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  • Max Mercury

    Max Mercury

    Wow,I'm mesmerized. Big Mike,you're really trying. All I Know is that Legend of the Demon Wolf is an amazing novel and deserves give star reviews

    2021-09-25 20:41:31
  • Ri Ur

    Ri Ur

    Nice story

    2022-08-27 20:44:20
  • Priscilla Otoo

    Priscilla Otoo

    that's a lovely story

    2022-01-26 04:10:31
  • amusat lola

    amusat lola

    repitition of chapters just wasting coin

    2021-12-22 21:53:14
  • Nikko Wab Ama

    Nikko Wab Ama

    its really interesting

    2021-12-21 11:46:28
  • Mikeey Boa

    Mikeey Boa

    thanks max

    2021-10-01 01:05:06
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