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Travel Through Time with These 10 Fascinating History Novels

Travel Through Time with These 10 Fascinating History Novels

2023-03-20 10:58:00
  • AURELIA AND THE KING { The Runaway Princess }

    AURELIA AND THE KING { The Runaway Princess }

    Scholastic Treasure

    Aurelia Cressida Bahrain is the favourite and last child of her father – a great and ruthless king – King Bancroft Hugh Bahrain and third. She was the king's favourite princess and her other step sisters were all jealous of her. She loved her father too, just the way he loved her. One day, the king got poisoned and the antidote was in the hands of Aurelia but she had to pay a price. Aurelia was suddenly thrown in between saving her father's lives or loosing her happiness forever. The king did not want to die and so, he begged Aurelia to pay the price. Finally, because of the pressure, she ran away from the palace. What happens when Aurelia is in a land she does not know about? Will she survive in another kingdom? How will she cope? What about her father, the king? Will he survive?
    History ★ 4.6
  • Reborn to Be the MS. Doctor Divine

    Reborn to Be the MS. Doctor Divine

    "I was reborn!" Ashley Gilbirt secretly exclaimed as she woke up. The interior decorations were the same as the palace she saw on TV. She was reborn to the ancient times! More shockingly, a slender man with mask was undressing her. Ashley tried to fight, but she could not move at all. Her acupuncture points had been sealed. She could only feel the man inside of her. A few moments later, the man left after handing over her a red gem, claiming he would marry her someday. It was too ridiculous! Before Ashley could figure it out, memories flooded into her mind. In ancient times, her name was Leylani Millington. Leylani's mother died when she was a kid. Since then, Leylani had been bullied by her stepmother and stepsisters. Leylani was known as stupid and coward, ended up in miserable death. "The old Leylani was gone." Leylani smirked coldly.
    History ★ 4.7
  • Abandoned Wife's Counterattack

    Abandoned Wife's Counterattack

    What? she was reborn and transmigrated! But why did she transmigrate into a fat woman! As a young lady from a martial arts family in a previous life, shouldn't she be some noble lady!? Moreover, the family was impoverished, and her husband did not like her. Zuo Chunhua sighed, since this was the case, I would show you the cooking skills of my previous life! She created many dishes that no one here has ever eaten, which attracted everyone to follow suit. As a result, some people couldn't stand it, so they attacked her husband. She sneered, it seems that I can't hide the fact that I know martial arts!
    History ★ 4.4