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Bedroom Contract With Cold-hearted CEO

Bedroom Contract With Cold-hearted CEO

Author: Mulove



Bedroom Contract With Cold-hearted CEO PDF Free Download


She laid in one room while he jerked himself in the other and sent his semen to her. She inseminated herself with it. "I will kill to see a glow on your face.. the glow you have from carrying my seed in your womb."He touched her lip with possessiveness and she let out a moan at the intensity of it. Gloria Harper was a simple girl but had a toxic mother. Well, not by her choice. She needed money to pay her debt and as a result she was chosen as a surrogate by Daven Black. Daven Black is a most powerful man in the country. But he needs a heir to keep his position as a CEO secure. As long as a woman is fertile and can give birth to his blood, he does not care. But he had no idea that his secretary to whom he is drawn to sexually is carrying his baby.
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Chapter 1

That was her 4th interview for the day and it also did not go well. ''Miss. Harper, although you have various experiences but you haven't worked as a PA before. I am sure you are well aware that Black Empire is not a small corporation. We need well-experienced employees who can lead the CEO in the future.'' Interviewer from Black cooperation politely and indirectly said 'no' to her.

Gloria forced a smile. This is what she has been doing for the entire day. Smiling at her rejections. ''I understand. Thank you for giving me the opportunity for interview.'' Her heart was being torn apart but she had to wear this fake mask.

The old man gave her a little nod. "Good luck." He wished her.

Gloria showed her way out of the conference room and she glanced at the high ceiling, exquisite and expensive marbled floors, employees dressed in luxurious suits and dresses.... everything about this place was screaming class and there was one thing which grabbed her attention. The official employment cards around their necks. It was her dream to have a card like this. How does it feel to be an employee of the biggest empire in the country?

Well, maybe lady luck had something else planned for her.

She walked through the corridor but at that moment, a man walked towards the executive elevator. The door opened with a sound and that lavish man stepped in. Dark grey perfectly ironed suit with a black undershirt. Thick black hair and hazel eyes, chiseled jaw bones while his eyelashes were so thick that Gloria could even see them from a distance. He can put the woman with the fake lashes to shame.

Whoever he is, his demeanor screamed nobility. However, he looked vexed.

Gloria stepped out of there when he was no longer in line of sight. Her feet were hurting from wearing the heels and they weren't of great quality. She was sure she was going to get blisters later.

She ignored the pain and made her way towards the bus stop. Her head was hurting from all the thoughts. She did not have enough money to pay the rent for this month while the debt of her mother is increasing with each day.

A loud thud suddenly snapped her back to reality. Gloria rushed towards the old man who had fallen on the ground after colliding with the motorbike.

''Oh my God, are you okay?" She asked the old man. There were wrinkles around his eyes. He wasn't less than 70. Casual clothes and a hat on the head.

''I think I am." His pants were ripped from the knees and Gloria could see the blood oozing out.

"Hey, you. Don't you dare run away." She instantly pulled out her mobile phone and clicked the picture of his licence number, ''Settle this right now else I am gonna call the police." She threatened him.

The old man forgot his pain as he stared at this wonder woman. It was a busy road. Many people saw the biker hitting him but none of them came to help. There is still a little niceness left in the world.

''What do you want me to do?" The biker took off his helmet and asked with the gritted teeth.

''We are taking him to the hospital and you are going to pay for his medical treatment.'' She announced.

"Who the hell are you?" He glared at her, "I don't have time for your little stunts. I know girls like you. You run around the streets and grab others' attractions. When all you need is money. Even your whole face is screaming 'I don't have enough money to pay rent now', so shut up and get out of here."

He was hurting her pride. Although she doesn't have money, she never compromised on her pride.

Gloria lifted her hand and struck him with it exactly on his face. "Next time when you will try to talk sh*t about someone, remember the bloody fingerprints on your face."

''Dear, let's not make a big deal." The old man could see that the thing was getting bigger. Even a few people were now making videos of them. He hid his face further with the hat and tried to stand up. Gloria instantly helped him.

The biker was about to beat the hell out of her but the old man spoke first, ''Son, you can go."

"How can you let him leave? He didn't even apologize to you." She was now scolding him, "People like him need to be taught a lesson."

"You got his license number, right? Give it to me. I will deal with it on my way." He patted her shoulder.

"Go." The old man said to the biker and in return he flicked his middle finger at her.

Gloria rolled her eyes at him.

''I will take you to the hospital. Have a seat here." She made him sit on the bench and walked towards the sidewalk to hail a cab.

At that moment, a man dressed in a black suit came towards the old man. ''Elder Master, what happened to you?" He gasped. He just went to the convenience store and he came to this. It wasn't going to end well for him.

''William, go back now. I will go to the hospital with that lady." He told him with a meaningful glance.

"What are you saying? Please come with me." He tugged his hand around his arm in order to help him stand up.

But the old man put the top of his walking stick on his tummy. "I don't have to repeat my order, right?" He gave him a death glare and unwillingly, William had to let go of him.

"I understand, Elder Master. But I will be following you. Call me if there is anything." He instructed him.

"Okay, okay. Now, get lost. I don't want her to see you." He urged him and pitiful William had to leave.

Gloria hasn't seen him talking to another man. It was a busy road and hailing a cab was becoming a hard task. She was doing it all for him. Luckily, within 5 minutes, she was able to get a taxi and later they were sitting in the passenger seat.

"I am sorry, this happened to you." Gloria had a soft corner for him. "Mister-?" She did not know his name.

"It's okay, dear. You are doing more than enough for me." He paused, "and dropped the honorific. Just call this old man Grandpa." He blessed her with a beautiful smile. The wrinkles around his eyes became prominent but Gloria found them overwhelming.

"Really, can I call you that?" Gloria was a social butterfly. So, it wasn't that hard for her to get accustomed to these things. However, life was a little unfair for her.

"Yes, yes. It was my dream to have a granddaughter. But I have a good for nothing grandson who only cares about his work. I don't know what to do about him.'' He sighed.

"He must be successful in whatever he does, Grandpa." She envied his grandson, "By the way, are you in a lot of pain?" She was once again reminded of the accident.

"I am fine. Don't worry." He assured her. Still, Gloria turned towards the driver and urged him to drive faster. "What's your name, dear?"

"Gloria... Gloria Harper."

"You got a beautiful name."

She smiled at the compliment. While Grandpa looked at this kind hearted lady from the corner of his eyes. While a plan was forming in his head. He smirked as he found a way to put his rebellious grandson in his place. Well, this is what he is great at.... Putting people to where they belong.

During this time, they arrived at the hospital.

The doctors did a thorough check up. It was a relief that there were no fractures and deep injuries. Just a few scratches and bruises.

"What were you doing at the Black cooperation?" He was curious.

"I went there for the interview." She sighed.

"From the look on your face, I can tell that it didn't go well." He concluded.

''Yeah." Gloria fiddled with her fingers. She felt like a failure.

"It will go well, don't worry."

She smiled at the motivation which he gave her.

However, the medical bill which the nurse gave her was enough to give her a heart attack and it sucked away all the motivation.

Whole damn 3000 dollars. Here, she barely paid the cab fee. How will she do that?

Gloria bit her lip as she glanced at the grandpa, he also did not look like someone who had money to pay the bill. She did not even read his full name. Even if she did, she would have never imagined his identity.

"Grandpa, I will go and settle the bill. You should get your IV till then." Gloria instructed her.

He wanted to stop her but she had left before he had the chance to do so.

"Excuse me." Gloria said to the nurse at the reception.

"How can I help you?" She asked in a professional tone.

"I was wondering.... can I pay this bill in installments?" She felt pathetic. She really did.

''Yeah, you can." She let out a sigh of massive relief at that news. "Okay, I will be paying it in installments of 6 months."

The nurse this time glared at her. "This isn't a shopping mall Ma'am. Most I can do for you is 3 months and you have to pay me 1000 dollars right now." Her tone was strict this time.

"Please try to understand my situation." She almost pleaded.

"Gloria, dear. I have insurance. You don't have to worry about the bill. I will handle it." Grandpa saw her having a conversation with the nurse. He felt guilty about making her go through all this.

"I got this." She did not want to leave a bad impression on him.

''You have helped me more than what anyone could do. Please, I insist." He said again.

''In fact, you should go back. I have called my grandson. He will be here anytime." Gloria walked towards him and held his hand. While in his other hand, a drip was attached, "I can't leave you like this."

"Oh, come on. I have taken your time. You look busy to me." He gave her hand a gentle squeeze, "I can't thank you enough for today. You are an angel."

"I am flattered." Gloria laughed.

"Listen to me, okay? I am fine." He assured her.

"Okay. I will leave you to the room then and are you sure your grandson is coming?" She wanted to make sure he is well taken care of. What if she doesn't have money? But she has a generous heart.

"Here, call him." He gave her his phone number.

Gloria chuckled, "I trust you."

When she was sure he was fine, Gloria finally left the hospital. While, the Grandpa watched his retracting back. He knew what he needed to do now.