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10 Epic Historical Novels That Will Transport You to Another Era

10 Epic Historical Novels That Will Transport You to Another Era

2023-03-20 10:58:05
  • Demon King Romance

    Demon King Romance


      Thirteen years of infatuation, and finally he changed her fate for the country. Returning at all costs, she turned into a bloodthirsty devil. Today, you will suffer the humiliation a hundred times more. I will let you taste the hatred from the future ten thousand times over. She wanted revenge, but there was someone who wanted to protect her. Even though she was ruthless and bloodthirsty, there were still people who treated her like a treasure. If you do not have an afterlife, I will accompany you to this life. Never separate.
    History ★ 5
  • The Pampered Wife Is Bossy After Rebirth

    The Pampered Wife Is Bossy After Rebirth

    Yun Miao, a top surgeon in the industry, became a public enemy after an accidental time-travel. The original owner of this body, Shen Anran, pestered the Crown Prince before she got married. After she got married to an unwanted man, she hung herself on the wedding night... Her family had severed ties with her. Her cousin had tried to kill her. Even her disabled husband, Ye Mohan, had been thinking about how to divorce her all day! She sighed. "It's okay. Now that I've been reborn with your body, I won't repeat your tragedy!" After some hard work, she made her family dote on her like a treasure and the Crown Prince even proposed to her in person! Upon hearing the news, her disabled husband got up and pressed her against the bed. "You can only belong to me for the rest of your life!"
    History ★ 4.7
  • Chase After the Reborn Doctor Concubine

    Chase After the Reborn Doctor Concubine

    What the hello kitty! She travelled across time, right? After experiencing an air crush, she awoke to discover herself in a large bridal sedan chair wearing a traditional wedding dress. She was informed that the Crown Prince had rejected her and that she would now wed the dying and ailing Prince Xuan. The Crown Prince? Prince Xuan? Who the heck were they? What dynasty was that? Who could identify the man wearing the silver mask for her? Her spouse? "The responses are irrelevant. Why don't we complete the marriage now, my lady?" On the couch, the man pushed her down...
    History ★ 4.7