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Unexpected Billionaire Baby

Unexpected Billionaire Baby

Author: AnishaxAhsinashi



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"What do you think you are doing?" I spat at him once I confirmed Harith was far away from earshot. "Chill baby! Just enjoy the moment. Don't say you didn't enjoy the kiss." He smirked. What?! He hadn't changed a bit, I want to throw up when I remembered the intimacy I had with him. How blind I was? "It feels like I kissed a male whore" I honestly answered him and strode out of his office.
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Chapter 1

Finally, after days and days of hard work, our senior year exams were over. All this time our main focus was only on our upcoming exams, which thankfully ended. We are free from now. It had been like years for me to stay with my husband Kayish. The first thing I wanted to do now was to see him and tell him the good news...

That I am seven weeks pregnant with a healthy baby!

My husband and I had absolutely no plans for the future, not yet at least. But in the end, things turned against our wish and God blessed us with a baby! And now just a little bit of patience and then a little bundle of joy will be joining with our little family.

At first, I thought that I had some viral disease. Don't blame me! The dizziness and nausea made me think that way up until yesterday. In retrospect, that's truly amusing. I murmured and apologized to my tummy, "sorry baby, your mom mistook you for the viral disease."

Me carrying his child inside my womb made my heart jolt with happiness. I wanted to scream at the top of my lungs saying "I am officially going to be his. We are going to welcome our new little family member!!!"

Unfortunately, I was on the college campus and I don't want to scare away the students.

How will he react?

I imagine that he will still stand like a statue when he hears this great news. And I will pinch his cheek saying, "Yes, it is true. We're gonna have a family of our own."

When he comes closer and embraces me in his arms tightly and will say he is extremely delighted to have this baby and gives me an assuring smile saying 'Everything will be alright and I'll be here for you no matter what happens.'

"What if he will not be happy with the news?" My conscience asked me again. I had this question running through my mind since yesterday.

'Nope, he loves baby.'

He was on cloud nine when Rachel, his sister, revealed her pregnancy. He discussed how he is going to take care of the baby and how he is going to spoil him.

"Don't worry sweetheart. Dad will take care of you." I said to my little peanut while rubbing my stomach lovingly. I became so attached to this baby over a night. The baby was made out of our love.

Even though I was drowning in the sea of my deep thoughts, I didn't miss watching my man walking towards the parking area whilst whistling and spinning the car keys around his forefinger. No doubt, he will make the sexiest dad ever. I grinned and adored the beauty of my husband.

He looked dashing, clad in his white T-Shirt and black Jeans. His hair was a mess as he had raked his hands through it multiple times. His face was shining with armor and he had a faint smile on his lips. He was probably thinking of me.

He expected me to be there in the parking area, just like any other day. Oops! I'm late.


I started to run like a penguin towards the parking area after him, I couldn't feel my legs. To be honest I was so sore that I couldn't even walk. I stood in front of him panting heavily, It took me a fine second to calm down.

The moment he saw me, he gave me a huge grin and hugged me.

"How was your exam?" He inquired.

"It was good. Yours?" I panted hardly.

"As usual." He shrugged his shoulder. I smiled at him. He was the topper of our college. These exams were a child's play for him.

"What the matter, Riya?" He asked once he noticed me playing with my wedding ring. It was a habit of mine to fiddle with my fingers whenever I get nervous.

"Kayish, I--I wanted to tell you something," I told him still fiddling nervously with my wedding ring. He raised my chin with his hand and I leaned on his touch.

"Riya, I wanted to tell you something too." He said making me furrow my brows. What is he going to tell me?

"Let's break up." He blurted out.

"What?" I looked at him with my jaw dropped on the floor. Unable to control my stupidity, I busted into laughter.

"Kayish, I am here to tell you a piece of good news but you are joking around." I playfully hit his shoulder. Breaking up is not in our dictionary and he never uses these words even for a prank.

Instead of flashing me a smile, he folded his hand against his chest and raised his eyebrows. "Why do you think this is some kind of a joke, Miss. Kader?" He wiggled his eyebrows.

I froze on my spot the moment I heard him addressing me from my Surname instead of calling me babe or wifey like he used to. Something was up, his playfulness all gone, he was back in his serious mode.

"Kayish, enough! Please stop this." My eyes welled with tears.

"Well, Miss. Kader. I am telling you the truth. I'm getting bored of acting as a good boyfriend. More precisely, a good husband. I was never interested to tie knots with anyone, let alone you." He pointed a finger towards me.

"Why?" I asked. When I found that he really meant his words, my tears were pooling down my cheeks.

"Do you remember, Jan 2 - 2012?" He asked in his most casual tone which sent a chill down to my core. The moment felt like I was thrown into the ice burg as my heartbeat pounded heavily against my chest. Why is he asking this now? That was our first encounter and that didn't end well.

"You humiliated me in front of everyone. You fucking idiot slapped me just because I kissed you once. That day I promised myself that I will make you mine and make your life miserable." He barked.

"But you didn't allow me to touch your body. So I ended up marrying you to spoil you. This marriage is nothing to me, it's just a key I used to get your sanity." His every word stabbed me in my heart.

"I need your body, not you," He whispered in my ear. My body completely went numb and my legs were shaking. He can't be serious.

He is not my Kayish.

"Now I took my revenge and I want to get rid of this drama." He took the envelope from his pant's pocket and tore them into pieces.

"This...This is the only evidence of our marriage. Take it." He threw the pieces of paper on my face.

Before I could carefully check the paper, he continued, "Well, just take this kiss as the end of our marriage." With that, he crashed his lips against mine aggressively.

It was anything but a passionate kiss, the kiss projected all the anger and hatred he felt towards me. I couldn't even say or do anything to retort him.

He broke the kiss and looked at me. "I'm leaving today, so don't waste your time looking for me." Then he turned his heels and hopped into his car. After a while, I heard a scratching sound of the tyre which gave me the hints that he left me.

He left.

He left me alone.

He left us alone.

I stood there for almost an hour. So all these years he just pretended that he loved me? And he did all that because of a bloody fucking revenge??

When did I become so naive? Why didn't I realize that he was playing with my feelings?

I left my parents because of him, I trusted him too much.

And now I suddenly realized that actually I knew nothing about him, including his background and his family members.

I was even so stupid that I believed in his shits like a wedding meant nothing, so we just got registered and nobody knew our marriage except for those clerks.

And now I feel ashamed of being a used paper. His used paper.

My heart refused to accept the fact that he left. All our sweet memories started to haunt my head. I doubt if it will still be a sweet memory after what he did to me.

The pounding in my head was getting so bad that I felt like it will burst out anytime. And in no time, I started to see black dots around me. The next thing I know, I blacked out thinking of the baby and me.

My baby. He doesn't deserve to know about it at all.