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Discover the Magic of Fantasy Novels: A Beginner's Guide to Fantasy Worlds

Discover the Magic of Fantasy Novels: A Beginner's Guide to Fantasy Worlds

2023-02-16 14:55:16
  • Reborn As Problematic Duke's Daughter

    Reborn As Problematic Duke's Daughter


    Because committed a grave sin, Han Ji Eun have to reborn as a problematic Duke's daughter! Not only that, she has to restore her reputation as Cecilia Lancia, a spoiled girl with awful reputation. She has no friend and her father turned his back on her. Not, to mention, nobility has so many rules to follow! Oh no! Why did no one tell her that became Duke's daughter isn't easy?
    Fantasy ★ 4.7
  • His Mate, His Nine-Tailed

    His Mate, His Nine-Tailed


    A fox among wolves? Yes! But not a normal one, it’s a golden nine-tailed one! …….. Liviana was the daughter of an alpha from a small pack. When she was six years old, because of a rogue attack, her parents died but she survived hiding inside of a little cupboard as her mother asked her to. With her parents’ death, she was taken away by the greatest and the strongest alpha alive. Alpha Daniel to his huge pack. Everyone was nice to her. But, someone was not happy with her and it was the eight years old son of alpha Daniel’s and Luna Maria’s, Ahren! Because of him, Liviana’s life became a hell. She was forced to become his maid, she became a joke to everyone in her school. She became lonely without anyone. But she had one hope of her life and it was her mate…. Hopes shattered, painful thoughts appeared, life became even worse… Her mate was none other than Ahren!
    Fantasy ★ 4.7
  • Rebirth Queen: Kiss And Kill

    Rebirth Queen: Kiss And Kill

    Lin Yan, the granddaughter of the great general, the honorable empress. However, she could only give birth alone. Hearing the loud cry of the baby, Lin Yan breathed a sigh of relief. Just then, her cousin came in and brought back the news that the entire Lin family was executed for treason. The Lin family had always been loyal, how could they betray the emperor? It must be an excuse her emperor husband made to take back his military power. Well, now Lin Yan was of no use to him. Her cousin had always been jealous of Lin Yan's background and beauty, so how would she miss this opportunity to avenge. She told the emperor that Lin Yan's newly born child's heart was the medicine to treat her. Watching her stab her baby's chest and take out the beating heart, Lin Yan felt that her anger was about to burst. At this moment, her cousin set a fire and burned Lin Yan to death. When everyone thought that Lin Yan had become history, she was reborn! "Everyone who has hurt me, I will make you pay with blood."
    Fantasy ★ 4.7