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Mr. CEO's Fiery Nanny

Mr. CEO's Fiery Nanny

Author: lafillearc_en_ciel



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I sassed and got out of his grip ready to move out of the room when he pulled me by my elbow and the next second I was pushed on the visitor's chair. He trapped me completely by keeping his palms on the arms of the chair. I'm not lying, I swear at that moment I felt as if he did a magic spell not allowing air to go into my lungs. "I tried to tell you patiently.", I scoffed at his words. Patience and he don't go in a single f*cking sentence. He gripped my chin making me look into his eyes."Now listen carefully Miss, I want you for Kia as her babysitter. Tell me how much you'll take and we can seal the deal." This time it was me who blinked once, twice and thrice. "But I don't want to work for you." See the reason was absolutely clear. I liked the kid since the moment I met her but I hated this man since the moment I gazed into his eyes. I would have been more than glad to take care of her only if she was not related to Mr Arnold. "How much?" I frowned."You really think your money can make everyone dance on your tips?" "1200 dollars a week." I rolled my eyes making him lean towards me." 1500?" "Make it 15000 and still I won't work for you.", I retorted and pushed him. I walked to the door and gave him one glance."Next time when you talk to me, make sure you keep all your richness aside. That's one thing that I never want to see you again, you self-centred CEO." "We shall see." *** Fiesty but broken. Brave but lonely. Passionate but sensitive. That's Arielle Summers. For everyone, Money, Assets and happiness may be supreme but to her, self-respect is prime. Cold and reckless. Commanding and ruthless. Calculative and emotionless. That's Nicolas Arnold. For him, everything starts with money and ends with power because he believes Wealth is Power. Two worlds, absolutely opposite. What will happen when they clash?
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Chapter 1

'Always love and Respect yourself.'- The first thing my eyes catch when I wake up. In the most beautiful calligraphy, my mother gave me the lesson just when she was about to leave. Leave me forever.


The sun rays peeped inside my small room through the grey curtains. I sighed and sat up in bed, stretching my arms above my head I looked at the wall clock, six in the morning. I had been awake for almost two hours. Not a new thing.

It has been like so for four years. Sleepless nights, boring days, constant fights with my fate, loneliness and me.

My mother was the only one whom I confided in. I was never good at making friends. I could never trust anyone, maybe that's the reason why I was alone for so long.

Perks of having trust issues.

I hopped off my bed and walked into my washroom. The mirror that was above the sink reflected my face. I was not a pretty sight, with a face that was worn out from crying and lack of sleep. Rolling my eyes at my own self, I splashed water on my face, hoping that it would make me look better. Of course, it didn't.

I felt my mother's hand on my shoulder. "You look beautiful."

I smiled shaking my head, no matter where you are mom, I know you're always by my side. I quickly finished my morning routine and walked into the kitchen, While I was having my breakfast, I pulled out the newspaper from my bag and looked at the job section. I was running out of daily resources and money.


Well, I may have left my last job. The manager was a big jerk, he didn't appreciate my work. He was always mean to me but still, I tried to manage but things went out of control when he started making me uncomfortable. His expressions used to make me feel sick so I quit.

Bastard! My blood literally boils even thinking of him.

Money is important but till the time you earn it respectfully, not by stepping on your self-respect. My self-respect and dignity is everything to me. I've promised my mom, however long I live, I'll live with my head up and not by listening to anyone's crap about me when I'm right at my place.

I locked my hom- no-house. A home is a place where you have got a family and I didn't have anyone, let alone a Family.

I know I'm not going to be able to solve all my problems but I will try my level best to fight them because I was not weak. I'm strong enough to keep going forward. I'm not going to give up. I'm not going to give up on my life.

I started walking towards the bus stop. I applied for an interview in four companies and I had interviews at two. I got on the bus and sat in the back seat, to my left I witnessed a little girl staring outside, her mother was holding her hand. Just the way Mumma used to hold me. I chuckled when the little innocent girl asked her to buy the building she was watching earlier.

My stop came and I got off the bus. I walked towards the building. I entered and quickly made my way to the reception. The receptionist was a redhead and very polite, may I add. She asked me if I had an appointment. I smiled and told her I was there for an interview. She asked me to wait in the waiting room.

As soon as I entered the waiting lounge, I gasped. I thought there were fewer people but I was wrong, there were around fifteen people waiting for their turn.

I looked at my side and found a woman scanning me, I glanced down at my outfit and got conscious the same second. She was wearing a really classy professional outfit and I-well I just wore black trousers, a white shirt and a black blazer.

She averted her gaze when I raised my brow at her. Weird woman!

"Miss Claire, you may go.", the receptionist reported. The same woman who was first staring at me got up and went away. What surprised me were the four-inch heels she was wearing. Wow! I need to learn this art from her. I can't walk in heels even if my life depended on them.

I asked the receptionist how much time my turn will take to come and the answer she gave me made me sigh. "Sorry, Miss Summers, there are fourteen interviews before you. You'll have to wait."

I had another interview at eleven and this one according to my calculation would take more than two hours. It was ten, I decided to go to the other company first and then come back here later if I don't get a positive answer.

Lucky for me, my next destination was just a twenty-minute walk from here. I was just going to enter the skyscraper when I found the same little girl I saw on the bus, standing and crying alone. My heart sank, where was her mother?

I started walking to the girl and kneeled beside her. Her cheeks had dried tears stain. I felt a sense of déjà vu. looking at the girl." What happened, baby. Where's your mom?", I asked pulling her to aside from the middle. She looked at me blankly and continued her crying. I panicked and did the only thing my Mumma would have done if she was here. I hugged her and rubbed her back to soothe her. Surprisingly, she stopped.


"Now tell me baby, where's your mother."

"Mommy.. mommy gone. Kia alone.", my heart thudded inside my rib cage. I felt as if I was seeing myself in the girl.

I lifted her and wiped her cheeks."Don't worry Kia baby. I'll find your mommy."

Just when I was to cross the block, a warm hand wrapped around my waist catching me off guard. I bumped into a hard chest. My hand instinctively went to Kia's head to make sure she doesn't get hurt.

A rich expensive cologne surrounded me. I looked up ready to give whoever he was a long butt lecture when my eyes met with a pair of steel grey eyes. The man in front of me was honestly a blessing to the whole women race. How do such beautiful people even exist? I was never comfortable with men. The closest I've ever been was two feet with a guy. That's who I am, so when this man standing less than a metre away, 6'2, athletic build, black hair and sharp jawline glared at me, I was speechless. He was glaring at me as if I just asked for his freaking kidney.

"Where are you going?", his voice was like a knife with a silver handle. My heart was racing due to how close he was standing. I'm that girl who loves to admire men as long as they are far. Once they are close, I become too shy and unresponsive and well my anxiety. Don't even question it.

I tried to move away but his grip only tightened. I glared at him back."Who are you to ask?"

"That's my niece. How dare you kidnap her?", I looked to my left and found Kia nodding her head. Oh! But what pissed me was he called me a f*cking kidnapper. I was just helping her out for god's sake.

"I didn't know she was your niece. I just saw her crying and was going to look for her mother. Why the h.", I paused, I shouldn't curse in front of a child." Why in God's name would I kidnap a girl in the middle of the day."

"How do I believe?"

"Ask your niece Mr.", I retorted.

"Kia is she saying the truth?", the man asked in a business tone. Come on! she's your niece, you can be a little bit nicer.

"She.. nice.. she helped Kia.", Kia said in a baby voice. The four-year girl was too cute.

The man didn't say anything after that and proceeded to pull Kia out of my arms and without a single word he turned to go.

What a butthead?

No thank you, no sorry.

"Excuse me Mr I think I deserve a thank you and an apology from you."

His grey eyes looked at me in disbelief. "For what?", he asked. "For being a total..", I closed the little girl's ears."For being a total jerk and arrogant bastard to me."

"What did you say?", his eyes portrayed icy arctic coldness.

"I said the truth, you jerk."

"You don't want to mess with me, woman.", his voice was deadly yet low.

I let out a mock chuckle."You are talking as if you're the king of the world. Your ego can't go higher, can it? Who are you anyway?"

"I'm Nicolas. Nicolas Arnold."

"Ha! Nic-", my words died as soon as I realized. Who I messed with.

Nicolas f*cking Arnold!

The CEO of Arnold Enterprises, the richest man of New York and the man in whose company I was about to go.