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Top 10 Fantasy Novels of All Time: A Guide to Epic Worlds and Adventures

Top 10 Fantasy Novels of All Time: A Guide to Epic Worlds and Adventures

2023-02-20 11:49:18
  • Alpha's Moon

    Alpha's Moon

    Raina Lori

    In the darkest day of the year born a boy who's luck chooses him to be the most strongest than others. Being blessed with powers thete was also something else that become his greatest curse. The anger... Anger of his wolf which is uncontrollable with passing days. He is the most charming yet most dangerous one. And the only one who is destined to be able to cure his curse was his mate. But years of trying it seems impossible to find his mate when situation is getting worse. Unexpectedly on a most tragic day a mysterious girl showed up on the door step.
    Fantasy ★ 4.2
  • Legacy: The Forgotten World

    Legacy: The Forgotten World

    MJ Opera

    My name is Gwenn and I am a queen to an empire, an empire which is unnatural. I became one of them to help my former empire defeat our enemy only for me to realize that I am not just one of them, I became more. Prophesies foretold my coming, I am the reincarnate of a queen who was almost a goddess. If only that was all, then I would be at ease but with great power comes great responsibility. I have to battle the taint. He was awakened the same time the former queen was awakened in me. This time he doesn't want to fail and he is willing to go to the extreme. Last time he made my husband kill me. This time... Heaven have mercy on us all.
    Fantasy ★ 5
  • The Billionaire I Fell In Love With

    The Billionaire I Fell In Love With

    Authoress Berry Julie

    A story of a young lady named Irish Levine who has been through enough problems in her life to last her in a life time. She was desperately in need of job after she lost her Model Job. She applied for a job and was offered a nanny Job to the Billionare's daughter. Ethan Harlow Was in need for a nanny for his 6 years old daughter Arin. Arin's Mother who as his ex wife had dumped him for another man. Fortunately Irish happened to be there when his daughter went into depression after being bullied in school , Irish was able to calm her down when no one can. The nanny and his daughter grow a very strong bond. What happened when they start having uncontrollable feelings for each other? Will his ex wife allow them to be? Will they be able to look past their flaws and pasts?.
    Fantasy ★ 4.2