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The Mafia‘s Princess

The Mafia‘s Princess



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"What the hell kid?" The guy in the Lamborghini yelled as he stepped out of his car. Wait! Did I say guy? Scratch that, the Greek/Roman god yelled. Wait again! Did he just call me kid? For Pete's sake I'm 21! "Are ya fuckin' crazy?" I snap out of my thoughts when he furiously yells again. Even though he has the most amazing Italian accent I've ever heard, I'm still mad. How dare he? He just called me a child and cussed!? I do the one thing I know best.I stick out my tongue to him and walk away. Meet Avatia Hilton, 21 years of age but a typical teen for any guy walking down the street. A cutie with an innocent background.Then meet Dreidan Vaunghn, 30 years old. Country's number one billionaire and head of the Italian Mafia. Feared and respected by everyone. Known as the beast continent-wise. What happens when in a rush for a 20 million dollar contract, almost knocks Avatia,the girl he judges as a kid and instead of apologising, sticks her tongue out and walks away. T
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Chapter 1

Avatia's POV

"Oh mom, seriously?" I asked my mom. God. Why do moms always oppose their children's demands? I can't believe mom wants me to stay at home on a Monday morning and miss my interview simply because she needs help with the packing.

Yes, we just moved into this new quiet neighborhood. Jeezzz!

"But mom, Draya says the interview is today. I can't miss it. I'd help out when I come back." I keep protesting. I know she'd eventually give up.

"Fine! You win, but be careful honey. And I wish you luck, okay?" I ran into a sweet hug from my mom.

"Thanks mom. I won't let you down. You know, we need the money to keep up with the bills and food." I tried to give her a solid reason for working. Yes! My mom doesn't want me to handle both work and school at the same time. But I don't have any class yet since we just moved in. I'll enroll in college next week though.

"In case it gets too hard, just quit. I don't want you stressing out honey." She said. She always says that anyways. She's a nurse.

She is the only family I have. Dad died when I was 17. Well, it wasn't easy from there but we didn't let it get in the way. Mom is overprotective of me. Well, that's because I am her only baby.

"Bye mom." I said as I kissed her forehead.

"Not so fast sweetheart, your breakfast first." And that is my super mom for you.


"But mo—"

"No buts Avatia Hilton. Breakfast first." Mom said. Well, whenever she calls me like that, I know she's in her momma bear mood. I just have to give up.

"Fine." I huff.

Well, here I am, after having a healthy breakfast under mom's watchful eyes. I take out my phone and call Draya, my best friend. More of a sister. No answer. Oh great. She said I should wait for her here and she's nowhere in sight. I hate waiting for people. I really hate it. What a deserted place. I mean I didn't know this type of places existed in New York.

I decide to go across the road and sit on the waiting bench. No car. Good. I start walking. Then I hear a car hooting so close. How come? I can't walk again. I'm so scared. Oh my God, Avatia..... You're dead. You're so dead. Mom warned you. She warned you. The hooting is super super close. Dear God, please help me. I wait for the pain, flying up and landing really hard but I don't feel anything. I'm I dead already? Oh no! Oh no! I can't breathe again. Oh no! Mom, Draya, Kenny, I'll miss you all.

"What the hell, kid?" I look at the black Lamborghini that's directly in front of me. Just inches away. That was close. Wheehhh. Then the guy with the husky voice steps out of the car. Oh my cookie. Wait a minute. Did I say guy. Scratch that. The Greek/Roman god in one body."Are ya crazy?"

I snap out of my thoughts at his words. Did he just call me kid and cuss? Even though he has the most amazing Russian accent I've ever heard, he's so rude. He's looking at me with piercing silver eyes filled with rage. I respect people and driving rules. He doesn't. I mean this road was crystal clear before I started crossing. He was driving above the speed and now he's not even sorry. For crying out loud he called me kid! And I'm 21! I do the one thing I know best. I stick my tongue out at him and walk away without looking back. Childish, I know but I'm not a bully. I don't know how to curse in return. Lame though. I finally reach the waiting area and sit but the car is nowhere in sight. What a handsome and annoying man.

But something was out of place. The way he looked at me. That look.

I can't figure it out. Aside from rage, there was some type of emotion there.

My phone starts to ring. Now look at when she finally calls."Where are you?" I ask as I pick up the call.

"I'm so sorry Ava, I was with my boss. I'm minutes away. Don't be sad, I know how deserted that part of the town is and how bored you can be. I'm so sorry.

Lunch's on me." she answered and I know she really is sorry.

"Just hurry." I tell her and hang up. What a way to start a Monday. Urghhh.


Miss Hilton you can start work tomorrow. I'm impressed with your attitude." The calm old man who owned the shop said. The coffee shop was far more beautiful and classic than I expected and the boss seemed friendly. On any other day, I'll jump and do my happy dance right in front of him but not after that encounter with that rude greek god. Don't get it wrong, I'm excited to start working here, it's a cool place. Mom would be impressed.

"Thank you sir. I'm grateful." I smiled at him as I shook his warm hands. He smiled back at me."Just call me Adam, dear."

"Sure sir…I mean, Adam. I'll just go see Draya." Once he shook his head signaling a yes, I walked out to a sorry looking Draya.

I was pulled into one her bone crushing hugs."I'm super duper sorry Ava, Adam needed me to run an errand for him. He's a nice guy, I couldn't say no. I'm so sorry

B. F. F. A. E."

Well, she has a good excuse and from what I noticed, Adam really is a nice old man."Well it's ok, and thank God you had a good excuse, if not, it'll be just a B. F. Without the F. A. E

forever and ever


Anyways, Adam said I'd start work tomorrow. I'll rush back home to mom, she needs my help. I should get going."

"Oh, I'll just walk you out. Send my love to your mom and don't forget work starts at 8."

"Bye Dray." I said as I hailed a cab."See you tomorrow."

And tomorrow did come pretty fast. Here I am, standing in the kitchen of ADAM'S. Well that's the name of the coffee shop. I'm yet to memorize this speech. I've been trying for the past hour and Grace, the baker here says I'm next on line to wait the table and it just so happens this table is a VIP table, that means I have to do great with my speech. 'Hi, my name is Kim, and I'm your waitress today. Would you like some coffee, espresso, cappuccino, you name it. We equally have freshly baked cakes of all types that would go very well with your drink.' What a speech. Yes, I have to use my middle name when waiting. I mean this coffee shop had a lot of rules like an actual restaurant.

"Avatia, a new customer." Well, that was my call from one of the girls who work here, I kinda forgot her name. It's Chinese and hard to remember.

I already felt my heart pumping out of my chest. You can do this Ava. You can."Oh.... Ok."

I walked to the guy who sat at the VIP section of the shop. He was wearing a well tailored tux like it was sewn on him. Well, he was paying no attention to me. He was looking at his sleek iPhone. His well combed hair was calling for me to run my fingers through them. It's time for your speech.

"Hi, my name is Kim and"

"Save your speech. Get me a cup of black coffee and just a cube of sugar." The guy said with this sweet accent. Wait, I think I know this voice. Anyways, it's not time to start thinking. It's time to start working."Would you just do your work? I need the coffee now!"

"Yes sir." I was back into the kitchen, ready to give Sam the orders to make Mr.

Black's coffee but seeing how busy he was, I decided to do it myself. Coffee was something everyone could make. Black. Ok, how I used to make dads coffee. A cube of sugar and some whipped cream. With everything done and a cheesecake by the side, I walked out straight to the VIP area.

"You're 5 minutes, 28 seconds late." He said, as soon as I placed the coffee in front of him "and it takes just 4 minutes to make my coffee, who the hell employed you here?"

Was this man serious? I just made his coffee, the least he could do was say 'thank you'.

"And what did ya put in my coffee. I said I want just sugar and you fill it with milk? Ya crazy?"

I was dumbstruck, never ever has someone spoken to me like that. Yeah, spoken, he wasn't yelling to call for attention which I'm thankful for. He stood up and left without another word but he paid for his untouched coffee, with a huge tip of $100. I was beyond shocked. No one left such a huge tip for what he or she didn't touch. The hurt of being insulted publicly was killing me. I quietly took the tray and returned to the pantry where everyone was looking at me like they knew what just happened.

Sam was the first to speak. Well more of a question. "How could you make Mr. Vaughn's coffee? Do you want to get fired? Worst still, you added whipped cream, that man's dangerous Ava, whenever he comes here, the atmosphere changes from pink to black and the worst thing is, he comes here everyday, I might lose my job tomorrow for the mistake you just made. Oh Ava! "

This was killing me even more, I thought I was helping Sam but turns out I was doing the wrong thing. Wait! How do they know what just happened?

"How do you all know?" I asked in a hushed tone, feeling so embarrassed. Draya was busy waiting a table so she couldn't come to my rescue.

That Chinese girl answered as if she was waiting for the question. "Bad news doesn't stay in one place."

"You all get to work!" Grace, the motherly woman in the kitchen said and her orders were respected at once.

My vision was already blurry...this was my first day of work and I was already in trouble? I walked to Grace and handed the tip Mr. Black left to her.

"Keep it sweetheart, Mr. Vaughn always leaves that much of a tip once in a while." she said like she knew him well.

"Who's he?" I asked curiously as a tear escaped my eye.

Grace handed me a tissue and her next words made me scared. "Don't cry sweetheart and as for the man, it's for me to know and you to find out. But just be careful, his aura is full of danger."