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Rebirth: The True Heiress

Rebirth: The True Heiress



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In her previous life, Tamsyn was a heiress to a prominent family, but her best friend Tasya stole her identity and tormented her to death. Filled with hatred, she was reborn as Belleann, the female heir of the Pober family, one of the four great families. "Tasya! You took away my family, my face, and everything I had. Now that I've returned, I will slowly repay you for everything you've done!" On her path of revenge, no one could stop her. However, she believed that her heart had been worn down by hatred, only to be entangled by a handsome man who appeared out of nowhere. "Who are you exactly?" "I am your future husband!"
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Chapter 1

In an abandoned factory on the outskirts of the city, a musty and bloody smell pierced Tasya Raynott's nose. Tasya frowned and waved her hand in disgust to dispel the odor. As her gaze fell upon the ragged figure huddled in the corner, her delicate lips curled up in satisfaction.

"Hey Tamsyn, how does it feel to be the target of public ridicule?"

Upon hearing the voice, Tamsyn suddenly raised her head and looked at the radiant figure at the door. Her eyes widened in surprise, and she was emotionally broken down as if her mind snapped like a taut string.

"It's you! You're the one who did all of this!" Tamsyn's voice cracked with sheer hysteria, and her eyes were wild with a manic intensity.

"Yep. That's right... It was me."

Tasya let out a soft laugh as sunlight bathed her delicate features, making her appear as if she were veiled in a delicate shimmering mist, a beauty so surreal and enchanting, like a dream.

Tasya's stunning beauty truly pained Tamsyn, leaving Tamsyn feeling a mix of awe and jealousy.

Tasya walked leisurely up to Tamsyn and squatted down. She ruthlessly grasped Tamsyn's chin as if she intended to crush it, "Do you know why?"

Tamsyn breathed rapidly with her eyes filled with intense anger fixed firmly on Tasya.

"Because I can't stand you! I want you dead! You're the true heiress of the Raynott family, and that damned bracelet should've been yours, but I stole it."

Tasya's face twisted into a grimace. As she stared at Tamsyn's captivating eyes that she desired for herself, her gaze was filled with malevolence.

"Do you know why I let you enter the Raynott family? It's because I was afraid they would find out I was an impostor. So, I had to keep you close... But I never expected the bond of blood to be even stronger than I imagined! The Raynott family treated you better than me! They even wanted you to marry Thiago. That's why...

I drugged you and made you a victim of gang rape. And I sent the photos to the tabloids. I want to completely ruin your reputation in the eyes of the Raynott family! I want you to be isolated and abandoned!"

By the end of her words, Tasya was practically screaming.

She hated Tamsyn to the core.

They shared the same last name, but why was Tamsyn the heiress of a prestigious family? Why did she possess a face so breathtaking? Why did everyone adore her? Tasya believed that she was the outstanding one!

That was why she had to destroy Tamsyn personally.

Tasya released Tamsyn's chin and stood up. Instantly, she reverted to her gentle and elegant demeanor, and her smile appeared soft yet sinister.

"Tasya Raynott, you!! You will surely rot in hell!"

Tamsyn's entire being pulsating with animosity. Her body trembled uncontrollably and her eyes were filled with blood-red intensity, reflecting the seething anger and hostility that consumed her soul.


"You already have everything you wanted. Why do you have to push me to my death?" Tamsyn could tell from Tasya's eyes that she might not make it out of this factory alive.

But even if Tamsyn were to die, she wanted to die with clarity.

"If you don't die, how can I possess your identity and your position in the Raynott family?" Tasya said nonchalantly.

"What do you mean?" Tamsyn realized something, and her expression turned to terror as she looked at Tasya.

"Take action now!"

The smile vanished from Tasya's lips as she strode out of the factory.

Listening to the occasional cries of pain coming from inside, Tasya found it incredibly satisfying.

Soon, Tasya would own Tamsyn's flawless face.

Then, she wouldn't have to fear being discovered as an imposter by the Raynott family.

Afterward, Thiago would be hers too.

"Tamsyn... haha! Perhaps the only purpose of your existence in this lifetime is to pave the way for me." Tasya sneered in her heart.

"Ms. Raynott, it's done."

"Okay, get rid of her."



Tamsyn stood in front of the mirror and stared at that unfamiliar face. She moved her lips and the person in the mirror mimicked the movement.

Her petite, clear face was exquisitely delicate, with refined features that held an unsettling beauty. Even without any makeup, it radiated a delicate charm, and her pale lips were so alluring. With a slight uplift at the corners of her eyes, her gaze shimmered with an indescribable charm.

Her pitch-black, slightly wavy hair was loosely tied with a simple ribbon at the back of her head, exuding an effortless and elegant vibe. Even while pulling a playful grimace, she remained stunning and captivating.

This face was suffocatingly beautiful, but it definitely wasn't hers.

Her slender fingers touched the warm cheek.

She had been reborn!

Unbelievable! She had actually been reborn!

Tamsyn leaned against the edge of the sink and covered her face as she started to laugh. Her laughter grew hysterical, and she coughed uncontrollably before gradually calming down.

"Tasya Raynott! You stole my family, my appearance, my everything. Now I've come back, and I'll slowly take back everything you took from me!" Tamsyn swore in her heart.

Belleann Pober!

From now on, she would be Belleann Pober, the heiress of the Pober family, one of the top four noble families in Weatherfield!

With a gradually determined look, Belleann splashed her face with cold water and took a deep breath. Then, she forced a smile and slowly walked out of the room according to the memories in her mind.

Standing on the staircase, she caught a glimpse of the family dining in the main hall, and she cleared her throat.

As soon as she made a sound, Ellasandra Pober, the grandmother, hurriedly put down her spoon and nervously approached. She carefully looked at Tamsyn, "Belleann, why are you out? Are you hungry? Let Grandma have someone bring you food..."


The crisp sound abruptly interrupted Ellasandra's words.

Waylen Pober slammed his spoon onto the table angrily. He stared at Belleann with disappointment and resentment, then turned to complain to Ellasandra in frustration, "Mom, look at what you've turned her into! She's doing all sorts of things that are beneath our family's dignity and tarnishing the reputation of the Pober family!"

Every time Waylen saw Belleann's carefree attitude, he would get irritated. He angrily left his food and sighed before storming toward the study.

"Stop right there!"

Ellasandra's face darkened suddenly in dissatisfaction, and she angrily shouted with conviction, "Hey, Waylen, don't you forget that Belleann is your daughter, and she's the one set to inherit the Pober family legacy. Ignore those sluts who always stir up drama."

After speaking, Ellasandra glanced at the two people sitting at the dining table and let out a cold snort.

Sonnet Brook, who was holding the spoon in her hand, was unsure whether to put them down or continue eating. Her smile became awkwardly frozen, and her hand hidden under the table clenched tightly. A hint of viciousness flashed in her restrained gaze.

Just as she was about to speak, a pair of icy hands covered her own. Beatrice Pober gestured for her to look at Waylen.

The more Ellasandra disliked them, the harsher her words became, and the more Waylen would protect them.

They didn't need to do anything, as someone would naturally seek justice on their behalf.

Beatrice's eyes sparkled, and a smile curled up at the corner of her mouth as she watched Waylen's dissatisfied expression.

Belleann scraped her nails against each other while keenly observing Beatrice's every move.

The original Belleann had lived with her grandfather and was devoid of scheming. Although her temper wasn't quite great, she was kind-hearted and didn't have ill intentions to counteract someone as crafty as this hypocrite.

Belleann blew off the dust from her nails and cast a seductive glance at Waylen.

Waylen didn't dare to shout at Ellasandra, but he was also unhappy with her derogatory remarks about Sonnet.

"Mom, what do you mean? Are you saying Belleann is my only daughter and Beatrice isn't? Isn't Beatrice also a Pober by name? Sonnet is my legally married wife, so how did she become one of those slutty women?"