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Soldier King Of Sexy Ladyboss

Soldier King Of Sexy Ladyboss



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The special forces king with peerless martial arts was forced to get married by his father. So he decided to run away from the marriage, but he didn't expect that he was forced to get a marriage certificate by a peerless beauty. Alas, if he was not forced to get married by his father, he would be forced to marry a beautiful woman. Life was f*cking f*cking f*cking life. From then on, he had met many girls, such as his aunt, the imperial sister, the star goddess, the police goddess, and so on.
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Chapter 1

In a private beach in Haishang City, a young man with a tall and straight body and a pair of cool sunglasses lay on a lounge chair and threw out a fishing rod.

At this moment, a cell phone rang. The young man took out a crazy mobile phone from his trouser pocket, looked at it, and curled his lips.

"Hello, Dad."

As soon as the young man answered the phone, there was a roar from the other end of the phone!

"Qin Liang, you brat! Where are you? Come back right now! If..."

"Hey, dad, what are you talking about? Hey, I can't hear it clearly. My signal is not good. I'll hang up first." After that, Qin Liang hung up the phone. "Dad, you just forced me to retire from the army, and even gave me a big girl. Damn, I haven't enjoyed my good youth, and all the beautiful women in the world haven't been harassed! Let me get married. What a joke!"

Qin Liang put down the phone, took a sip of iced beer, and praised it heartily. Then he picked up the crazy mobile phone, set up a few Ss, and took a few selfies.

Qin Liang looked at his handsome face on the phone and couldn't help but sigh in his heart. Why did such a handsome and unrestrained person like him get married so quickly? It would be a waste if he didn't harm a beautiful woman.

Thinking of this, Qin Liang suddenly had an idea, and a sly smile appeared on the corner of his mouth.

Qin Liang picked up his mobile phone and found a suitable angle. He took a selfie, downloaded a few wilderness bikini beauties and a few big fish pictures on the Internet, and sent them to his WeChat Moments.

Trap fishing, beach, sun umbrella, beer, and bikini beauty! Cool!

After sending the WeChat message, Qin Liang was very satisfied when he thought that his father could not find him when he went to Paris. He picked up the beer and took another big sip.

At this moment, Qin Liang noticed that not far away, a long-haired beauty, about one meter and seventy-two, wearing a black and white T-shirt and a pair of long-haired pants with nine stripes, appeared.

"Oh my god, be serious!"

Qin Liang took off his sunglasses and opened his eyes wide. "Beauty, if I had known earlier, I would have just taken a few pictures of her and sent them to you. Her tall figure... Wow, haha, she's even more superb than a model... Tsk, tsk, tsk, tsk. Damn, it's really suitable for my taste. I really want to pounce on her."

Just as Qin Xin was thinking, the long-haired beauty walked closer and closer to a high coast. She frowned and looked serious. She was like a live volcano that could erupt at any time!

Even though Qin Liang was in the distance, he could still feel the great anger of the long-haired beauty.

Oh my god, this beauty must be very hot. She's so angry. Should I stay away from her? Otherwise, what if I get into trouble?

But... what if she couldn't get over it and jumped into the sea?

He hesitated for a long time, but Qin Liang didn't move at all. He just looked at her with his eyes. After serving in the army for three years, a sow became a Diao Chan. What's more, she was a real beauty in front of him. Qin Liang couldn't move his eyes away.

It seemed that the long-haired beauty did not see Qin Liang. She walked to the coast and stared blankly at the sea. Suddenly, she picked up a fist-sized stone on the ground and threw it toward the sea!

Then she kept picking up the stones and threw them one by one, as if the stones in her hands were her enemies. She couldn't wait to throw them into the outer space!

Seeing the appearance of the long-haired beauty, Qin Liang could not help but shrink his body. Damn, this beauty must have a violent tendency. With such a hot temper, who would dare to marry her in the future?

After throwing the stone, the long-haired beauty felt that she was still not satisfied. She stamped her feet angrily! Looking at her angry look, it seemed that she was going to stamp the whole earth! Qin Liang, who was far away, could feel that the whole earth was shaking.

"Damn it. For the sake of my safety, I should leave here. I feel that if I stay here any longer, my life will be in danger."

Just when Qin Liang was contemplating whether to leave or not, he suddenly saw the long-haired beauty rushing to the coast!

F*ck, is he going to jump into the sea?

Seeing that the beauty was about to jump into the sea, Qin Liang quickly turned around and ran quickly to the long-haired beauty, shouting while running.

"Hey, beauty, don't take things too hard! You are tied to the happiness of the single men in Hua Country. If you jump like this today, I don't know how many men will be heartbroken for you!"

Obviously, the long-haired beauty did not expect that there would be someone in such a remote place who shouted at her. She stopped, turned around, and glared at Qin Liang with anger.

Seeing the long-haired beauty's ugly face, Qin Liang slowed down.

However, when he saw the long-haired beauty's appearance, Qin Liang's eyes widened again.

Her delicate face was not inferior to that of a fairy, not to mention that her figure was even more superb than that of a model!

Now that the Internet was so developed, Qin Liang could be considered to have seen various kinds of beautiful women from the Internet, but none of them could compare with this beautiful woman in front of him!

"Oh my god, this is really a top-grade beauty. No, it's a top-grade beauty. This beauty should only exist in heaven. How many women in the world can there be in the world?"

Well, the only disadvantage was that the long-haired beauty's temper seemed to be a little too hot.

However, this wasn't a problem. As the saying went, saving a life was better than creating a seven-story pagoda, let alone saving a fairy-like beauty. It was necessary to save her!

So Qin Liang shouted loudly, trying to distract the long-haired beauty's attention.

"Hey, beauty, you are so beautiful. Why don't you jump into the sea? You have to think about it carefully. If you jump down from here, your beautiful face will fall into a big mess. Oh, that's ugly."

"If you really have something that you can't let go of, you can tell me. I may not be able to help you solve it. If your boyfriend dumped you, no problem. I can help you beat him up."

"If your husband... can't satisfy you and jump into the sea, don't be afraid. And me. You see, I'm so handsome and have such a good figure. I can definitely satisfy you... Well, if you really want to jump into the sea, it's a waste anyway. Can you..."

Before Qin Liang could finish his words, the long-haired beauty's face was filled with black lines, and the anger on her face grew even stronger.

She crossed her arms over her chest and stared at Qin Liang with her big bright eyes. She said angrily, "Damn you! Stinky rogue! Is there something wrong with your eyes? Which eye of yours saw that I was about to jump into the sea? Who told you that I was going to jump into the sea..."

The long-haired beauty cursed and swore. Hearing this, Qin Liang was shocked. His feet slipped and he almost fell down!

"Damn, why does this beauty look like a fairy? But her temper is too hot!"

The long-haired beauty shouted at Qin Liang, as if she was going to vent all her anger on Qin Liang.

A good opportunity!

Taking advantage of the long-haired beauty's attention being diverted, Qin Liang took a quick step and rushed to her before she could finish her words.