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Fall in Love with the Past: The Top 5 History Romantic Novels of the Year

Fall in Love with the Past: The Top 5 History Romantic Novels of the Year

2023-03-21 14:09:42
  • The Evil King's 'Ugly' Wife

    The Evil King's 'Ugly' Wife


      Before he died, he found out that his gentle husband, his cute sister, and his loving parents were all lies. However, after being a ghost for fifty years and learning all the underhanded methods, he opened his eyes and turned back to sixteen! The stepmother was sinister, the father was hypocritical, the younger sister was hypocritical, and the bamboo stallion harbored evil intentions? Pull them all out and cut them into pieces! What? You said that even fatties have spring? No, she just wanted to quietly make a sesame seed ball with baby fat. Feng Jiu Li: \"Tang Xiao Qing, come over here!\" Let\'s talk about life. This King did not feed you to give you the strength to lose weight!
    History ★ 3.6
  •  Prince's Troublesome Consort

    Prince's Troublesome Consort


      \"Marrying a chicken follows a chicken; marrying a dog follows a dog. Before you married into my family, didn\'t anyone teach you that?\" \"Yes, but in my heart, I have never treated you like a chicken or a dog. Don\'t look down on yourself like that, my lord.\" The moment he transmigrated to the Cheng Lian palace and abandoned his concubine, his life became a dog\'s blood. The white lotus flower would come to his house every day to cause trouble, and he treated you like a human, but you still had to learn to bark like a dog to see his sister ruthlessly destroy his white lotus. Prince husband comes looking for trouble all the time? No! Since his elder sister had someone on her side, the sloppy-looking man would not show any mercy. However, what kind of situation was this? She wanted her husband to marry a concubine and have a good family, but he only wanted her to \"repay kindness with enmity\"? The concubine is right, the Qi family governs the country and the world. This King will first have a good family with you, then I will rule the world. \" \"Fool bomber, I treat you as my best friend and you actually want to fuck me!\" The dregs of a man, who couldn\'t feed her every day, pressed down on her like a tiger or a wolf. A certain woman exploded in anger, \"Scum, do you have enough Qi Family members?!\" \"It\'s not enough. This King intends to form a kudu kudu kudu kudu kudu kudu kudu kudu kudu kudu kudu kudu kudu kudu kudu kudu!\" A cuju? Your sister! A certain woman lifted the table while stroking her waist! The prince had so many petticoats, causing his wife the wangfei to break her waist in pain!
    History ★ 3.8
  • Revenge of the Empress

    Revenge of the Empress

    Su Zhi hates Mo Jinghan, the princess. Although he was handsome and gentle, she doesn't like him. Since she was forced to marry Mo Jinghan, she refused to sleep with him. However, Mo Jinghan made her pregnant while she was poisoned. But Su Zhi didn't know that sleeping with Mo Jinghan is the only way to save her life. Mo did this to save her. As revenge, she caused Mo Jinghan's entire family to be exterminated, including their son, who was hacked into pieces at the age of seven. Until now, she knew that her evil sister plotted all this. She shouldn't have blamed Mo Jinghan, the only man who loved her with all his heart and soul. Now, God gave Su Zhi another chance to revive. She felt powerful energy invade her body. Alright, it's time to take revenge and get her love back.
    History ★ 4.7