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Stolen Ecstasy

Stolen Ecstasy

Author: ••ANNA••



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An unexpected one-night stand awakened the past fourteen years ago. Mistaken identities, mistaken love, and mistaken life. Her ecstasy was stolen when she was a kid. No matter how many years have passed, the fated ones will definitely meet each other even if it takes too much time. So they met, Not in a good way but in a bad way, which led them to hate each other. He was a billionaire who was going to get married to his fiancé, while she was the daughter of one of his low employees. She was pure and innocent while he was arrogant and heartless. ………. “My fiancé is coming back in three months, until then you will please me. But you know the rule, don’t ever fall in love with someone a filthy woman like you shouldn’t” he said coldly. “I won’t, but the rule is valid for you too,” she replied.
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Chapter 1

A six years old girl, clutching the skirt of her little frock and biting her lips anxiously. Her eyes were red. She had a pair of ocean blue watery eyes and was radiantly beautiful.

“Give my necklace back”

She looked into the eyes of the girl who was standing opposite her, the girl was about the same age as her, she was smiling viciously after forcefully snatching the beautiful necklace that she eyed for a long time. With a pearl pendant which was customized in a great way, the necklace was really gorgeous and precious.

“Now it’s mine Eli.. an ugly girl like you cannot have something like this!”

The girl’s voice was proud and confident, everyone in the orphanage praised her beauty so she became stubborn and arrogant.

“But it’s mine... My sister gave it to me”

Looking at the girl, she choked. Tears were rolling down from her little eyes, she tried to snatch her necklace from the girl’s hands but the girl pushed her away and ran away. She was weak and innocent, but she got up from the floor and wiped the dirt off her dress before running after the girl.

When she entered where the girl ran, she saw the girl was with the head caregiver of the orphanage.

“This is mine, mama, but she said to give it to her. I don’t want”

The girl dramatically cried in front of the caregiver and looked at her. She stepped forwards and shook her head innocently, the girl was lying, the necklace was hers.

“Mama it’s mine. It was her who took it” she wiped her tears and uttered.

“ELI… don’t you dare to lie. Eden will never take something from someone if it wasn’t hers”

She gasped and took a few steps back looking at the caregiver, she was defending the girl. Eli was absolutely aggrieved, she rubbed her eyes bitterly and burst into tears. She didn’t know how to explain herself in front of the caregiver.

“Mama, is she a thief?” the girl asked.

Then the caregiver eyed Eli coldly and looked away with disgust.

“Yes, a thief. Don’t be with her Eden” the caregiver answered


“It’s okay mama, but don’t punish her”

Covering her face with an innocent look, the girl looked at the caregiver and muttered. Then the caregiver’s eyes softened and she caressed the girl’s face full of love.

“Don’t be so innocent Eden, she should be punished, if not she will do it again and again”

The caregiver personally loved the girl, so she always wanted the girl to be high. She doesn’t care about anything but if the girl said something, she believed it and punished other children.

“Mama, I didn’t... It is mine. My sister gave it to me” Eli cried.

Then the girl’s body suddenly stiffened, she eyed Eli coldly for a while and burst into tears. She innocently looked at the caregiver and shook her head.

“Mama, then I will give this to her. I think she likes it so much” she said.

Then she slowly walked towards Eli and slowly tried to give the necklace to her but the caregiver came and stopped her. The girl’s lips curled upwards in a cruel manner as she looked at Eli.

“Don’t Eden, go back to your room. I will punish her”

The caregiver venomously said as she grabbed Eli from her little arm and dragged her eyes. Her watery eyes were looking back at the necklace which was in the girl’s hand. She was helpless and innocent, she was unable to give any convincing explanations to defend herself,

Before she could even realize it, she was pushed into a dark room. She sobbed and tried to get up from the floor and run towards the caregiver but the door closed in a loud bang and she heard the caregiver’s footsteps fading away slowly.

“Elaina, this is mine but as your elder sister I’m giving this to you. Protect this.”

She remembered her sister’s pretty face as she said that. She hugged her little legs and buried her face against her knees as she sobbed alone in a cold and darkroom, where everything was nothing but pitch black.


The next day, she heard the door opening sound and she immediately looked up and saw it was the caregiver. She couldn’t see the light properly because she spent too much time in the darkness.

But she got up from the floor and walked towards the door as the caregiver dragged her out soon.

“Learned your lesson? Don’t ever let this happen again”

The caregiver viciously pinched her stomach and said. Bearing the pain of her little stomach, Eli nodded at her with a tear-filled face.

Time passed and when the children of the orphanage were having lunch, she looked everywhere wanting to see Eden but all she gained was disappointment. Eden was nowhere to be found.

“Eden must be so lucky, she was adopted by a rich family.”

She heard two children talking from far away, she slowly got up from her seat and walked towards the two children.

“Eden left?” she asked.

Then the two kids eyed her coldly and looked away before continuing their lunch. Eli lowered her head and bit her lips as tears welled in her eyes.

On the same day, Eli was adopted by a normal family. The moment Eli was taken away from the orphanage, The lives of two girls took an unexpected turn, with mistaken identities.