they offered is quite good” Ethan said.

“ Heights industry only give a copycat of other people’s work. Even if they get away with the copyright infringement, what is the value of their work?” Steven asked.

“ But their speed in average cost is……

“ If Zhichoa animation wants to sour high, it must produce the best and finest work, there’s no need depending on garbage to cover our cost” Steven said.


“Let me be frank with you, Mr. Liu, I’ve offered Zhichoa the best terms possible, seriously” Mr. Chen said.

“ Like I said before, Zhichoa won’t publish your work. I’ve terminated the contract” Steven said and got up.

“ I’ll send my assistant to give you the termination draft “He added, heading to the door and Ethan followed suit.

Mr Chen got immediately and went after him.

“ Listen Mr. Liu, if you’re not satisfied with our works then we can make some corrections, no need terminating the contract” Mr Chen said but Steven ignored.

“ If you don’t like teenage stories we can change our contest and focus more on females. We will earn a lot of audience if our stories base more on females” Mr Chen said making Steven stop.

“ Didn’t you read the comments in your office website? All you do is copy other author’s work. You tried imitating the original version but still failed miserably. You might as well send blaze to the author’s” Steven said.

Mr. Chen turned and in seeing Yan, be called her up immediately.

“Did you hear what Mr. Chen said?” He asked.

“Yes” Yan replied.

“ Next time you draw, think first. Don’t just copy, you ought to change some styles” Mr Chen said, making Yan bow sadly.

“ Because of this, I’ll deduct 20% from your salary “Mr. Chen said and Yan’s eyes widened in shock.

“ And if you continue being impatient and rush things, I won’t mind continue deducting your salary” Mr. Chen added.

“ Why should you deduct my salary? I drew according to the companies requirement, so how am I at fault? “ Yan asked.

“ Well Mr. Liu said you didn’t meet the requirements, so it’s all your fault” Mr. Chen replied.

“ That’s all for now, Mr. Chen” Steven said and was about leaving.

“ Ermm. Mr. Liu….” Mr Chen said grabbing Steven’s wrist.

Steven quickly fling his hand off his and at the process his hand crashed with Yan’s , sending all the script she was holding up in the air.

To matters worse, Steven stepped on the script as he was leaving.

Yan’s anger blazed as she watched Steven step on her script and she quickly went after him.

When Steven was about entering the elevator, Yan pulled him back and pinned him to the wall.

“ What the..” Steven grunted.

“Hello Mister. How dare you step on my script?” Yan asked.

On seeing who was before him, a lady, Steven’s anger blazed.

“You copy other author’s work and call your work?” Steven scoffed.

“ Listen kid, I don’t have time for your nonsense” he hissed, trying to push Yan off but she pinned him back.

“ You dare call my work nonsense even after destroying it? You seem to forget that I can  sue you for infringement of other people’s property” Yan said and Steve hissed.

“ You’ll have to pay for damaging my script. I’ll collect RMB1000 for each script and since you damaged 5 of it, that’ll sum up to RMB5000” Yan said.

“ “Is that all?” Steven scoffed and Yan nodded.

“ Scan this code and send it” Yan said.

Steven brought out his phone and scanned the code.

Within a jiffy, an alert popped on Yan’s phone.

She brought out her phone and her eyes almost popped out.

“ A RMB 20,000?” She exclaimed and Steven pushed her off, entering the elevator.

Yan chuckled happily.

“If am to meet this type of people everyday, then I’ll sure make thousands before a day runs out” She said, placing a kiss on her phone’s screen….........