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Author: Adira Daisy


General Romance



Vanda Crown is not a man to be messed with. A man everyone fears and with good reasons too. A ruthless billionaire. When he found out that Mr Adams, a man he trusted stole a whole lot of money from his company, and also caused the death of his younger brother, Vanda vows to make the man pay. Then, he found out that the man is dead. How can a man commit such unspeakable crime against the almighty Vanda Crown and have the guts to die? He knows that the man has a niece who he adores so much. He knows just how to get his money back. Oh, he will make her pay. *********************** Renée Adams is a broken soul. She was the happiest when she heard her abusive uncle has died. She'd taken her little sister and relocated to a small town in a rundown house in hopes of throwing the past behind her and starting a new life. Only for her to wake up one morning and find the ruthless Vanda Crown on her doorstep. Renée knows that her life is about to take another turn. And she's almost certain that it's not a good turn.
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Chapter 1


  I stared at the file and pictures in front of my desk and my lips turned down cynically.

  Finally, I found her.

  After six months of searching. Six good months of turning the city upside down and searching every nuke and cranny of Valley-lade, the big city.

  "Every information here is valid and has been confirmed, right?" I asked.

  The man standing before me dressed in business suit but is no business man nodded his head affirmatively. "Yes, boss."

  "You can go, Jariel. Tell my driver to get the car ready. We will be leaving very soon."

  "Alright, boss." Jariel answered with a nod before she turned and closed the door.

  I stared at the picture with so much disdain and hatred. At the dark wavy hair at fell past her shoulders, at the small oval face, at the pointed nose and at the wide smile that stretched her cheeks.

  Of course, she will be smiling. Her uncle made sure she lived in luxury and when her traitorous uncle died, she took what was left of the money.

  God knows the bastard wouldn't have finished the whole money before cardiac arrest decided to say hello.

  I have to say that the girl is smart. To live in a neighborhood I would never have thought to look for her. A poor and wretched neighborhood

  I spent the past six months searching all the places an average or rich person will live, here in Valley-lade.

  Stupid of me.

  I took the girl's picture and tugged it into my pocket. I got up from my office chair and walked out of my office to the adjoining office of my middle-aged secretary.

  "I will be heading out now. Cancel everything on my schedule today."

  "Yes sir." She replied. I can see that she wanted to say another thing but she didn't. She must have decided that it's safer that way.

  I turned and walked out of the door, tugging on the neck of my tailored suit.

  Finally, I found the she-devil. Oh, she will pay. She will do more than pay.

  I plan to take the rest of the money from her, whatever is left of it. Then, she will pay for the ones she and her uncle spent, after all, she is the only family of the bastard.

  Outside, two bodyguards stood guard at the car parked at the entrance of the skyscraper. They bowed simultaneously as I walked out, going straight to the car and entering the backseat.

  "Where to, sir?" The driver asked.

  "Wadiskin Province."

  He nodded like the place I just mentioned, isn't a thousand mile away. Then, the car drove off.

  I closed my eyes and tried to shave of my demons. These past year has not been an easy one.

  I've blamed myself over and over again for not finding out about the embezzlement on time. Smart and cunning, that was what Mr Adams was.

  I never suspected that my trusted General Manager will be smuggling the money he was supposed to pay to the hospital for my brother's heart treatment until it was too late and my brother died.

  That was when I got news about the financial situation hindering his treatment.

  That was when I got the news that the doctor that claimed to be collecting money for the treatments hasn't been in the hospital for Years.

  That was when I started investigating. And that was when I found out...everything.

  My brother's treatment funds, the investment funds, shares funds, trust funds, security issued funds. Everything.

  When he found out that I've found out, he disappeared.

  When I started searching for him, he had the guts to have a cardiac arrest and die!

  When my mother heard of my brother, Ordin's death, her health started deteriorating and fast.

  Now, she lay in the hospital, barely opening her eyes. Just hanging there.

  And now, finally, I found her.