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Looking for a Good Read? Check Out These 5 Highly Recommended Best Novels in History

Looking for a Good Read? Check Out These 5 Highly Recommended Best Novels in History

2023-03-20 10:57:58
  • Pamper His Rebirth Lover Harder

    Pamper His Rebirth Lover Harder

    "Come here," Chu Linghan said coldly. Gong Yuanyuan blushed and went to sit on his lap... In her previous life, Gong Yuanyuan was framed by her fiancé. Her family was executed for treason. She was locked in a dungeon and tortured to death. Since God gave her a new life, she must seize the opportunity. In this life, Gong Yuanyuan must protect the Gong family and make all those who hurt her pay the price, especially that hateful fiancé whom she wanted to peel off. But now, the only one she can rely on was Chu Linghan. Thinking of this, Gong Yuanyuan raised her head and kissed Chu Linghanhan fiercely...
    History ★ 4.8
  • A Hunter's Mysterious Wifey

    A Hunter's Mysterious Wifey

    Afraid that her snobbish father would sell her, Su Zhaodi forced Ji Ming, a hunter in the village, to get laid with her. However, she was bitten by a viper right after her success. Su Luoli, a soul from a different world, took over Su Zhaodi's body and was delighted to get a second chance to live. Su Luoli first ruined the deal between Su Zhaodi's father and the trafficker and then managed to marry Ji Ming the hunter. Ji Ming hated the woman who drugged and forced him, but he married her anyway. To his surprise, his wife led the Ji family to a much better life.
    History ★ 4.4
  • Reborn: That General Craves For Me

    Reborn: That General Craves For Me

    Mu Yunxi was a medical genius of the twenty-three century, but she became the ancient Princess Qin because of an accident. The original owner of this body was a brutal princess who was not loved by her husband. She was mocked and bullied by others... As a top medical genius, it seemed that it was God's blessing that she brought the newly developed six-dimensional medical kit with her when she traveled through time! It stored all kinds of modern scientific research materials and medicines! Love or not didn't matter! She only wanted to become the miracle doctor of this world! But, why did her husband Dong Fangqi, also the incredible King Qin, who had always looked down on her, come to her suddenly and ask her to forgive him? Want to win her heart back? Hmm... Since he was so bad to her before, let's upgrade the difficulty!
    History ★ 4.7